Otherworld Company Chapter 194: How Does The Air Feel When You Visit A New Site For The First Time?

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 Naturally, I was perplexed by the preparations, which were different from the dungeons I usually enter, but with the support of the company, I was able to complete the preparations.


 And once it’s over, I can see the difference even more.



“My men are monitoring and tracking the current location of Miyagawa Amelia. My men will guide you to the site so that you can catch up with her before she enters the battlefield, but in an emergency, you must head there on your own. You will be heading straight for the battlefield and proceeding north, passing through several towns along the way to procure supplies and equipment.” (Evia)



 The quality of the equipment, the supplies provided, and the manpower to operate them.


 All of these things are different from usual.


 While checking the feel of the equipment, which is better than what I normally use, I asked the supervisor for the last piece of information about Amelia.


 The others are also making their final checks, but my ears are listening to what the supervisor is saying.


 The supervisor’s injuries have healed over the past few days, and although she is not bandaged up, her body is still not in perfect condition.


 Still, she stands resolute, not letting us know of her condition, and instructs us what to do.



“Jiro, do not use that thing I’ve entrusted you with unless you are told to. If it is not possible, retreat immediately.” (Evia)


“I understand. I’ll be careful not to overreach.” (Jiro)



 In the midst of this, the conditions for using the equipment given to me this time are confirmed once again.


 A special weapon that was given to all of us in the party, except for Himiku.


 I am equipped with a cylindrical object about 30 centimeters long on my waist, and Minami, Kaido, and Kitamiya each carry thin tubes about 1 meter long on their backs.



“…It’s time. I pray for the success of the operation.” (Evia)



 After the final check, the supervisor checks the time on her wristwatch and has her men start preparing for the transfer.


 This time, instead of using the gate to the base, we are transferring to the meeting point that has been prepared in advance.


 So we are in the same room I used when I crossed over to Ithar.



“Am I the one to see you off this time?” (Memoria)


“Come to think of it, I haven’t been sent off by you very often.” (Jiro)


“Yes, I accompanied you at Ithar. This may be the first time I’ve seen you off.” (Memoria)


“Yeah, maybe.” (Jiro)



 Suela and Memoria approach to see us off.


 Among them, Memoria, who was standing next to Suela, suddenly opened her mouth reminiscing.



“How many times has Suela sent me off?” (Jiro)


“Hehe, when you went to Ithar and when you went to the demon continent, and three times for training. Jiro, you really make me worry a lot, don’t you?” (Suela)


“Sorry.” (Jiro)


“No, I’m glad to know that you’re a person who doesn’t give up on his friends. So, I will be waiting here with Memoria for your safe return.” (Suela)


“Himiku, take care of Jiro please.” (Memoria)


“Leave it to me, I will protect master at all costs!” (Suela)



 Our ladies are strong, I thought, and glancing aside, I could see Masaru talking with Minami and the others.


 He is a little awkward, but the way he is worrying about whether Minami has forgotten something is just typical Masaru, and it appears that he is over the slump.


 In the meantime, the preparations for the transfer are completed.



“Right, it’s time for us to work.” (Jiro)



 The calls are the same.


 It’s easier to be with the usual people than to be worried about something strange.


 I smiled when I saw everyone’s expressions becoming tense.



“As always, we will finish work quickly and put safety first. There will be no overtime.” (Jiro)


“That’s right!” (Kaido)


“I understand, that I do!” (Minami)


“I will.” (Karen)


“Then let’s go!” (Jiro)



 With Kaidou, Minami, and Kitamiya in tow, I wave my hand behind my back and step into the teleportation magic circle that has been prepared.


 Suela, Memoria, Masaru, and our party were seen off by the supervisor as they stood there.



“Is this the otherworld?” (Kaido)


“It’s night, that is right?” (Minami)


“It feels kind of strange.” (Karen)



 Kaido and Minami were looking around anxiously, and Kitamiya was looking at the blue moon in the sky, which looked much bigger than the one on Earth.


