Otherworld Company Chapter 28.3: Holiday Calls, People Call It Holiday Work

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But the more I listen to it, the more I feel like I’m in a bind.


In the first place, they want to stage a coup d’etat against their own president (king).


The timing and planning must have been carefully planned.





“…there’s something strange about this, how can the president so easily show an opening to the enemy?” (Jiro)



A sense of discomfort began to well up in my thoughts.


I’ve only seen him once before, at the initiation ceremony, but that was the only time I had a conversation with the Demon King himself among the testers.


It was a conversation that lasted less than a few minutes, but he had an atmosphere that made me feel like he was a playwright, someone with an overwhelming charisma that made others follow him, and something that made me feel that he was beyond incompetent even if you strip every advantage he possesses.


Would it be possible for him to simply hand over his base in another world in just a few minutes?


That’s impossible.


Something was growing inside me that made me assert that.


Can the top of the world where “the weak are eaten by the strong” be easily turned into prey?



“…what is he thinking of?” (Jiro)



In the first place, it is wrong for a mere employee to anticipate the thoughts of the top management.


The first thing that employees who are to be the hands and feet of the company should do is to move as their hands and feet.



“I hate to ask this, but do you know what the other side is up to?” (Jiro)


“Probably the goal is to secure testers who could be heroes.” (Suela)


“That’s quite straightforward.” (Jiro)



The most likely scenario is that they are thinking about securing their position by raising those humans into guineapigs or weapons.


It’s quite easy to understand and childish, but I can’t find the humor at present.



“So, what should we do?” (Jiro)


“… escape, the other party’s objective is Jiro and the other testers. If that’s the case, it’s better to get you out of the company than to attack.” (Suela)


“Hey, wait a minute.” (Jiro)



I half-expected that response from Suela, but no matter how dangerous it was, I couldn’t just say, “Okay, I understand.” (Jiro)



“Isn’t it a pretty bad situation right now?” (Jiro)


“Yes, it is.” (Suela)


“We don’t have much power, and we don’t know how strong they are, do we?” (Jiro)


“Yes.” (Suela)


“… Well, if we escape, will Suela’s safety be guaranteed?” (Jiro)


“That is……” (Suela)


“Your answer is most likely a no at the moment, right?” (Jiro)



Unfortunately, she can’t answer me, even if they are aiming for a different ending, not even to mention the situation.


The reason why Kaley and Memoria who are looking at me did not react to Suela’s words is probably that they have no reinforcements.



“I’m used to predicaments, unfortunately, I’m very good at dealing with them.” (Jiro)


“No. Jiro and his friends have no power to veto. This is an order.” (Suela)



A little hesitantly, Suela’s weak expression dropped to the back of her mind, replaced by a serious expression that I hadn’t seen in a long time when I was working.


The gap is amazing because until now private feelings have been getting mixed up.



“Yeah, we’ll get Kaido and the others out. Isn’t that enough?” (Jiro)


“Not only them, but you as well. The purpose of the other side are testers, and Jiro, who has a high level of magical aptitude, will be targeted with the highest priority.” (Suela)



Her eyes, which look at me seriously with no intention of changing, are worried and scared.


As a person who once worried about Suela, I think I should agree now.



“But still…”


“Jiro!” (Suela)


“Suela, I haven’t had a bad experience here. Well, I had a really bad experience, but time wears those down and rounds the sharp corners and soon you can laugh at it. They then become a good experience.” (Jiro)



I understand Suela’s feelings.


I understand, but I can’t just pull out here and leave because I don’t want to have regrets and what-ifs.



“If I nod my head and get out of here safely, and if things go well and I see you again, then I’m sure my worries are unfounded. But you know what?” (Jiro)



Just like you’re worried about me and afraid of losing me.



“What will I do if I can’t meet you anymore even if I come back to this company after I escaped?” (Jiro)



I’m afraid of losing you too, Suela.


You’ve decided to stay, as you should.


Unlike the internal battles in Japan, you’re in the Demon King’s army where the weak eat the strong, right?


It’s a world where lives can be exchanged without a shred of mercy, right?


Do I look like a fool to send you off to such a place?


Is there anyone out there who isn’t afraid of doing nothing, of losing their hands and feet?


At least, I’m confident that I won’t be the exception.



“Isn’t that the worst part of having a memory you can’t find humor in?” (Jiro)



Or do you have a guarantee that it will be okay?


That’s what I wanted to say.


If she smiled at me, reassuring me that everything would be okay, I could probably wait, though I was still worried.


But if she said that, she would surely be ready.


If that happens, I’ll have ruined everything I’ve said so far.


There are times when a man needs to buckle up.



“It’s not fair.” (Suela)


“I’m sorry, I know I’m weaker than you, but it wouldn’t be cool if I were the only one taking refuge because of it.” (Jiro)


“How much do you intend to make me worry?” (Suela)


“I’m sorry I can’t give you a definite number.” (Jiro)


“So you’re already planning to worry me?” (Suela)


“Yeah, pretty soon.” (Jiro)



Suela, replied to my words with a combination of a sigh and a smile, ending her serious business look and returning to her usual private self.



“Okay, I respect Jiro’s will. However, you must be prepared to work hard.” (Suela)


“I will work hard for my salary.” (Jiro)


“Honestly speaking, as good as Jiro is now, the return outweighs the risk, so the Demon King’s army will be saved.” (Suela)


“As for you?” (Jiro)


“I said it a while ago. I’m embarrassed, so I won’t be doing it again for a while.” (Suela)



I said goodbye to the heavy atmosphere.


I’ll be happy just to see Suela gently blush and turn her face away.


Their strength is disjointed in the situation where they would wish for reinforcement, they can’t afford to let even a small amount of their forces leave.


I succeeded in persuading her,



“If I disagree with you here, will you speak to me like that?” (Memoria)


“If possible, I would appreciate it if you would just agree with me.” (Jiro)



I think I’ll end up doing something about the second attacker.



“So, I’ll take this instead.” (Memoria)


“Wait, hmm !?” (Jiro)


“Thanks for the food. It was filled with vitality.” (Memoria)


“I can taste the blood in my mouth.” (Jiro)


“Well? There should be no wounds?” (Memoria)


“It’s just Memoria’s way of being jealous. Yes, yes, Suela is sulking… not sulking. I know I’ve ruined the atmosphere, but we don’t have time for that now. I’m sure Jiro will take care of the aftermath.” (Kaley)



Things seemed to be going as they should.


I’m going to have a hard time after this, but I’ll take full responsibility for what I said.



“Well… the problem now is.” (Jiro)



My future plans have been decided, but only mine.


If I look back behind me, I can see that my party members are all there.


Kaido makes a full show as he shadow boxes.


Minami is displaying some kind of suspicious magic in the air.


Masaru is suddenly preparing a first aid kit from nowhere.


Only Kitamiya is looking at me with a complicated expression, blushing with envy, jealousy, and embarrassment.




But I understand.






They’re ready to follow me at all costs, these guys.



Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Unmarried

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg & Memoria Tris

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Eight (General Class)

Job Title: Warrior


Note for the Day


My boss is calling me. (Grrrr)


Don’t even think about it!



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