Otherworld Company Chapter 195: Even If Things Don’t Go As Planned, You Should Still Make Arrangements.

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“Listen, Jiro. Miyagawa’s soul has not yet been swallowed by the Lord Predecessor’s soul.” (Evia)



 Before the supervisor let us teleport, he said that Amelia could still be saved.



“It’s a blessing in disguise. Miyagawa was living with the soul of the First Demon King in the same body for a short period of time. And she was in control of the situation. This gave Miyagawa’s soul protection.” (Evia)



 Normally, it wouldn’t be strange for Amelia’s soul to be swallowed up and disappear when the Demon King’s soul goes out of control.


 Well, the supervisor said that the fact that it hadn’t disappeared was even more strange.



“I know it only buys you time, but it also means that there is time. Listen, Jiro. What you have to do is quite simple.” (Evia)



 A battle of souls between Amelia and the Demon King.


 Well, in this case, I guess you could call it a one-sided slaughter, but the longer you leave them alone, the more Amelia’s soul will get destroyed.


 Time doesn’t solve anything.


 In that case, we have no choice but to intervene from the outside.



“Make the target consume their magical power thoroughly. Drag the opponent’s magical power to the outside without letting their consciousness inside. The more the opponent consumes their magic power, the higher the probability that Miyagawa will be able to regain control of her body. How, don’t worry.” (Evia)





 You know the saying, easier said than done?



“An ordinary attack won’t even make a scratch. Give it your all.” (Evia)



 I would like to ask where is the element of reassurance in the last word of the explanation.


 The attack cannot go through, and if we are hit, we will be mortally wounded.


 I have never heard of such an impossible situation.


 We were given the best equipment possible, and we were also given equipment for the soul of the Demon King.


 And on top of that, the supervisor said that if we started fighting, we could pull out the high-rank angels and the hero.



“To be honest, if she wasn’t my friend, I’d be tempted to leave right now.” (Jiro)



 My true feelings are overflowing, taking into consideration various situations.



“I understand and agree with you, but why would you say that before we jump in?” (Karen)



 I wanted to say that it was better since I didn’t sigh, but as Kitamiya said, it wasn’t the right thing to say right now.



“I was just expressing my true feelings under the pretense of trying to lighten the mood. Let’s just it was that.” (Jiro)


“That’s a terrible thing to say.” (Karen)


“Yeah, but well, the tension was less tense, right?” (Jiro)



 Looking down from the top of the cliff, I can see Amelia walking through the moonlit valley.


 It doesn’t seem like she noticed us, but it’s hard to say because it’s possible that they did notice but left us alone.


 I couldn’t even see Amelia’s expression due to the angle.



“Yes, let’s leave it at that.” (Karen)


“Please do that. Have Kaido and the others arrived at their positions?” (Jiro)


“Yes, I think they are.” (Karen)



 I can see Kaido and the others being taken away by Himiku waving at me from the other side



“Okay, let’s do it.” (Jiro)



 Preparations complete.


 The only thing left to do is take action.



“Kitamiya, activate the magic tool.” (Jiro)


“I got it.” (Karen)



 The thin cylindrical magical tool that Kitamiya and the others were carrying on their backs has now changed its shape and is now in the form of an astronomy telescope.


 However, Amelia is in the direction that should be pointing at the stars.


 In accordance with my instructions, Kitamiya pours magic power into the grimoire and activates it.


 The magical tool gradually reacts to the magical power and activates its function.


 It is.



“Light Spirit Barrier has been activated.” (Jiro)



 A trap barrier is created by the light spirit, which can be said to be the Demon King’s natural enemy.


 Normally, this would be able to suppress them to some extent.



“Let’s go.” (Jiro)


“Yes.” (Karen)



 The opponent is the Demon King.


 A barrier like this can be broken by them within a few minutes.


 In fact, they started walking again as if nothing had happened to them.


 After setting the scene, we finally jumped in front of Amelia.


 Just as Nobunaga Oda had done when he descended the cliff at the Battle of Okehazama, we let our physical abilities go and ran down the cliff.


 Minami and the others on the other side of the river had also activated their barrier and increased the strength of their barrier by overlapping them before coming down.



“Now it’s time to compare wills!!” (Jiro)



 With Himiku leading the way, I pulled out my Mineral Tree and challenged Amelia.


 The first time I saw Amelia, she looked up at me with a blank face and her eyes were so vacant that I could tell it wasn’t just because of the darkness.


 Looking at Amelia, suddenly dozens of magic bullets are generated.



“They must have realized that darkness is not effective, so they prepared other attributes.” (Jiro)



 The target prepared a barrage of bullets, but they did not slow down their running speed.


 The first target is Himiku, the one closest to me.


 A hailstorm of magic bullets attacked Himiku, who was flying low and wearing black full-body armor with little decoration and emphasis on practicality, but Himiku calmly used her Houtian Gageki to deflect only the bullets that hit her, quickly closing the distance.



“But that one too.” (Jiro)



 It came toward me like a stray bullet, but I could deal with it even if the bullet speed was that fast.


 I slashed away with my Mineral Tree and joined Himiku on the battlefield, fighting and making use of the range of my weapon.



“Let’s deal with them.” (Jiro)



 The fighting style of the Demon King’s soul, which uses Amelia’s body, is magic-focused.


 It is an orthodox style that uses barriers and offensive magic to maintain distance and defeat opponents.


 However, I must say, even from my point of view, the movements are fast and the judgment is quick, but it lacks precision.


 It’s no wonder because it was set up to be that way.


 The Light Spirit Barrier is a barrier that exerts the same power as the Sun God.


 In other words, it has the effect of lowering the power of the Demon King’s army, who are the followers of the Moon God.


