Otherworld Company Chapter 196: Unplanned Things Are Not Always Bad.

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 Two lights appear and float in the sky.


 In each of the lights, a figure is visible.


 The familiar wings on his back indicate that he is an angel, no doubt.


 They are girls with the upper half of their faces covered by helmets, wearing white armor, and holding golden spears on either side of their bodies.


 They looked so much alike that I thought they were twins.



“Shik, Miik.” (Himiku)


“Do you know them?” (Jiro)


“Yes, my younger sisters.” (Himiku)



 And if they are Himiku’s sisters, they are definitely Seraphim, the highest ranking angel.



“Are they strong?” (Jiro)


“Individually, they are in the middle of the ranks among us sisters. However, when the two of them are together, they are a force to be reckoned with.” (Himiku)


“They are that kind, huh?” (Jiro)



 Individually, they are good, but when they work together, they are a nuisance.


 Such an existence has emerged.


 This situation is honestly not good.


 In front of us is Amelia, whose body’s freedom has been taken away by the demon king’s soul, and behind us are twin top-rank angels.


 Well, what should we do?



“Phew, Himiku.” (Jiro)



 Even if I say that.



“What is it, Master?” (Himiku)



 We know what we can do.


 The king is checked, but it’s just deadlocked and not yet checkmate.



“Can you win?” (Jiro)


“Hehe, funny you should say that, Master.” (Himiku)


“?” (Jiro)



 The situation is going from bad to worse.


 Despite such a situation, Himiku’s expression behind his helmet is probably smiling.


 Himiku’s voice was so calm that it seemed out of place.



“Tell me to win, and I will bring victory to Master.” (Himiku)



 And the words he spoke next had more conviction than anyone else present.


 There was not the slightest hint of hesitation or desperation about fighting her sisters.



“I see, then. Will you win and come back safe?” (Jiro)



 Because she was like that, I dared to make a difficult request with one condition, not just winning.


 She didn’t seem to find my request difficult, or maybe she didn’t have time to doubt me.



“Yes, leave it to me.” (Himiku)



 Like this, she answered clearly.


 I look at her who nods firmly.



“Alright, I’ll leave it to you.” (Jiro)



 Then, there was no way I could give up after asking her for a favor.


 I regained my nerve again and confronted Amelia.


 Himiku had been watching the angels in the sky for a long time, but when she jumped up into the sky, she quickly turned her gaze to me.


 Apparently, she wanted to take out the easiest first.


 Oh well.


 That’s fine with me.


 I glanced behind me and saw that all three of them gave me a thumbs-up, seems that they knew what I was trying to do.


 My mouth smiles as I realize that they are my dependable friends.



“Kaaa, come on, let’s get this over with!” (Jiro)



 Connecting with the Mineral Tree.


 Roots grow out of the Mineral Tree’s handle and wrap around my arm.


 The magic power begins to circulate.


 The roots of the Mineral Tree start pulsating and my heart races.


 From here on out, it’s a genuine all-out battle.


 I don’t think about the rest.



“Let’s go!!” (Jiro)



 I let out a heartfelt shout, lean forward gathering momentum, and kick the ground instantly.


 And then, I start running leaving an explosion behind.


 Now, this is the moment of truth!



 Another Side



~Amy’s Perspective~



 It is dark, heavy, and suffocating.


 And noisy.


 These were the sensations I felt as I began to wake up.


 I was beginning to wake up gradually, but my consciousness was not clear.


 I am trying to remember something, but I can’t remember anything.


 I feel like I am being held down by something that is not me, even though it is me.


 I want to wake up, but I can’t.


 I don’t want to sleep, but I am trying to force myself to sleep.


 I try to struggle, thinking something is wrong, but I can’t free myself.


 I want to reach it, but I don’t even know if I’m reaching.


 I feel like I’m submerged in something like thick liquid.


 I try to open my mouth, but I can’t.


 What is happening to me?


 The question that popped up in my head, gradually clarifying my existence.


 But even so, my body is not working properly.


 My ears, which always listen to the rhythm of music, do not hear anything, let alone open my eyes.


 On the contrary, it doesn’t even pick up noise.


 Quiet, quieter than I’ve ever heard it.


 I was getting more and more afraid of the unpleasant oppressive sensation, as if my body was about to be crushed.


 Anyway, I struggle to not want to be here.


 I don’t feel my body move, but I move it desperately.


 I don’t even know if I’m moving, but I struggle desperately to move anyway.


 I struggled to move my body without knowing if I was going up, down, or sideways, or even in a certain direction.


 And then, I searched around me.







“Help!” (Amy)



 I don’t know how long it took me to utter that single word.


 It was all I could manage to get out in a moment when my breathing lightened.


 Then, I frantically reached out my hand toward the direction I had shouted.


 No one is there.


 I know that, but still.




“Yeah, I understand.” (Voice)



 In the midst of thinking I won’t give up.


 Gently, someone held my hand.


 And then that hand pulled me up tight.



“Hey, Amy. I’m glad you’re okay.” (Voice)


“Is that you, Mike?” (Amy)


“Yes, that’s right. It’s Mike, the guy who’s been staying inside you.” (Voice => Mike)



 I didn’t understand it at first.


 When I was pulled up and could see clearly in front of me, there was a humanoid, a white being with only an outline, standing in front of me.


 I vaguely recognized the voice I heard as Mike’s.


 However, the atmosphere was different from Mike’s usual one.



