Otherworld Company Chapter 186.2: The Situation Changes As It Rolls Along, And You Miss What Was On The Sidelines.

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Another Side



~3rd Person Perspective~



 And the more chaos occurs, the easier it is for the hero to move.


 It’s not a good situation for the Demon King Army to have a single entity that can fight as much as one army moving around.



“Then why are we only providing reinforcements to the Dragon King? If that’s the case, shouldn’t we also send relief to the Ogre King’s side as well?” (Executive)


“There are few towns and villages behind the Ogre King. There are few towns and villages behind the Ogre King, so there is less need to be on the lookout for angels, and the Ogre King’s supply route can be maintained. But what about the Dragon King, who has several large cities behind him?” (President)



 The Demon King guessed that the angels’ next move would probably be to unite the powerful people who had agreed to the rebellion and transform them from a mob into an army.


 Those who have the blessing of a hero, a high-rank angel, would not expect to lose and would gladly take to the battlefield.


 The move would result in a move that would isolate the Dragon King Army.



“However, the enemy army is heading towards the Ogre King.” (Executive)


“That army is to stall the Ogre King, and I suppose they don’t want to be disturbed on the way.” (President)


“No way! While they’re holding up the Ogre King, the Dragon King’s army will face the hero instead.” (Executive)


“No, I don’t think so. The other party’s purpose is to hide the existence of the hero and use him as a trump card to cut off my head at a critical moment. He won’t come out here. And we’ll probably be slashing each other’s limbs for a while. Either they will lose in spirit, or the one who loses more will come out of the cave first.” (President)


“What do you mean?” (Executive)


“I’m sure there are others besides the heroes who can stand up to the generals.” (President)



 The only thing that is certain is that they are as good as or better than the generals.


 The people in the conference room could not help but think of the existence of such an entity in their minds.



“Reporting, sir!” (Soldier)



 As if to confirm that imagined scenario, a third messenger soldier rushes in.



“A message from the Dragon King, sir!” (Soldier)


“Did a seraph lead an army and clash with the Dragon King?” (President)


“Huh? Yes! That’s right, sir.” (Soldier)


“Hmm, then… How many are they?” (President)


“About 50,000 troops! Many intermediate-rank angels, multiple high-rank angels have been confirmed, and among them are seraphs, two of them!” (Soldier)


““““!!!!”””” (Executives)



 Seraph, the highest-ranked angel closest to God.


 His ability is comparable to that of a general.


 If there are two people like that.



“The Dragon King is in a very precarious situation, hmm? Well, from now on, let’s just see who can bite each other’s limbs off.” (President)



 Even the powerful Dragon King is in danger.


 Despite that, the Demon King’s composure remains.


 It’s probably because he imagines his subordinates standing on the front lines, rampaging, and trusts that they will hold out until reinforcements arrive.


 Slowly, the Demon King watches the movement of the army reflected in the crystal.


 He is prepared to deal with the smoldering fires of rebellion, which, if left unchecked, will turn into a conflagration.


 The Dragon King, who would be in dire straits, would be rescued in time.


 And because the hero was hidden behind the clouds, the Demon King was indirectly unable to move.


 A back-and-forth battle.


 How to block his opponent’s movement, how to wear him down, and how to break his strategy.


 From this point forward, it would be a fight of how much damage could be done and how much trump cards could be preserved.


 The Demon King predicts that the one who becomes numb and takes the stage first will lose.


 Therefore, he left the battlefield to his trusted subordinates and slowly relaxed his shoulders, thinking that he would not be in action for a while.



Another Side End



Side Amelia



~Amy’s Perspective~



“Okay, mommy is going to work. If you need anything, call me.” (Amy’s Mom)


“Okay, Mommy.” (Amy)


“Are you sure you’re, okay? In any case, I can take one more day off, so there’s no need to push yourself too hard.” (Amy’s Mom)


“I’ll be fine, but you’re going to be late, aren’t you?” (Amy)



 My mother, who had replaced the cooling sheet on my forehead, looked at me again and again as she left for work.


