Otherworld Company Chapter 20.1: Now, Let’s Try to Catch Up with Work

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Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Unmarried – Suela Handelberg

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee) + Recruiter

Magical Aptitude: Eight (General Class)

Job Title: Warrior



The next day after my confession to Suela, or rather Suela.


Supervisor Evia came to pick me up with a cool gaze, saying that we seemed to have enjoyed last night.


The only way I could respond to her was to give her a wry smile with my cheeks burning.


We were brought to a conference room with the supervisor, who seemed to be dissatisfied with the way we were acting and is now somehow even moodier.


It was supposed to be a reunion with Kaido, who had been released from the hospital, and Minami and Masaru, who we hadn’t seen in the past few days.


At the door, there was Kaido, whose face was being pulled in all directions, and Masaru and Minami, who were doing it.



“…Ah, did I worry you?” (Jiro)



Are they making sure that Kaido is really alive and not an illusion?


It was a little too obvious, and there was plenty of room to question whether they should be using their cheeks instead of his, but it was the only thing I could think of to say to them.


I took it easy and raised my right hand as if to say it was okay.



“Leader!” (Minami)



The first who reacted was Minami.


She let go of Kaido’s face skin with a snap and tried to run towards me with all her strength, but…



“What the!?” (Minami)



She fumbled with her run, and instead of running towards me, she came to my feet using a brilliant face slide.



“Hey, Minami you have to be more coordinated, okay?” (Jiro)



A junior who was worried and tried to run up to me in a hurry, I was so happy that she was so worried about me that I crouched down and made eye contact with her.



“Well, is Leader still alive?” (Minami)



Minami didn’t get up, instead, she just raised her face and asked me with her glasses sliding down.



“Yeah.” (Jiro)


“Are you not a zombie?” (Minami)


“Do I look like I’m decomposing?” (Jiro)


“Are you not a vampire?” (Minami)


“Unfortunately, my blood is flowing properly.” (Jiro)


“Are you not converted into a golem?” (Minami)


“Supervisor, did you treat my body properly? I’m starting to get worried now that Minami is asking so much.” (Jiro)


“Excuse me, but I treated you seriously. If it was a little too late, I was thinking of transfusing some demon blood into you.” (Evia)



This demon clearly said it was a shame.


Do you mean I’m on the edge of death?


In the meantime, I have to make sure that there really isn’t something weird embedded in my body.



“I’m sorry, but this is not the way it should be, truly!” (Minami)


“Hey, Minami! You weren’t worried, you were hoping that I would be a new person!” (Jiro)


“What? Whenever you almost die, you get a new power. Every manga guarantees it, truly?” (Minami)



Minami was just being Minami.


I didn’t feel a speck of worry from her, and now I just stood up and pointed to the supervisor.


In the end, she gave me a look like she was wondering what I was talking about.



“Oh, this guy is seriously out of focus, so I can’t keep up with it. Hey people! I’m seriously going to cry over here!?” (Jiro)


“Uh, M-Mr. Jiro. I’m glad that you are truly safe.” (Masaru)


“Senior, I’m relieved. I was in that position until a while ago. By the way, Minami was angry that I wasn’t remodeled in some way?” (Kaido)



Did that face grabbing happen because of that?


And she wasn’t worried while she rushed in with all her might, and it became clear that she was trying to run towards me expecting that I would have been remodeled instead of Kaido.



“But gosh, Minami was actually quite worried you know? She accidentally put salt in my coffee thrice, and she watched the clock for quite a long time without playing any games for the past three days. She rarely got up early to bed, so I began wondering if she had a fever when she told me we should go to the shrine!” (Masaru)


“Ma-Masaru? What are you talking about? Why do I do that?” (Minami)


“No, Minami, you’re doing it on purpose, aren’t you?” (Masaru)



However, Masaru exposed her as easily as he breathed.


Apparently, Minami was embarrassed and is acting out because of that.


Minami ran towards him hurriedly trying to cover his mouth, who was looking quite calm about this.


I was expecting a somber atmosphere at first, but it was only for the first time, and before I knew it, the air was back to normal, with all sorts of feelings mixed in.



“Are you okay, Mr. Jiro?” (Masaru)


“Oh, it looks like my fears were unfounded.” (Jiro)




To be honest, I was prepared to take a rather depressed or aloof attitude.


However, the result was neither of the two Schrödinger’s Cat type choices, but I got another choice instead. [T/N: I think the author was confused about Schrödinger’s Cat, or I didn’t understand this reference. Schrödinger’s cat is talking about uncertainty making both answers ultimately true and false depending on the subatomic event happening at a point in time. Ugh, quantum mechanics is not for me. Anyway, I’m just left confused.]



“Um, leader?” (Minami)


“What is it?” (Jiro)


“Thank you for protecting me.” (Minami)


“Thank you, Mr. Jiro.” (Masaru)


“Oh, well, you know. I thought it was the best thing to do at the time, you know? You know, my body just moved on its own, you know?” (Jiro)


“Senior, are you embarrassed?” (Kaido)


“Shut up!” (Jiro)



Every action you take has a consequence.


The actions I took then lead to today.


It seems that my desperation at that time was worth it.



“Well, I’m glad you guys were safe.” (Jiro)


“So sweet, truly!” (Minami)


“Who are you calling sweet!?” (Jiro)



Still, can Minami not move on without teasing everyone?



For the time being, I have to talk to them about the future.



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