 The equipment the three of them are wearing is so much better than what they normally wear that it’s hard to compare it to anything else.



“……” (Jiro)



 Compared to those three people, I felt something unpleasant about the dusty atmosphere after being transferred.



“Master.” (Himiku)


“This is the air of the battlefield.” (Jiro)


“Ah, you understand. It’s quite far away, but from my point of view, the battlefield is just a stone’s throw away.” (Himiku)



 Even though it was a night world, the space visible from a distance seemed extremely bright.


 As if that place was the only place that had daytime.



“I’m sure that’s the Dragon King Army over there.” (Jiro)


“Ah, I can feel the presence of a dragon. Also…” (Himiku)


“Angels?” (Jiro)


“Yeah.” (Himiku)



 I don’t hear any explosions, but even from a distance, I can see something glowing.


 It was obvious that it was magical shots, as it was a light that seemed to be pouring down from the air to the ground or shooting up from the ground to the sky.



“Wow, even though it’s just beyond the horizon, it’s so terrible that you can see it so clearly.” (Jiro)



 If Amelia was on her way there, I felt heavy.


 Although I meant to say it lightly, I didn’t pretend to let my guard down.


 No, I can’t.


 The atmosphere of the battlefield is different from that of a dungeon.


 The atmosphere that I didn’t know existed naturally tightened my body.



“…Well, I’m sure someone will come to pick us up.” (Jiro)



 I quietly looked around for presence, thinking that my body would get used to the restless feeling and calm down after a while.


 If the supervisor is right, someone should be coming to pick us up.


 However, there was no presence, shadow, or silhouette.



“……” (Jiro)



 I tried to think of a way to adjust the schedule in my mind, but I thought that maybe something had gone wrong from the very beginning.



“Master, something is coming. It’s also pretty big.” (Himiku)


“Looks like we don’t have to worry about our feet.” (Jiro)



 Himiku senses the presence of something approaching, pointing in that direction, and when I look at it, I see a large cloud of dust heading toward us.



“S-Senior!! There’s a huge centipede heading towards us!?” (Kaido)


“Wow, even I feel disgusted when it’s that big, that I do.” (Minami)


“Yuck!” (Karen)



 It’s understandable that Kaido and the others are wary of the powerful-looking giant centipede, which at first glance looks like it could be an enemy.



“Oh, they’re here to pick us up.” (Jiro)


“They are picking us up!?” (Kaido)



 Unfortunately, those legs are for us.



“Hello! Brother. It’s nice to see you again.” (Centipede Rider)


“You came here from Ithar, didn’t you?” (Jiro)


“My wife is here too. She was on a trip the other day. When I heard I was going to have you on board again, I thought it was a strange coincidence.” (Centipede Rider)


“Not at all.” (Jiro)



 The centipede stopped its huge body moving up to us, and I heard a familiar, cheerful voice coming from its head.


 It was the giant dragonfly-riding insectman that helped us escape at Ithar.



“So? I heard that this time you are to be delivered to the battlefield front, but what the hell did you guys do? I’ve never seen a fallen angel before.” (Centipede Rider)


“Unfortunately, it’s classified. It’s better for both of us if we don’t pry into each other’s business.” (Jiro)



 I followed the advice of the insectman, who pointed to a space in the back that looked like a driver’s seat, and without hesitation, I took a seat using the body of the giant centipede as a foothold.


 Himiku also spread her wings, landed next to me, and sat down.


 Kaido and the others are climbing up, albeit fearfully.



“It’s no different. My job is to send you guys. I won’t ask too many questions.” (Centipede Rider)


“Let’s keep it that way.” (Jiro)



 I waited for Kaido and the others to get on board, thinking that the rider was laughing cheerfully even though we were so close to the battlefield.



“Come on, brother! From here on out, it’s a one-way trip to hell! Are you ready? We will move forward even if you don’t want to!” (Centipede Rider)



 And as soon as they boarded, this insectman deftly used the reins to drive the giant centipede.


 I was surprised that it didn’t sway, I thought as I began to run, and felt the scene accelerating with the wind.



