Otherworld Company Chapter 20.3: Now, Let’s Try to Catch Up with Work

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It’s been two weeks since then.


I took the training at the Space-Time Dimension Special Training Room to get our strength up to speed as soon as possible.


This included making up for Kaido and my decreased status, but even if we were careful to avoid a recurrence, there was no guarantee that something like that wouldn’t happen again.


Trouble can occur, whether man-made or through an accident.


So, we needed to hasten the training in order to take countermeasures.


Well, the reaction of the three of them who were worried about their mental maturity was,



“”…there’s not much change, (truly).”” (Kaido, Minami & Masaru)


“Why are you looking at me and saying that?” (Jiro)



The idea that Masaru, who is mature in a good way, would not mature any further was judged not to be a problem, and he was easily given the go-ahead to use it and shrugged it off.





“I’m finally here. A fantasy facility, my legend to become the strongest begins with this!” (Minami)


“You should practice elementary granting magic repeatedly and read medical books carefully.” (Jiro)


“…I knew it, truly I do!!! I knew there was a jab coming, I truly do!” (Minami)


“It’s natural that the magic from Minami affects the body. So, Masaru should not just study the medical book, it may be difficult, but please do your best. Then, after that, you should be able to step on the number of actual battles because you will thoroughly practice on Kaido.” (Jiro)


“Got it.” (Masaru)


“I feel like I heard something very disturbing just now.” (Kaido)


“Don’t worry, your hearing is fine.” (Jiro)


“I wanted to believe I was just mishearing things!” (Kaido)



To be honest, I knew I wouldn’t get a decent response from the main character, but it was refreshing to hear something so out of place.


The following is a summary of the training that started there.



“Muscle Strengthening [Mighty Body]!” (Minami)


“Woooooo… it didn’t change, right?” (Kaido)


“At first, it seems that there is only a change from how strong you can grab a spoon. Masaru, the first thing you need to do is heal a cut. It’s not about dividing the cells and sealing them up, it’s about reviving the cells like a reverse-engineering video.” (Jiro)


“It’s difficult, but I’ll try it.” (Masaru)



This is gradually evolving.




“Muscle Strengthening [Mighty Body]!” (Minami)


“Oh!!! My abs are now well-defined six-packs.” (Kaido)


“Please don’t tease a gamer’s imagination.” (Minami)


“That’s a little gross. ” (Kaido)


“The reference material is a BL book with about boys.” (Minami)


“Wait!? You rotten?!” (Kaido)


“You’ve gotten better at stopping wounds from bleeding.” (Jiro)


“Thanks to Mr. Jiro and Mr. Kaido for letting me experience it. It’s also thanks to the fact that Minami has been getting scratches here and there.” (Masaru)



I think we’ve reached a reasonable status level in two weeks.


Once you have at least the minimum level of skill, endlessly repeating the training becomes a waste of time.


Then it’s time to move on to the real dungeon.


So we came to the promised preliminary procedures.



“Oooooooh!!” (Minami)


“Masaru, take hold of Minami.” (Jiro)


“Got it.” (Masaru)


“Senior this is amazing! If you don’t get excited by this, you’re not a man!” (Kaido)


“Sorry, boss, they are quite noisy.” (Jiro)


“Gahahaha, that’s okay. It’s been a long time since I dealt with a loud crowd, so I won’t complain if they get a little rowdy.” (Shopkeeper)



As usual, the arms and armor shopping district is deserted, and if it weren’t for the protection of the MAO corporation, there would be so few customers that it would be necessary to close the store.


If you make noise in such a space, you naturally stand out.


Minami’s breathing becomes ragged and she stares at the glass case.


Masaru stands behind her, ready to respond at any time, but glancing at the weapons he is interested in.


Kaido moves around as a child brought to the toy store.


Suela and I look at these three people like guardians, and Cainz laughs over the counter.



“We have a fixed budget.” (Jiro)


“Don’t worry, we’ve allocated more than half of the salaries of all the employees in the Research and Development Department for this month to cover the cost of this equipment, so we have quite a bit of room.” (Suela)


“Still, we can’t afford to buy excessive equipment.” (Jiro)


“I agree.” (Suela)



It was only about three days ago that Supervisor Evia decided on the details of the compensation that Suela referred to.


When I heard from Suela that about 60% of the salary of the employees in that department would be used for the equipment of our party, I almost refused it.


You don’t have to spend the entire amount, but if you’re told that it includes a sign of apology, you can’t not accept it.


So I decided not to accept the cash itself, but to purchase it through Suela.


At that time, I heard from Kaley that Suela was mercilessly gouging out the wounds and squeezing money out of them, but I let it go as it was their own fault.



“It’s a good idea to get Kaido’s twin swords here, and Masaru and Minami’s staves.” (Jiro)


“That’s right. Masaru and Minami have to choose between metal and wood, but at first I wonder if light and durable wood would be better.” (Suela)


“Well, for the young lady and the young man, a carved wooden staff will do just fine.” (Shopkeeper => Cainz)


“What about Kaido’s twin swords?” (Jiro)


“Is that man a magic swordsman? If it’s for metals? Magic silver, Mithril, reinforced weapons would do. You’ll have no problem matching the hilt to it.” (Cainz)



As expected, he is a professional.


He properly advises products according to our needs.



“You know that we don’t need that magic sword, right?” (Jiro)


“Hey, this is our new work? If you have the money, how about as a souvenir?” (Cainz)


“Oh, by the way, what is its effect?” (Jiro)



I’m not sure if it’s a characteristic of Giants, or if it’s just his nature, but he seems to have a penchant for throwing in new products.


For the time being, I’ll throw in a tsukkomi for the terrifying magic sword that was mixed in with some of the products that I wanted to get repaired.


The size suggests that Kaido will probably be the one equipping it.



“Oh, you’ve been surprised to hear it. It is a product that strengthens the body to the point where it can lift huge rocks with ease and smash them with its bare hands! How about five million for it?” (Cainz)


“It’s expensive. So, what are the drawbacks?” (Jiro)


“As long as you hold it in your hand, you’ll be in a constant state of arousal, and even if you let go of it, the effect will last for an hour, and when the battle is over, it won’t care if it’s a man, a woman, a dog, or a monkey, they’ll attack.” (Cainz)


“So why don’t you do something about that flaw?” (Jiro)



At this time, regardless of gender, I’ll just look the other way.


But at least let them choose whether the other party is human or not, I hate it. Kaido will sexually attack us after the battle is over.


I cut him off as quickly as I can.



“So, how about it, Kaido?” (Jiro)


“How about it brother, now you can have a power that everyone will envy?” (Cainz)


“No thanks please!” (Kaido)



For the time being, I asked Kaido, who had noticed us as he walked over here, but of course, he refused.


Becoming a Horny Berserker is a situation that every modern man wants to avoid.



“Oh, you guys, choose from these for the time being.” (Jiro)


“Well, I like the cane in that glass case. That I do.” (Minami)


“Wait until you see the price. You can use a hundred-yen toy cane if you want?” (Jiro)


“It’s always better for beginners to start with a wooden cane, truly.” (Minami)


“I’m sorry about her.” (Masaru)



“Don’t worry, I’ve learned how to handle Minami recently.” (Jiro)



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