Otherworld Company Chapter 28.2: Holiday Calls, People Call It Holiday Work

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“Ugh, company restructuring is the worst.” (Kaido)



If you think about it realistically, it’s just a wild guess, an idea that makes no sense and makes you wonder what kind of novel it is, but both my idea earlier and Minami’s prediction make sense for this company.


And with the exception of the accident, the consequences of the predictions that have come up are going to affect us all.


My idea is probably to rescue them, to save the heroes from being deceived, and after they are saved, they will be kidnapped under the guise of protection, and there is no telling how likely it is that the words “go home” will be applied, but it’s less likely than winning the lottery.


It would be easier to believe that Minami’s prediction on a strike helmed by a faction that doesn’t like using people to guarantee their status, people with a warped mindset, or a group that sees other races as inferior… But if they go this far, we must at least consider a coup d’état or terrorist attack.


If they succeed, at best we testers will be expelled from this company and fired, at worst we’ll be slaves.



“““““………””””” (Everyone)



We had to say it out loud and explain it to them and then we had to be silent because the situation was worse than we thought.


The situation is just what we imagine it to be.


But it’s hard to find anything that can discredit the reality of the situation in this company, where the developments that are common in fantasy worlds are so real.


No matter how we feel about Suela and the others, we don’t have to worry about the end of the road, but it’s not something that can be brushed away.


If it were, we wouldn’t have been so silent.



“…Well, I don’t really want to act just basing it on speculation.” (Jiro)



I went through my pockets, as is my habit, but there was no way my current outfit of swimsuit and hoodie was equipped with a cigarette, so I scratched my head instead.



“I just want to have our equipment on hand.” (Jiro)


“That’s right, that it’s going to be a dungeon attack in a swimsuit, that it’s going to be on the erotic game genre.” (Minami)


“You’re a woman, and you can still say that?” (Karen)


“I can’t just not say it, that I can’t.” (Minami)


“Did you have a drink?” (Jiro)


“I am underage, that I am, and if I drink, I will have to sit on the floor and be lectured by Masaru, that he will.” (Minami)


“I was just kidding.” (Jiro)



It is a bad habit of businessmen to reach for a beer when they hear that they can’t do their job.


In response to this line, I offered her the remaining beer mug on the table, but she refused with a serious expression.



“Can’t we go to our locker…?” (Karen)


“Yes, the transition between the swimming area and the locker area has been sealed off, so it’s all one space. The only clothes sold in the stores are swimsuits and hoodies, and the only weapons available are water guns.” (Jiro)



If you can at least change into plain clothes, you will still look and feel better than in a bathing suit, but it seems that the storeowners will not let us do so.


I tell the current situation to Kitamiya by putting my finger on my forehead and telling them this so as to avoid a headache.



“I hope it is an accident, but if it is an accident, it might be the worst-case scenario.” (Jiro)


“The worst-case?” (Karen)


“Yeah, dungeons are formed by cultivating land in a different space. If it’s an accident, there’s a possibility that this is the only place where the connection has been lost.” (Jiro)


“Isn’t that really bad!?” (Karen)


“Yeah, accidental or intentional, either way, we can’t afford to take it easy.” (Jiro)



I’m not Kitamiya, but I can’t get any good information or imagine anything good, so I just imagine the worst. This is probably because I worked for a black company, or is it the alarm bells in my mind, ringing ever so slightly as time passes?



“It doesn’t seem to be an accident.” (Suela)


“Suela.” (Jiro)



Where there is some concern, there is also a shift.


The air had been tense before, but now it seemed that the situation had changed.



“I was able to contact some employees outside the facility.” (Suela)


“What happened?” (Jiro)



There was no need to phrase it as a question.


Suela’s expression answered me.


It’s not that she’s wondering if she should say something or not, it’s that she has to say something but doesn’t want to.


That’s the way it is.


There is a pause in Suela’s words, separated by the word “but”.



“Jiro… this company is now being taken over.” (Suela)


“…who are you dealing with?” (Jiro)



I was not surprised.


Of course not.


We had been considering the possibility just now.


There is no expression of surprise on the faces of the members present here.


Instead, each of them looked as if they were biting back bitterness as if they were leaning in that direction.


I’m trying to keep my voice as quiet as possible, but I think it’s lowered a bit.


First of all, the idea of it being an accident is rejected, and we are reduced to the options of civil war or invasion.


In either case, our position is in jeopardy.


We have to act quickly and carefully.


Suela was not surprised by my response.


She probably overheard our conversation earlier.



“It’s internal.” (Suela)


“So it came to that, so Minami’s predictions were correct?” (Jiro)


“That’s right.” (Suela)



Although we belong to the same company, there is a difference in the amount of information that Suela and I have, so it is natural that there are things that we can talk about and things that we cannot.



“It seems that the opponents and the hardliners of the dungeon testers are teaming up to take care of this operation.” (Suela)



The opposition is literally a faction that opposes the use of testers, while the hardliners support the use of testers but want to use them like cattle.


In this case, the hardliners, who admonished the opposition with their profits, led the opposition to cause trouble.



“The Demon King is not currently in the dungeon. The other generals are forbidden in principle ‘to touch another’s dungeon’. So, we probably can’t expect any support.” (Suela)


“What about the supervisor?” (Jiro)


“Lady Evia is probably being held captive, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to manipulate the dungeon.” (Suela)



Just as the slave route was beginning to appear, Suela disclosed two or three pieces of bad information.


The strongest forces in the company are suppressed, no reinforcements from other dungeons are expected, and we are locked up.



“How strong are opponents? As far as you know and as much as you can tell.” (Jiro)



I want a cigarette.


My mouth is lonely, and I cover my mouth in thought, trying to think as calmly as possible.



“Unfortunately, the details are… The lack of unity among the races can be inferred from the fact that various races have been collaborating tensely.” (Suela)


“That’s annoying. We won’t be able to tell the difference between an enemy and an ally.” (Jiro)



“Yes, and in addition, the dungeon in which the core is located is completely under the control of the opponent.” (Suela)



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