 Even the Demon King is no exception.


 Originally, it was used to seal off powerful criminals, but the one we brought out this time is not the one usually used, but a custom-made one with a considerably stronger effect.


 It does not affect us humans or Himiku, who is a fallen angel but is not affected by the light attribute.


 If a mere demon were to enter this barrier, they would instantly collapse.


 Even when it is doubly deployed, the opponent’s movement is only slowed down a little, as expected of the soul of the First Demon King


 However, even if the physical body is fine thanks to Amelia, the soul seems to have been affected and the power of their magic is dramatically reduced.


 Even so, if they hit us, it will still be a fatal injury.


 If I had to point out the difference, what would it be?


 This means that the power has been reduced from a situation where we would not disappear if we were hit, now it is weakened to a point where it would just barely kill anyone it hits.



“Hngh!” (Jiro)



 After swinging the Mineral Tree, I collided with a barrier.


 Even so, they can create barriers that are not easy to tear through.


 At a glance, Amelia’s face turned from Himiku, who should be the most dangerous, to me.



“Hurry up and wake up!! Amelia!!” (Jiro)




 It may be empty words, but such calls are said to be effective.


 It doesn’t matter whether she heard it or not.


 I just have to do it.



“Huh!?” (Jiro)



 Of course, there was no way they would suddenly respond.


 I avoided the magic instead of a reply and moved away.



“Master.” (Himiku)


“Any reaction?” (Jiro)


“Nothing yet.” (Himiku)



 Himiku, who was wearing a full-face helmet, also took a step back and stood next to me.


 She herself had been calling out to me and looking for a reaction, but as I expected, there was no way she would turn things around so early in the fight.



“Well, it looks like it’s going to be a longer fight than I thought.” (Jiro)


“That’s the assumption.” (Himiku)


“I’m counting on you.” (Jiro)


“Yes, please depend on me.” (Himiku)



 Without saying a word, we ran off to the left and right, trying to pincer them, and the Demon King’s soul unleashed a barrage of magic to keep us far.




 Ice spears falling from the sky intercepted the magic barrage.


 Glancing around, I saw that Kitamiya and Minami had joined forces, and Kaido, standing in front of them, had succeeded in making a base.


 The magical equipment Kaido was carrying on his back allowed him to defend himself, and those guys could concentrate on attacking without moving.


 With fixed turrets and support magic flying in.


 That alone changes the ease of fighting considerably.



“Thank goodness.” (Jiro)



 I glance over to see something like a floating shield being set up around me, and I see something similar floating around the camp as well.


 It’s Minami’s shield spell.


 It can be moved freely and can be attached to others.


 The strength is also more than adequate.


 That shield will block the magic that sneaks around from behind attacking our blind spots.


 We were able to reach a stalemate without being wiped out by the first attack or being unable to match their ability.


 Various factors such as the weakening of the enemy, the strengthening of our equipment, the opponent’s unfamiliar body, and the battle tactics bore fruit.


 The fact that the opponent’s magical power has calmed down may also be a factor in this situation.


 The supervisor let them act out of control since she was unaware of the situation, also she was trying to contain the damage to the surrounding area.


 If that had not been the case, the outcome would have been somewhat different, but now is not the time to talk about it.



“Don’t you have time for idle chatter?” (Jiro)



 The wind blade passed right in front of my eyes, barely brushing the tip of my nose, and I braced myself, feeling nervous.


 From here on, it’s a battle against time and strength.


 Time is a matter of whether Amelia’s soul will be extinguished or Carter and the others will come.


 Physical strength is literally a matter of whether or not we will run out of power.


 We must somehow pull up Amelia’s soul before we reach either dead end.



“Kaa, I can’t afford to lose!!” (Jiro)



 I attack when I can.


 Then all we have to do is to win, even if it’s a bad bet!


 With a wicked smile on my face as usual, I banished my anxiety from my mind and took a step forward with all my spirit, just to grab the winning straw.


 If time is finite, I will not waste a single minute or second, so for now, I will just fight without thinking about anything else.



 From that point on, I focused on shooting magic, breaking barriers, and draining my opponent’s magical power, but my opponent was the soul of the Demon King, who had an almost inexhaustible magical power.


 We have been constantly attacking them in order to keep them from using his great magic, but there is no sign of improvement.


 The word “preservation” cannot be used by us now.


 How long has it been since I connected to the Mineral Tree and started channeling magic at full power?


 There is still time for Himiku.


 I can still continue to fight.


 But how long would the three behind us last?


 They are compensating with potions, but the burden on my body is gradually beginning to increase.


 The frequency of Kitamiya’s magic is decreasing, and the precision of Minami’s support magic is beginning to wane.


 Even Kaido’s body is covered with wounds as he continues to block incoming magic in order to protect them and not put a strain on his magical equipment.


 The endless work is mentally demanding.


 But if this is the only way, we have no choice but to continue the endurance battle.


 A light barrier formed in the canyon.


 At first glance, it would appear to be an arena of sorts.


 We fought there endlessly.


 Fighting while being on the alert for the end that may come at any moment is an element that is enough to wear out our nerves.


 And then.



“Master!” (Himiku)


“Oh shit, they’re here!?” (Jiro)



 With a single click of the tongue, two lights appear in the sky above.


 And the amount of magic power felt from their glow is equal to Himiku’s.


 Time was not yet up.


 But it’s the king who is checked.


 The Demon King’s soul also pauses because of the light and looks up at the sky.


 Twin angels with the same face, and three pairs of shining white wings on their backs.


 Seraphs have come to this place.



Note for the Day

The situation may have worsened, but it is not over yet.



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