Otherworld Company Chapter 204: Sometimes In Work You Have To Say Goodbye.

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“So, what happened then?” (Amy)



 The president’s rampage began.


 Once Amelia had even taken out the holy sword, a privilege of the hero, she leaned forward from the bed and wanted to listen to the story.


 Since I have been talking for a good amount of time, the corner of my mouth is beginning to get lonely.


 I want to take a short break and have a cigarette, but this is the infirmary.


 I had smoked in the company infirmary before, but that time I was the injured party and there was the supervisor who gave me permission. Also, I can’t smoke in front of a minor who was unconscious just a few minutes before.


 So, I’m going to tell the rest of the story.



“It’s just not like this. After that, there were no big plot twists or ups and downs, and the president ended up just blowing up Carter and catching him.” (Jiro)



 I’m sorry to say, but the climax of the story has already passed.



“Eh?” (Amy)


“No, I don’t want you to look at me like that. The president even used the holy sword, which is the trump card of the other side and usual weapon. It’s usually over when the tools for winning are reduced.” (Jiro)



 As I told Amelia, the battle after that ended in a daze, even though they had been working in the dark behind the scenes and doing all sorts of things.


 The president’s holy sword cut off one of Carter’s arms with the holy sword, and that was the end of the battle.


 In the blink of an eye, the place was enveloped in a storm of magic, and after the storm passed, it was lying on the ground in such a state that it could be said that a dirty rag would still be a decent figure, a real breath of fresh air.



“Eh?” (Amy)


“I appreciate your lack of excitement. I don’t want to wait for trouble at work, it’s better to just let it end quietly.” (Jiro)



 Reality is like that.


 Having experienced it myself, I know that a hidden power can be awakened at the last minute, but it rarely happens.


 You don’t want to have the enemy, Carter, awaken and flip the board.


 It would be more convenient for us if the fight ended in our favor.


 Amelia puffed out her cheeks as if to say she was dissatisfied with the ending, and I couldn’t help but smile bitterly.



“The way Instructor Fusio was talking, it sounded like the other side had a secret plan, but if that secret plan is all crushed, what’s to be done? Well, if the president is involved, it seems like it will end up like an over-run drama.” (Jiro)


“Seriously!?” (Amy)



 Thinking that she is the type of person who wants drama in a job like this, I use my index finger to flick Amelia’s forehead as she leans forward, causing a slight pain and at the same time suppressing her thoughts.



“From Carter’s point of view, it seems that fighting the president was something that will come later, but he seemed to have mistaken the Demon King Soul inside Amelia for the president and challenged you to take a chance while the Demon King was weak.” (Jiro)



 You were in danger, you know?


 I gave her a sermon and she apologized and said she was sorry.


 I nodded my head and said, “If you’re sorry, that’s good.”



“So, now that we’ve explained our side of the story, I’d like to hear about yours, Amelia. Do you know anything?” (Jiro)



 At any rate, I explained what had happened up to this point, and my main mission was to rescue Amelia, which was my job.


 That has been accomplished to a point, but I have to see how it turns out.


 I feel like my memory is fine from the conversation we had, just in case I’m supposed to examine her afterwards.


 I have been told by the instructor and medical staff that there is nothing wrong with her soul or body.


 I’ve heard that there are no problems, but there are some concerns.


 At the end of the day, there is no doubt that something abnormal happened to the opponent during the fight.


 That white chain, that was a move to try to inhibit the body’s movement.


 No one would be stupid enough to tie himself up in the middle of a fight.


 It’s about who did it.


 Well, also, no matter how much the blade was covered and the ability to slash was gone, it is true that I hit her with a blunt weapon.


 There is a part of me that is a little worried about whether there is anything wrong with her body.



“Uh…” (Amy)


“If you don’t know, it’s okay if you don’t.” (Jiro)



 To be honest, I don’t expect any information to come out.