 I’ve been feeling strange ever since I was exposed to the light of the sword held by the man Ms. Himiku said was a Hero that day.


 I had a headache and my body felt tired.


 I thought I had confidence in my physical strength, but for the past few days, I haven’t had the energy to get out of bed.



“I’m causing trouble for everyone~” (Amy)



 The image of my part-time job colleagues, with whom I become good friends for the first time since coming to Japan, comes to mind.


 Once, my mother told me that Mr. Jiro called her, but at the time I really had a headache and was too weak to answer the phone.


 Today I feel sick, but it is relatively mild, and I can stay awake like this.



“Mike.” (Amy)



 The room is quiet and being used to moving my body through regular dancing and the like, I find the time spent sitting still like this to be tedious.


 I talk to the other being in my body, which I don’t even tell Mommy about, probably because I’ve been sleeping too much, and my eyes have been glazed over.





“As expected, there’s still no reply.” (Amy)



 When I’m out of the company, he comes out less often, but we still talk several times a day.


 But for the past few days, we haven’t talked at all.


 Even if he didn’t have enough in terms of magical power, he would usually have at least a word of encouragement.


 I don’t think it’s possible that he has disappeared.


 I am sure there is a presence that I can feel deep within my body.



“…What should I do?” (Amy)



 But it is also true that he is acting strangely, and my current physical condition may have something to do with it.


 Even if I wanted to talk to him about it, I can’t even go to the office in my condition.


 I wish I could at least talk to him, but I have not been able to because I do not have the energy to do so.



“Yes, I can send a message. I can do that.” (Amy)



 Even if I didn’t have the energy to talk, I could at least text, so I reached for my phone and grabbed it, which was connected to the charging cable.


 I unlocked it and opened the inbox to find that I had texts from everyone, including Mr. Jiro.


 Each of them is very different, and I feel a little cheered up by the messages that I know they are concerned about me.


 I tried to run my fingers through the mail to reply so as not to waste it.



(Hate.) (Mike)


“Mike?” (Amy)



 But my fingers snapped to a halt at the sound of a voice echoing from deep within my body.


 I was sure that voice was Mike.





(Hate, that hateful light, that horrendous shine.) (Mike)


“Aaah!” (Amy)




 His soft voice, which was always calm and mischievous, didn’t give the slightest hint of his typical mischief.


 A cold, sharp scream, like being hit by ice, overflows from deep within my body.


 As if to match the timing, the headache intensifies.


 I drop my phone to the floor.


 But I can’t let that bother me.



(Unforgivable! I won’t forgive you!! Never forgive!!) (Mike)



 I can’t think about anything because of the sharp pain, as if my head is being hit with a blunt instrument.


 I was dazed and my vision was getting darker.


 I roll over, hold my head down, and try to bear the pain, but instead of easing it, it just gets worse and worse.



(Destroy! Destroy that damn light!! Perish!) (Mike)



 There’s something wrong with Mike.


 That’s all I understand.


 And if this continues, I have a feeling that I’ll disappear somewhere.


 A sense of crisis surges through my body, and I manage to stave off a headache that won’t subside as my consciousness fades, I crawl out of bed and roll to the floor, reaching for the phone I just dropped.


 I desperately move my arms, as if they were not my own body, and look at the screen of the phone, I see the screen on which I tried to reply just a few minutes ago.



“Help.” (Amy)



 My fingers trembling, and my body getting colder and colder.


 Frightened by this, I move my fingers frantically, trying to escape from the cold, as if I were about to disappear.


 Finally, I type “p” and press send.


 That’s all I could do.


 Please, Mr. Jiro.


 My eyes went completely dark.



Amelia Side End



Note for the Day

When something happens in a chain of events, it’s hard to keep track of it all.



T/N: Fight Amy! Fight! Mike needs to come to his senses soon. I do understand the Hero’s side hurt Mike in unimaginable ways, I hope he doesn’t do anything to hurt Amy. 



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