Otherworld Company Chapter 22.3: No Matter What Season It Is, Summer Or Not, There Is Always Work To Be Done, It Is What Being A Member Of Society Means

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“Senior Kaido, please do some 3D maneuvers, that you do.” (Minami)



It’s not enough to swing up and down, and also left and right. So, he cut them off, kick them off, and blow them up.



“I’m going to burn them all to make today’s beer better!” (Kaido)



Using the magic panels in the air as a foothold, Kaido jumps up and makes it rain down flames.


His aim is still rough, but he keeps it in consideration of not causing any damage to us.


He cuts all the way to the landing site and crouches down to kill the impact of his landing.


It’s Masaru who goes and covers them.



“Suu, haa!” (Masaru)



As he exhaled from his lungs, he transmitted his rotational power to his petite body. His fist filled with magical power blew away three adult male zombies all at once.



“Masaru, don’t you feel dizzy, that you do?” (Minami)


“Don’t talk about it, I try not to think about it.” (Masaru)



It may be a way to escape that uncomfortable sensation that is unavoidable. So he tries to put everything in one blow and try not to rely on repeating the attack as much as possible.


It can’t be helped if Masaru is waving her away with his hand.


An unpleasant sensation is still an unpleasant sensation even through the Mineral Tree.


Besides, I feel that I have to cheer myself up after cutting the undead and feeling that uncomfortable sensation, so the maintenance time will be increased by 50%.


Having a growing sword is a great thing.



“I’m sorry. Leader, there’s a response to our search, that there is! A large one is approaching, that it is!” (Minami)


“How long before we encounter?” (Jiro)


“At this speed, I can make a cup of noodles, that I can!” (Minami)


“Let’s get the hell out of here!” (Jiro)



Apparently, it was too much noise.


I can hear the thud, thud, thud of its footsteps, it’s too loud to be humanoid, but too slow for a beast, but it is definitely approaching.



“I’m all for it. It’s going to be a pain in the ass when that thing comes.” (Kaido)


“It’s just one from what I can hear, but if it teams up with the zombies it could be troublesome.” (Jiro)


“If you have time to talk, move your hands and feet, that you should!” (Minami)




Reducing the percentage of zombies that we kill to a minimum, we should prioritize escape.


If you reduce the number of engagements to a minimum, the footsteps gradually become more distant.



“Pheeeew, the air sure is delicious, that it is.” (Minami)


“It’s pretty rare to find good air in Tokyo, isn’t it?” (Kaido)


“It smells even through a mask.” (Masaru)


“Okay, let’s take a roll call, one.” (Jiro)


“Two.” (Kaido)


“Scattered, that they are.” (Minami)


“Minami, that’s definitely the wrong letter, it’s four.” (Masaru)



We passed through the gate without incident and completed the personnel roll call.


We’re back safely today.



“How about the results?” (Jiro)


“The main items are bones and magical stones. It was easy to organize because there are only a few types of undead that can be used as materials.” (Masaru)



If you have secured your safety, the next step is to check the fruits of your labor.


If you remove the cover that was put over the backpack, you can see a couple of bags of leather and bones tinged with magical power.



“Why are the magic stones rough like this?” (Minami)


“The undead doesn’t need to eat, so they can easily store magic power in their bodies. It’s rough, but if you process it, you can use it for all sorts of things.” (Jiro)


“This is a bit more than 20,000, isn’t it?” (Kaido)


“Yeah, as usual, 20 percent will go to the shared savings party and the rest will be split up.” (Jiro)



Minami, picking up one from the leather bag had something like a rounded purple jewel at her fingertips.


They are packed in a reasonably sized leather bag.


It’s about 4,000 per head, but I wouldn’t say it’s too little.


We are paid a fixed salary or hourly wage in addition to this, so we can’t complain.



“Oh, my. I’m not sure if that’s enough for the four of you?” (Voice)



It would have been nice if that had been the end of it, but they don’t seem to be letting us finish the job comfortably.



“Kyla, san.” (Jiro)



In a flashy suit, as usual, the dragonman Kyla Nostalfel, who belongs to the regular employee of the Demon King Army, stood obnoxiously.



“A zombies’ magic stones, that’s about lower than average, isn’t it?” (Kyla)


“What do you want?” (Jiro)


“I had no need for you. My testers will be back soon, and I saw you there. That’s all.” (Kyla)



Just passing the time, she implied.


And her eyes don’t look at us like we’re just a couple of pebbles.


The reason why I called her “san” is to create a wall.