 She was unconscious for a long time, and her body was being controlled by another soul.


 It would be strange to have a memory of doing something.


 If there was, it would be a miracle.


 That’s the extent of my questioning.


 So, I had let it go without thinking that there was nothing to be done.



“I had a lecture?” (Amy)


“What?” (Jiro)



 Unexpected words came out of Amelia’s mouth.



“Lecture? Are you talking about a dream? If you’re sleepy, you should sleep a little longer, okay?” (Jiro)




 I added the question, since she was unsure, and I thought she wasn’t in the right frame of mind and tried to give her a break.



“No! It’s a magic lecture!!” (Amy)



 She has strongly denied this.


 But a magic lecture? Before I ask who, what does the word “magic lecture” mean?


 Should I honestly think of it as a class about magic?


 Or did she use magic to stage a special lecture?


 The former is straightforward, and the latter is a bit perplexing, but meaning can be understood in a manner of speaking.



“Mike taught me sage magic in my mind!” (Amy)


“Huh? That Mike? Why did the Demon King teach you magic? Also, why is it called sage magic?” (Jiro)


“Well, Mike wasn’t a Demon King, he was a sage!” (Amy)


“???” (Jiro)



 If I remember correctly, Mike was the name for the Demon King Soul.


 However, Amelia said that Mike was not the Demon King, but a sage.


 I pondered, not understanding what she meant by that.



“I see, it must have been a pleasant dream.” (Jiro)


“It’s not a dream!!” (Amy)



 I put my hand on her shoulder and thought I was saying it kindly, but apparently, she was talking about something serious.


 She was in such a terrible mood that I might have heard a kettle whistling.


 However, she seems to be willing to explain the situation.


 Bit by bit, she told me what had happened while she was asleep.



“…I see, he disappeared?” (Jiro)


“Yeah, he said he was going to get my body back in the end, and that it was his final spell.” (Amy)



 The magic of the sage.


 Its true identity is the grimoire that the remnants of the soul of the sage who existed in the past, called Mike, has engraved on the soul itself.


 It was etched into Amelia’s soul.


 Its role is to seal the Demon King Soul.


 They couldn’t handle it anymore.


 So, he thought he was at least atoning for his sins by entrusting Amelia with what he had.



“He said I was now a good enough sage.” (Amy)


“I see.” (Jiro)


“But I don’t know how to use magic at all.” (Amy)


“Right.” (Jiro)



 And I’m sure Amelia understood that feeling.


 The first smile that looked like her usual one was probably Amelia’s response to acting brave so as not to worry Mike, who was going on a journey.


 He spent a long amount of time with Amelia, even if only for a short time in relative.


 The person she spent the same time with was unexpectedly someone she was no longer able to see.



“I just know it. Also, what a sage is.” (Amy)



 She looked down, and a drop fell onto the back of her hand.


 How can I describe the relationship between Amelia and Mike?


 Friends? Lovers? Siblings?


 None of these seem right, and I don’t know how to describe it.


 Despite such a relationship, there must have been a gaping hole in Amelia’s heart.


 Even for that short time, you would feel sad when someone you are close to disappears.


 Amelia knew this.



“Hey, Amelia.” (Jiro)


“…” (Amy)


“What did Mike say at the end when he left?” (Jiro)



 Is that right?


 We will come and experience it someday.


 So, I ask a girl who experienced an eternal farewell.


 Did he apologize, or did he encourage her to do well?


 Or did she make a joke to ease the situation because she didn’t want it to end so melancholic?



“Mike, in the last moment.” (Jiro)


“…”  (Amy)



 Knowing the outcome, Amelia slowly raised her head, and despite the shock of the farewell, she smiled even as large tears fell from her eyes.



“Amy, thank you for giving me a name when I lost my name.” (Mike)


“He said thank you for giving him a name, and then he disappeared.” (Amy)



 Mike left her.


 She looked so happy to hear his last words.


