Otherworld Company Chapter 197: Just Straight Ahead, Keep Pushing Forward

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 It’s good that I’ve made up my mind and decided to go for it, but even though the only thing I’ll be fighting is the soul of the Demon King, he was still the Demon King.


 In other words, even though it is a fantasy company, I must say that it is a heavy burden for me as a manager to take on.


 I am in the midst of experiencing the word “mighty” with my own body.


 Just by confronting it, I feel an unusual pressure, and every attack from me is blocked.


 Is there really anything we can do about it? Every time that question pops up in the back of my mind, I blow it away with my determination.


 Although the opponent is certainly a powerful being, they are not an immortal being.


 The requirements are borderline high, but if the attack power exceeds a certain level, it can cause wounds, and there is a limit to the magical power that seems to be inexhaustible.


 Just because the end is far away does not mean it is not there.


 Such an ordeal is like walking in search of the end of a desert.



“Hahahaha, this is quite the tough one.” (Jiro)



 If I were to take on that challenge, I would normally have to be careful about pacing, but as I thought earlier, in this situation, there are items that weaken the opponent, the opponent’s combat instincts are dull, and the opponent’s ability to use magic is rusty. Various factors have come together to bring it to a point where even we can barely handle it.


 It’s not a situation where you can conserve your physical strength in such an environment.


 In such an environment, it is not possible to conserve energy in the face of a storm of heavy magic.


 I could have used up all of my stamina. I could have laughed or complained, but even as I acted, my opponent’s attack did not stop.


 What supports my heart is the fact that the still intact Mineral Tree is still alive and well, and the feeling that it is getting sharper with each attack.


 And although there is no time to look back, the support of Kaido and the others is also gradually decreasing.


 The sense of mission that I must support them, even if it is only a little, gives me vitality.


 I feel a slight sense of duty that I have to support them, even if just a little bit, but it gives me energy.


 With a positive mindset that I had never had in my previous company days, I let out a wry smile and returned to a serious expression.


 But I was also aware that the limit was not that far away when I was fighting mentally.


 I haven’t hit my knees yet, but I can finally see the red line.


 If I crossed that line, I would no longer be safe.


 Above me, Himiku was fighting with the twin angels.


 Himiku seems to be pushing the situation, but it looks like it will be a long way to the end.


 If I can hold them off until then, I will be able to recover a little.


 If we can recover, we can still make a breakthrough.



“So, well, I won’t despair yet.” (Jiro)



 The hope of possibility has not yet been destroyed.


 Until that fact disappears, I will continue to work hard and maintain my corporate spirit.


 Certainly, in the short time I’ve been here, every part of my body has started to ache.


 But it is neither immobilizing nor fatal.


 Then I’m glad I’m able to ignore a few wounds in order to achieve my goal, as I always do.



“Why don’t you give me back my subordinate? That expressionless look doesn’t suit her.”



 Although I am thinking about it, this time I provoked my opponent not with a wry smile, but with a fearless grin.


 The arm that was moving busily is still slashing magic, hatred in the eyes only, trying to deal with us with that noh-mask-like expression.


 I am so annoyed by this face that I swing the Mineral Tree with a vigor that blows away my exhaustion.


 I think my voice is heard.


 But the person in front of me does not reply at all.



“#########” (Demon King)



 Instead, inaudible words are spun in my mouth, and magic is deployed all at once.


 The technique looks and sounds familiar.


 It is a technique called quick chanting.


 It is an advanced technique that I had nightmares about when I was being taught by instructor Fusio, it is a technique that shortens spell chanting.


 It is a technique, not a skill.


 It is difficult to learn, but anyone can acquire it, and anyone who uses magic should learn it.


 If you are a skilled magician, you can use abbreviated chants to layer multiple spell chants in parallel to form a new spell chant, and activate magic simultaneously. It can exert an effect equal to or greater than its original power.


 The reason I couldn’t hear what they were saying was that I couldn’t understand them because I heard multiple magic chants that overlapped with each other.