“Are you not nervous?” (Karen)


“You don’t think I’m nervous?” (Jiro)


“No, I am I just feel comfortable with it.” (Karen)


“You’re easygoing.” (Jiro)


“I learned that the key to not struggling in life is to be able to open up.” (Karen)



 There is still time until we arrive.


 When I looked behind me, I saw Kitamiya holding a staff as if praying.


 Her usual sharp tone lacked a little bit of spirit.



“Yes, I’ve heard good things.” (Karen)


“Ah, we’ve come this far. Now we just have to do what we can.” (Jiro)


“Don’t you ever think about failure?” (Karen)


“Not yet.” (Jiro)


“Not yet?” (Karen)



 I took out a cigarette from my pocket, lit it using the fire magic I had recently learned, inhaled, and exhaled white smoke.



“I prepared so that I wouldn’t fail. So I can only think about failure when I fail. The preparation period is over now. All that’s left is to do everything in my power to succeed.” (Jiro)



 Don’t let unnecessary thoughts get in the way, just put all my effort into what I can do.


 I will also borrow the power of my spirit this time.



“We’ve come this far. Don’t get lost. Work diligently as usual, help Amelia, and have a party. That’s it.” (Jiro)


“…That’s right. I have to focus on that for now.” (Karen)


“That’s just the way it is.” (Jiro)



 Purple smoke shimmers and I turn my gaze in front.


 Kitamiya’s anxiety is understandable.


 No matter how much preparation you do, anxiety remains.


 However, you should not let any anxiety show when you’re working.


 I have my cards ready.


 The showdown is just around the corner.


 We can no longer exchange cards.


 Yes, the schedule is undecided.


 We have to manage that road with the cards we have in hand.



“Brother! I can already see it!!” (Centipede Rider)



 Less than twenty minutes have passed.


 And yet, it seems we are almost at our destination.


 A magic light, or perhaps a light that seems to be signaling to us.



“It’s too bad, brother. My buddy is scared and doesn’t want to go any further. I hope you understand, but it’s going to be crazy from here, right?” (Centipede Rider)



 Slowly slowing down, I turned toward the source of the light and saw a demon in a black cloak.


 It was probably the watchman the supervisor had mentioned.


 And I knew he was running pretty fast and had made a good distance.


 I sense something that I couldn’t sense at that place.



“We knew that, and that’s why we came. If you’re worried about us, you should wish us well.” (Jiro)


“OK. Good luck! I’m looking forward to seeing you again, brother!” (Centipede Rider)



 We jumped down from the centipede and descended to our destination with the noisy voices of the insectman behind us.


 Himiku followed suit, and Kaido and the others came down as well.


 The thumbs up from the insectman, who rode the centipede in the same way as when he came in and went back the way we came in.



“I’ve been waiting. The target is moving through the valley ahead. Follow me.” (Demon)


“Yeah.” (Jiro)



 We followed the demon who began to guide us, as if he didn’t want to waste any time and proceeded on a rough path.


 We ran silently over the cliffs peering down into the canyon, and then,



“I brought them. How is the target?” (Demon)


“There is no change in course.” (Demon)



 We meet up with a party of about five demons.


 The demon who had been watching us with a telescope-like magical tool pulls the telescope away from his face and answers.


 Then, when he sees me, he gently holds out the telescope to me.


 He handed it to me gesturing for me to take a look, so I took it and looked in the direction he was pointing.



“Amelia.” (Jiro)



 I see her walking along the canyon path, illuminated by the moonlight.


 She was dressed in a dark robe, a far cry from the way she looked when she came to the office, but I was convinced by the sight of her back.



“We will continue to monitor the situation. We will provide support during the retreat as planned, but is there anything we can do?” (Demon)


“No, we’ll be fine. I’ll be counting on you to help us when we escape.” (Jiro)



 Take a deep breath and calm your mind.


 I answered the question of the demon who must be the captain and was holding the telescope.


 I looked at Kaido and the others.



“Let’s go!” (Jiro)



 I jumped into our battlefield.



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