 Amelia’s words somehow let me imagine Mike’s last words to her, as if he left with a smile on his face.


 Remembering those words, Amelia looked down again and tried to hold back her tears.



“Cry, that’s how you pay tribute to the deceased.” (Jiro)


“Hik, uuh.” (Amy)



 But you don’t have to hold back on those feelings.


 I placed my hand on her head and stroked it slowly, letting this girl spill her emotions to the person called Mike.


 Amelia clasped her hand and held it to her chest.


 A girl’s cry echoes in the quiet infirmary.


 In life, things often happen that can be said to be unreasonable.


 The events that were happening on the other side will comeback with us.


 A farewell like this happens.


 If Carter hadn’t started a rebellion, would Mike’s soul still be inside Amelia?


 One’s ambition tore apart one friendship.


 When I think about it, the world is truly cruel.


 All we can do is to let our emotions overflow so that we can move on.



“Ah!! Leader is making Amy cry, that he is!!” (Minami)



 How long had they been here?


 When I looked at the noisy figure shouting at the entrance, I saw Minami, who had removed only her protective gear and was now wearing simple equipment, pointing at me and yelling.


 I glared at her and told her to be quiet, but she didn’t flinch at that.



“What’s wrong, that it is? Was Leader’s face scary when he woke up from sleep, that it was?” (Minami)


“Hey, is my face a weapon or something?” (Jiro)



 She said as she came trotting up to us, then sat down on the side of the bed and gently cradled Amelia’s head.


 At that time, I withdrew my hand and criticized Minami’s predictions about why Amelia cried, but the person who commented didn’t seem to care which way the wind was blowing.



“Even I would burst into tears if I woke up and saw the face of Leader, whose face is starting to resemble Instructor Kio day by day, that he does.” (Minami)


“Got it, I understand fully. Minami, you’re trying to pick a fight with me. I’ll have you pay for it later, so be prepared.” (Jiro)


“Unfortunately, I will not be paying for anything after work hours, that I have limited stock, that I won’t.” (Minami)



 She protested that he didn’t mean to talk like that, but even that will be ignored.


 In the end,



“Don’t worry, that you won’t be able to see anything scary anymore with my chest, Amelia, that you won’t.” (Minami)



 She hid Amelia from me.


 This exchange was a normal party room conversation, and Minami let the dark atmosphere of earlier flow away.


 A small, but giggle escaped in the midst of our exchange.



“Oh, you laughed, that you did. Are you okay, Amy?” (Minami)


“Yeah, I’m feeling a little better.” (Amy)


“Good, good, a little at a time, that I you should.” (Minami)



 I was glad to hear that, and Minami showed a look of relief that things were going well, even though I could only see it from my perspective.


 Seeing her face, I couldn’t get angry.


 I couldn’t help it and let out a sigh.



“Well, Minami, we have a long time before our shift change, did something happen?” (Jiro)



 Minami, who dislikes a serious atmosphere, was somewhat forceful, but it seemed to be effective.


 If you ask Minami the reason for her earlier-than-planned visit, she told me that she is impressed with the thoroughness of my instruction, as if I was Masaru, who cannot leave people alone if they are sad.



“Ah, Senior Kaido is in a pinch surrounded by twin angels, so I’d like you to go help him, that you should.” (Minami)


“Again?” (Jiro)



 She casually announced something important.


 I glanced at Amelia, who was being hugged by Minami, and though she was still weak, she was smiling.


 Relieved by this, I leave my seat to settle the trouble that has arisen.



“Amelia, please rest a little more. Minami, don’t make too much noise.” (Jiro)


“Ah, Mr. Jiro!” (Amy)


“What is it?” (Jiro)


“Um, thanks for saving me, thank you very much!” (Amy)


“…don’t sweat it.” (Jiro)



 Anyway, this work is finished.



Note for the Day

If there are encounters, there are also farewells.

That can be tough sometimes.



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