 A skilled person can guess the type of magic from the sound, but I don’t have that level of skill yet.


 As I fight, I realize that I still have a lot to learn.


 However, contrary to my thoughts, my body is running on the ground, circulating magic power with all my might.


 I lowered my posture so low that it seems like I was crawling instead of running, and dodging the magic of basic elements of fire, wind, water, and earth, as well as derivative magic such as lightning, ice, and darkness. Approaching while sneaking under the spells.


 And then, a blow. Even though I know I will be blocked, I seriously attacked.


 However, they do not stay there for long.


 I know that if I stand still, I will be instantly turned into Swiss cheese.


 So, in order to minimize the damage, I try a hit-and-run tactic, and since a while ago, it has become a process of repeatedly approaching and retreating.


 But that is about to change.


 I’m getting a feel for it.



“Almost there.” (Jiro)



 The barriers that played at first are now running blades and no longer play.


 I know that I am gradually moving from the feeling of not being able to cut to the feeling of being able to cut.


 I recently realized that this is a feeling that is unique to those who hold the blade, rather than those who are swordsmen.


 The Demon King’s barrier is tough.


 However, it is by no means impossible to cut.


 When you think you can’t cut it, you can’t cut it, but if you think you can cut it, you will eventually be able to cut it.



“Slash.” (Jiro)



 A barrier that deploys to obstruct the vanguard when approached at a certain distance.


 When he swung the Mineral Tree at the barrier, which was not deployed in the shape of a half-dome like a membrane, but rather in the shape of a plate with an area equivalent to one tatami mat, the tip of the blade bit into the barrier slightly this time.


 The desire to do make it happen transmitted to my brain, and my spine and nerves, the parts of the body that move by reflex, keep fine-tuning, bringing the extra force, the missing movement, closer to my ideal.



“More slashes.” (Jiro)



 If I trace the same spot with the returning blade, it bites even deeper.


 It is as if my body has a workshop where I repeat trial and error, and with each strike, the blade leaves a sharp gouge on the opponent’s barrier.



“Push more and slash!” (Jiro)



 And before the magic released to shake me off could reach me, the third blade to return cut down the Demon King’s barrier.



“Kaha! I will cut it!” (Jiro)



 I jumped backwards to avoid the magic that landed immediately after that and made good use of the blast created by the magical bombardment to drop down to Minami and the others.


 Satisfied with my accomplishment, I was able to land in a good position



“Hey. How’s it going, everyone? Are you having fun?” (Jiro)


“We don’t have time for fun.” (Karen)


“Yeah, I guess. It was better than I expected, but that doesn’t mean everything is okay.” (Kaido)


“Is this what real warfare is like, that it is?” (Minami)



 It’s not exactly the atmosphere of a battlefield, but the enemy is coming to kill us.


 I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I was overwhelmed by the atmosphere, but all three of them felt something unpleasant about it.


 But that’s fine.



“I’ll listen to their complaints and everything else over drinks later. For now, focus on the one in front of you.” (Jiro)


“Alright.” (Karen)


“I know even if you don’t say it.” (Kaido)


“I feel like I’m in over my head, that I am, but looking at Leader, I feel like I can handle it, that I can do.” (Minami)



 These guys are not broken yet.


 They are able to shelve their ill feelings because they need to and focus on what is in front of them.


 As long as their spirit is not broken, they can move their bodies.


 But that too will eventually reach its limits.


 Physically, I can go until the potion wears off, but honestly, I’d like Himiku to get back to the front lines as soon as possible.



“We’ll hold out until a breakthrough comes.” (Jiro)



 That’s what we can do now.


 I whip my body, which has begun to creak, and start running again.


 The battle in the sky is becoming more and more intense.


 I shifted my attention from that direction to the front, and once again I deal with the Demon King’s soul.


 The clock is ticking until the time is up.


 I suppress my impatience and give it my all.



