Otherworld Company Chapter 198: As Long As You Keep Reaching For It, You Will Be Rewarded.

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 It was a momentary stagnation.


 It was a time when I was fired up again, challenged and fought on, and there was no chance to look at the clock, such as how long it had been since I had fought, and of course, the time I felt was starting to go haywire.


 The Demon King’s soul who had taken over Amelia’s body stopped for a moment, perhaps less than the time it takes to blink, but it certainly stopped



“!!!” (Jiro)



 My body starts to move as if I don’t even have the time to scream in this field of vision where every second seems to be stretched out many times over.


 The moment I saw that the opponent had stopped, my gut instinct was pushing my body ahead of my brain.


 I scolded my body, which had become slow with fatigue, and introduced the energy I had left over, and instantly reproduced the movements of a perfect state, and moved with the vigor of removing the limiter in my brain to break through the limits with movements that I did not think about later.


 Something inside me screamed that the unnatural movement was not a trap, that there was clearly something wrong, and clenched my teeth.


 The sound of my teeth grinding is in my ear. Putting pressure into my entire body, starting from where I put pressure from my jaw.


 The others who were watching from a distance must have known this.


 Was there something rustling? Without asking any questions, multiple layers of magic were ejected from behind me, as if telling me to take the rest of their magical power.


 Kitamiya and Kaido’s offensive magic collides with the opponent’s automatic defense barrier, stopping its function, and the intercepting attack that interferes with me is also stopped by the southern barrier deployed around me.


 I hear a cry from behind me, telling me to go.


 I trusted my friends.


 I know it sounds a bit naive, but I didn’t question it, so I was able to move quickly, even if it was only for a breath of time.


 I knew they would do it, and without thinking, I went on the offensive, and as a result, they created a situation that allowed me to make the best use of my move.


 If they responded to my actions, now I had to produce results for them.


 As if in response, I move forward without hesitation.


 I make my best move of the battle, aiming at the opponent who is ahead of me.



“!!!!!” (Jiro)



 I take the shortest path and position myself right in front of Amelia, in the range of my attack.


 I clenched my jaw and swung the Mineral Tree down with all my might, aiming for the opponent who stopped moving for a moment as if their battery had run out. The sword was about to touch Amelia’s body.



“Ms. Valus!!” (Jiro)



 The opponent had neither a barrier to defend against nor any magic to deflect the attack.


 If I continued, the blade I swung would cut through her body.


 I was waiting for that moment.


 Will it reach or not reach?


 It was impossible to avoid, even though I had activated the magic I had left over for the summoning at such a critical moment.



“Yes, yes, leave it to me!!” (Valus)



 Ms. Valus responded.


 A trump card is really something that is saved for last.


 The mineral tree glowed so brightly that the word bright could not be used, and a great white serpent appeared from beyond it.



“Isn’t it precious to be able to experience the barrier of time and space?” (Valus)



 In the blink of an eye, the long, serpent coils around Amelia’s body and restrains her.


 The coiled serpent flicks its tongue in a menacing manner.


 At the head of the serpent is Ms. Valus, who turns her palm toward Amelia and flaunts her figure in an action that resembles that of a kabuki actor.



“Well, this is what happens with me. Don’t think that you can escape from me easily no matter strong for a Demon King’s soul you are.” (Valus)



 She may be puffing out her chest to boast, but I don’t have the time for that right now.


 I stuck the Mineral Tree into the ground like a cane and did my best to lean against it to keep myself from collapsing.


 No matter how much circulating and highly purified magic power was used, its consumption was still considerable.


 High-speed summoning by discarding chants during battle saves a step, but requires a corresponding price.


 It consumes more magic power than usual, and in addition, it maintains Ms. Valus’ physical manifestation.


 Thanks to that, the magical power in my body is still intact.


 But somehow, I was able to prepare it.



“As expected, I can rely on you.” (Jiro)



I was dizzy, and my body told me that I couldn’t fight any longer.


 Ah, I understand even if I don’t hear it.


 I slowly breathe and continue to circulate my magical power, but my body is not capable to reach my full strength.


 That’s how exhausted I am.


 I somehow manage to get up and look around to see Amelia, who is wrapped around a white snake and made to look like a white cocoon in the center of the snake, and Kaido and the others sitting on the ground a little further away showing that their tension has been broken.


 However, this is not the end.


 Originally, the purpose was to consume magical power and awaken Amelia’s ego.


 There’s no point in sealing it away with a solid barrier.


 This is just a way to buy time, so I gulp down the potion and drink it to recover as much as possible.


 Magical power ran through my body, the anemic-like state subsided, and I finally felt steady on my feet.


 Kaido and my friends are also drinking potions to relieve their fatigue.


 Himiku is fighting in the sky, but it’s far away from here.


 A short break on the battlefield.


 I tried to recover my physical strength in that little time.



“Oh? Looks like they are falling.” (Valus)


“Eh?” (Jiro)



 However, it seemed that they would not give me even that little bit of time.


 Ms. Valus told me to look up in the sky, and I saw two lights falling toward me with considerable force.


 The two lights crashed into the canyon wall, adjusting so that they fell close to each other instead of falling in separate directions, the light weakening and eventually falling from the wall to the ground.



“Those guys.” (Valus)


“They look like angels.” (Jiro)



 Although it was from a distance, there was no mistaking their appearance.


 They didn’t seem to be moving, probably unconscious, but they were definitely the seraphim twins that flew over earlier.


 And above, Himiku is deploying a large magic circle.



“A finishing blow?” (Jiro)



 Mercy on the battlefield will end up strangling us.


 I understand that.


 Therefore, I will not stop Himiku’s action.


 The other side is the enemy and must be defeated.