“I don’t know why Suela recruited such a mediocre group of people, you get a fair score for being lenient, but the rest of them have glaring flaws.” (Kyla)



Expressions such as pricing and scoring are lukewarm.


There is a feeling that the temperature of the magical power at the bottom of the abdomen rises in a tone that determines the value and declares it to be worthless.



“If you don’t need us, we’ll go.” (Jiro)


“Please wait a moment, it seems that my subordinate testers have returned. As your superior, I’ll show you how low you can go.” (Kyla)



I tried to repress my anger and leave, but she controlled our actions with contempt as if to trample on them.


The timing is bad.


The gate we came out of moves, and three new people come out of it.



“Is that Hizumi?” (Jiro)


“Oh, thank you for your hard work, Tanaka.” (Toru)



The two of them exchanged glances lightly.


A young man of aristocratic appearance, smiling with a comfortable air.


In Minami’s opinion, he seems to be a rival handsome guy who stands in the way of the main character, that’s something strange to know.


His light brown hair is thin and soft, and he has the appearance of an idol that would be popular with women. It’s the kind of look that the high and mighty Kyla would love.



“Thank you for your hard work, Toru. How about the results?” (Kyla)


“Yes, thanks to the magic bag, my movements weren’t restricted, so I’ve defeated the 15th floor boss for the time being. The results of the battle are excellent.” (Toru)


“Already, Toru. Have you forgotten that you overworked yourself on the boss?” (Girl 1)


“Yeah, if we didn’t follow you, you’ll be on a bed in the first aid room right now.” (Girl 2)


“No, I believed in both of you and fought. I didn’t feel like losing here.” (Toru)



To be honest, just listening to this conversation makes me want to go home.


Minami is screaming about how sweet it is, and she’s right.


I’d like to say that these guys have no shame.


Kaido is gritting his teeth and balefully glares at Hizumi as he burns in envy. Kaido is annoyed that different type of beautiful girls is waiting on him.


Masaru, don’t sigh if you can’t help it, I want to put up with it, okay?



“Thank you, let’s go cash it in.” (Kyla)


“Yes, how much do you think we’ll get today?” (Toru)


“At least 100,000 for sure.” (Kyla)


“We almost had 200,000 the other day, so hopefully we can surpass that.” (Toru)



OK, I know these guys don’t have any bad intentions, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to think about us.


In fact, I’m losing, but it irks me when people take me for granted as if they are the absolute strongest.


In addition to that, the two women are probably just being honest, but Kyla and Hizumi are definitely doing it “intentionally”.


You can see it in their eyes.


The prince-like smile hides murky eyes, eyes that show a mixture of conceit and superiority from being on top.


And perhaps he wanted to show us that he was happy with such a small amount.


And then, sensing the satisfying atmosphere, Kyla’s expression of triumph, as if to say, they are from a higher position.


Oh, ok.


No need to say hello.


Just walk away.


Just walk away happily and harmoniously.


Without saying a word, I take out a cigarette and light it.



“Oh, I know you guys are feeling. Good, really good.” (Jiro)



Inhaling and exhaling deeply to let it soak into my body, my mind becomes calm.


But emotions don’t go away that easily.


As a result of my daily training, I am able to keep my head cool and my heart in a constant state of fervor.


It seems that Kaido and the others are the same.


I’ve grown a lot in my observational skills since I started going into dungeons.


A crescent moon smile naturally appeared on my cheeks.



“Let me tell you, people who laugh when they’re angry are the scariest.” (Jiro)



I don’t have to look behind me.


No doubt, they share the same expression as me.


Their eyes are shining menacingly and on their lips are scythe-like smiles.


If the other side is the hero side, our expressions are suited to be in the Demon King’s soldiers.


Well, it’s not a problem because we almost already belong to the Demon King Army.


These guys are gradually getting dyed.



“You should regret your mistake of imposing the rule of the strong trample the weak.” (Jiro)



Now, let’s get to work.



Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Unmarried – Suela Handelberg

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Eight (General Class)

Job Title: Warrior



Strength 504 Strength 775

Durability 663 Durability 844

Agility 358 Agility 501

Endurance 447 (-5) Endurance 666 (-5)

Dexterity 369 Dexterity 498

Knowledge 62 Knowledge 77

Intuition 88 Intuition 132

Luck 5 Luck 5

Magic 300 Magic 471



Nicotine Addiction

Lung contamination


Note for the Day

Ah, the only thing I can do at work is to return the favor at work.

There is also the case of Suela.

I’ll do my best for her (grin)



T/N: Go Jiro! Follow Lady Evia’s words. Crush that colorful worm and lizard b*tch! Mwahahaha!!! Ehem. My bad.

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