 Another Side 



~Himiku’s Perspective~



“Older sister, I feel sorry, seeing you like that. Don’t you think so, Shik?” (Miik)


“Yes, I do. I think so. She was so beautiful, but she turned her feathers so black, she’s really stupid. Right, Miik?” (Shik)



 When I responded to master’s wishes and ascended to the sky, what was waiting for me was the same people I remembered, laughing at my current appearance as I fell from heaven.



“…” (Himiku)



 I don’t get angry at their mockery.


 This figure is what I wished for.


 That’s why I have no regrets about this appearance.


 Also, I like these black wings now.


 Hmm! The Lord said it was beautiful, and at night, he was like, oh, this is not the time.


 Right now, master and his companions are fighting desperately on the ground.


 From what I see, it won’t happen right away, but it shouldn’t take too long.


 I need to clean this up as soon as possible.



“Oh no, older sister is going to fight us, Shik.” (Miik)


“Yes, she seems to have a very good armament, but older sister seems to have forgotten it in her long sleep, Miik.” (Shik)



 I silently raised my weapon, showing that I had nothing to say to my younger sisters, but my sisters’ smiles deepened, making fun of the situation.


 A questioning look appears on their face.



“Shik, Older Sister Himiku has never defeated us even once.” (Miik)


“Miik, we won by a landslide in the last mock battle. I wonder how long the weakest of the sisters will last against the two of us.” (Shik)



 Hmm, I see. Is that so?


 It seems that I am being looked down by my two younger sisters.


 Well, that’s how it is.



“Shik, older sister is nodding silently, what’s going on?” (Miik)


“Miik, she’s different from the older sister we know. What’s wrong with her?” (Shik)


“Normally, older sister holds her weapon with a troubled look on her face.” (Miik)


“And older sister is always trying her best to prevent us from attacking her.” (Shik)



 Looking back, it is true that I have never won against my sisters.


 There’s a reason.


 However, I have never once told the other sisters why.


 And I thought that was an excuse, but I still tried to do something about it.


 Because my efforts have not yielded any results, our creator and my sisters call her a failure, and all my sisters treat me like how Shik and Miik do.


 It’s all my fault, there’s nothing I can do about it.



“Well, that’s okay. Now let’s follow the words of that hero and defeat elder sister and the humans below.” (Miik)


“Yes, and lastly, let’s defeat the main dish, the weak Demon King.” (Shik)



 I couldn’t always beat my sisters in mock battles.



“Hehe, then, older sister.” (Miik)


“Please be prepared.” (Shik)



 With their spears at the ready, the two of them attack me in perfect coordination.


 That image is clearly reflected in my eyes.


 Shik, makes faints, and Miik’s third attack is the real one.


 If I understand that.



“Kya!?” (Shik)


“Shik!!” (Miik)



 I can deal with it.


 However, I feel a little sorry for my younger sisters.


 I can’t do anything about it.


 As I’ve told the master before, I’m not good at holding back. [T/N: Looks like it’s not a butt-whooping, Himiku is gonna turn them to angel paste.]



“Let me tell you one thing. Both of you, I have always tried not to hurt you because we are sisters. The Creator did not want us sisters to fight. So, no matter how many slanders I have received in the past, I have always tried not to hurt any of the sisters.” (Himiku)



 No, there’s no need to go easy on them anymore.



“But I have gained master, who I wish to protect at any cost.” (Himiku)



 So, Shik, Miik.



“If you’re going to back down, do it now. I’ll let you off the hook if you leave without doing anything, for my love of my sisters. I’ll miss you.” (Himiku)


“You’re so cocky, just because you blocked our attack once.” (Shik)


“Well, we haven’t lost yet.” (Miik)



 This is my first time addressing my sisters.



“I see, then I can give it my all without hesitation.” (Himiku)



 I will weild my power.



“I will not be defeated in the face of master.” (Himiku)



 Another Side End



Note for the Day

If you know what you have to do, just run towards it.

But be careful not to fall down, okay? 



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