 I understand that it is cruel.


 I have no intention of dismissing it as inevitable, nor do I intend to make excuses.


 I’m just going to accept this outcome in order to bring about the result we need.


 If they come this way, the chances of being able to help Amelia will increase.


 With that in mind, I tried to wait for the magic to be released.



“Huh!? Himiku!!” (Jiro)



 I felt something that sent a chill down my spine, and I shouted at Himiku, who was probably facing the brunt of it.


 I don’t tell him to avoid or defend himself, I just shout her name.


 Despite this, Himiku quickly threw away the magic circle and arched body.


 A few tenths of a second later, a white light pierced the place where Himiku had been just a moment before.


 A ray of light that made the entire space disappear.


 The light was familiar.



“I was so worried that they would be defeated. Can’t you just leave it at that?” (Man)



 He appears with a voice so calm that it seems out of place here.


 Did he fly in or did he come by transfer magic?


 A large presence appeared that I had not felt before.


 Looking in the direction of the presence, you can see the figure of a man walking slowly toward us, smiling as if he were taking a leisurely walk.


 In his right hand was a holy sword, and I could tell that the attack came from that sword.



“Also, would you mind letting me kill that disgusting presence?” (Man => Carter)



 Carter Isperio, the one responsible for the current disturbance.


 An existence wanted by the Demon King’s Army, the hero.


 He spits out words filled with a murderous intent that is not unlike his mild-mannered face, and turns his smile toward us as if to say that if we don’t agree, he will erase all existence in this place.



“Oh? Am I interrupting?” (Carter)


“…” (Jiro)



 Time was running out, I realized.


 The moment a hero showed up, we had to retreat immediately.


 If not, Kaido who stands up and shows a serious expression that he can still do it, Kitamiya tries standing up using her cane to support herself, saying she too won’t give up, Minami who laughs and tries to do something about, and will try to protect us. Knowing that we cannot win, Himiku will try to buy time and stands in front of Carter, but she will also die.


 With no solution in a few seconds of silence, I suppressed my frustration, my heart screaming that I didn’t want to give up, and I tried to tell them to run away.


 I tried to say we are running away.



“Get out of the way! Mr. Jiro!” (Himiku)



 But the moment I heard that voice, it wasn’t just me.


 Himiku, who was in the line of fire, quickly dodged to the left, and a seven-colored light shot through the open space.


 I looked at the source of the light as if I couldn’t believe it.



“Amelia?” (Jiro)


“Yes!! I’ve been resurrected!!” (Amy)



 A space-time barrier, a barrier that is said to be impossible to break through using physical concepts that utilize dimensional cracks.


 The one who pierced through the wall and emerged from the hole in the cocoon was Amelia, who showed her usual cheerful smile.



“Amy!!” (Karen)


“Amelia!?” (Kaido)


“It’s Amy, that she is!!” (Minami)



 The same goes for our friends, and we can’t hide our surprise at her appearance at a timing that would normally be impossible.


 It didn’t look like she was controlled by the Demon King’s soul, nor did it look like the Demon King’s soul was acting.


 The Amelia we know was there.


 However, the magical power emanating from her body is undoubtedly the same as the magical power of the Demon King we had just been fighting.



“How on earth?” (Jiro)



 I was unable to keep up with the change in the situation, so I spoke up and asked a simple question.



“Thanks to Mike, I was able to come back!” (Jiro)



 Amelia answered my question with a simple salute.


 Mike, that must have been the name of the Demon King who had lost his memory.


 If he was the Demon King, he had no reason to cooperate with Amelia, but now she has appeared wearing the Demon King’s magical power.


 That is too contradictory a result.


 I don’t understand.


 And even though I understand that the person in front of me is supposed to be Amelia.



“*Sigh*–explain it later!!” (Jiro)


“Yes!” (Amy)



 The situation has definitely improved.


 However, I don’t have time to hear the details.





“Well, I am surprised. I never thought there would be a secret card.” (Carter)



 The opponent is the hero.


 There’s no way we can afford to mess around.


 Thanks to Amelia’s attack, it seems like the kill switch has been turned on, and there is no hope for mercy.


 A good opportunity came at the last minute, so I activated the magic tool on my waist so as not to lose the momentum.



“No! It’s true that we have a secret card!!” (Jiro)



 Then, I throw the activated magical tool high into the sky.


 Then, a huge magic circle unfolds.


 No, it is an extremely large magic circle.


 What is its diameter?



“It’s this!!” (Jiro)



 It is so large that it covers the huge moon and makes it invisible.


 And the magic created by the overflowing magic power is…



“Summoning circle? But this size?” (Jiro)



 Summoning magic.


It is a familiar and common magic, but its scale is unusual.


 As I wondered what that summoning magic was summoning, I showed Carter a fearless smile as he relaxed his bloodlust and appeared wary.



“If I tell you that they can compete with the hero, you’ll understand, right?” (Jiro)


“Impossible!?” (Carter)


“Ah! I didn’t expect that!! Open those pretty boy eyes and look carefully!! This is…” (Jiro)



 Then, Carter’s calm expression finally disappeared.


 It was too late to move to interrupt the magic circle.


 The summoning has begun.


 No one can stop it now.


 The light of the holy sword is repelled by something that appears and reveals its massive form.



“It’s the Demon King’s Castle, where your natural enemy, the Demon King, lives!!” (Jiro)



 A sure-fire strategy given to me by the supervisor to take down Carter.


 It is a mobile fortress and headquarters of the Demon King’s Army, ruled by the Demon King, and is synonymous with the Demon King, which seems to be the counterpart to the holy sword.


 The Demon King Castle.


 The magic tool I was given was to summon it.



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There are things that can be go wrong even at the last minute!!



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