“Now, I’d like to have a chat with you at this emotional reunion, but, Amie, to tell you the truth, I don’t have much time. So you’re going to have to listen to what I have to say, okay?” (Mike)



 Mike, who is always seem to have a lot of time, is looking hasty.


 That made me nervous.



“Where is this place and what is the current situation? That’s probably what Amy is concerned about first.” (Mike)



 You’re going to explain it to me in order, aren’t you?


 Mike shows me the gesture of holding up his index finger, pointing to the surface of the water, and waving his index finger.


 Indeed, my last memory is of suddenly hearing a scary voice, asking Mr. Jiro for help, and then… I don’t know.


 It was dark when I looked up, and when I looked down I could see the dark surface of the water.


 I’ve never been here before, never seen anything like this.



“To put it simply, this place is inside you, or more specifically, inside your mind.” (Mike)



 Mike then said that this dark space was inside me.


 I don’t think I’m that dark, but I’m actually like this.


 I’m shocked.



“However, you have been transformed by the Demon King’s soul, and the place is quite different from what it used to, so there is no need to get depressed, okay?” (Mike)


“When you say Demon King, you yourself, right Mike? Then, is it Mike’s fault that this happened?” (Amy)


“That’s one way of putting it, and you can say it’s not.” (Mike)



 I wondered if he was smiling, but Mike’s answer was ambiguous and a little misleading.



“I’m not misleading you. To explain that, I’m going to tell you my true identity now.” (Mike)



 Despite my attitude, Mike still smiled and slowly opened his mouth.



“I told Amy and the others that I am the personality of the Demon King, but that’s actually not the case. The true personality of a Demon King is this black surface you’re stepping on right now.” (Mike)



 As he pointed downwards, I looked down and saw a black surface of water spread out all over me.



“And I am the key to sealing the Demon King. I am now the remains of a sage who you had given the name Mike. And I am also a fool who was forced to clean up after the hero and was turned into a human pillar a long time ago.” (Mike)



 Mike began to explain his existence in a simple and concise manner.


 His appearance seemed to indicate that his initial statement that he did not know who he was a lie.



“I’m sorry, Amy. The amnesia I told you about was actually a lie. I knew that you were summoned as a hero candidate. I really just didn’t want to give the Demon King’s soul to the Sun God Church, so I hereby apologize for causing you trouble.” (Mike)



 Mike speaks affirming my thoughts.


 As Mike bowed his head in apology, I began to lose track of what was going on because the story was so outlandish.


 Mike is not the Demon King, but a sage, and he used me because he didn’t want to give the Demon King’s soul?


 I thought I had been getting along with him in my own way, but that was a lie.



“At first I was going to purify this Demon King’s soul inside your body and make it disappear, but seeing you inside me, I changed my mind. I was going to take a long time to purify the magic of this soul and transfer it to you, as a way to at least make up for the trouble I caused you with the Demon King’s soul. But something unexpected happened… the Demon King’s grudge suddenly became active in the light of the holy sword, and I couldn’t suppress it. Thanks to that, the partition was breached, causing it to expand until it swallowed your soul.” (Mike)



 The story he tells seems to be that he really intended to erase the Demon King’s soul over a long period of time, and for that purpose, he had cast the Sage’s Secret Technique on me.



“Thanks to that, your soul was on the verge of disappearing. I managed to find it and pull you up, but my magical power was drained searching for you and my attempts to subdue the Demon King’s soul as much as possible. I can no longer hold this soul down.” (Mike)



 I couldn’t say anything to Mike, who posed as if there was nothing more to be done.


 I just somehow knew that I was going to disappear.


 That’s strange.


 Normally, I would have cried and screamed, but I couldn’t even muster up the energy to do so.


 The reason is that I was drowning in the Demon King’s soul until a while ago, and now I know that I can’t resist it.



“I’m going to disappear.” (Amy)


“Yeah, if you don’t do anything.” (Make)



 Mike gently shined a ray of hope toward me as I was about to give up.



“Fortunately, I still have a move left. Or should I say, you gave a move to me?” (Mike)


“? What do you mean?” (Amy)


“There is a being who is fighting the soul right now. It’s hard to tell from here, but the Demon King’s soul’s consciousness is directed in that direction. Thanks to that, I am able to move freely like this. But that doesn’t mean I can do anything about it.” (Mike)



 Isn’t that the same as being unable to do anything after all?


 Mike wagged his finger from side to side, as if he sensed that I was thinking this.



“Yes, I can’t do anything. But I’m a sage. There’s no one better than me when it comes to teaching something. I’m not the one to do anything here. It is you, Amy.” (Mike)



 Mike nodded, as if he were guiding a poor student.


 His words reminded me of the first time I met Mike.


 Mike had a suspicious air about him from the very beginning.


 But strangely enough, I didn’t think he was a bad person.



“Now, let me teach you the secret techniques of sage. From this moment on, you are the disciple of the sage. My disciple, are you ready? Wisdom from another world would be a little difficult, you know?” (Mike)



 Maybe that’s why, when he provokes me with a suspicious atmosphere like this.



“Ok!! No problem! I’ll do my best!” (Amy)



 I encourage my weak self and get excited like when I start practicing dance.



“Challenge on!!” (Amy)



 Another Side END



Note for the Day

Unexpected events seem bad, but they can be good.



T/N: Well, Mike is super sus, but it shows that the otherworld humans are not monolithic. Some knew the sun god was bad news or at the very least sus.

Now, Amy, Fight!!! At least punch Soul Mike for deceiving you. 



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