Otherworld Company Chapter 29.2: No Matter What the Situation Is, You’ll Be More Efficient If You’re Motivated

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“So? Where is ‘this’ that you found?” (Jiro)



I made eye contact with Suela, nodded quickly, and asked her where it was so that we could deal with it as soon as possible.


Whether it’s an object or a thing, Memoria is currently empty-handed.


If so, it means that she left it somewhere.


So, we confirmed its whereabouts.



“I’m sure they are there staring at Kitamiya.” (Memoria)



“…Gosh! There it is.” (Jiro)



Tension is not a word that will come when you’re really talking to Memoria.


I feel that something that should have had some tension is suddenly released.


It’s not a bad situation, but it seems that trouble has rolled in.


It’s not as bad as spying or reconnaissance, but it’s not something I’d welcome.


I don’t want to get involved in this, but I can’t just leave it alone, so I reluctantly looked in the direction Memoria was pointing to.



“Oh, I wish I hadn’t seen that.” (Jiro)


“…What to do now?” (Memoria)


“What should we do?” (Suela)



I regretted having seen it.


I regretted seeing it. Suela was Suela, and she didn’t know what expression to show.


In the end, she settled into a troubled expression and put her hands to her cheeks in thought.


As the site manager, this was a situation where you should get angry.


Because in this emergency situation, we are about to have a lover’s quarrel.



“…I don’t want to get involved with… but I have no choice but to go.” (Suela)


“I will go too.” (Jiro)


“Please.” (Suela)



I’m not sure if it’s a sign of wanting to escape from reality, but my sigh was long and deep.


To be honest, if it wasn’t an emergency, I’d rather not look at him, not listen to him, drink a beer and forget he ever existed.


There was the man, Hizumi, who was trying to patch things up, Kitamiya, who was like a cat threatened, saying that it was over and that she had no intention of patching things up, and a woman who was trying to patch things up but wouldn’t leave Hizumi’s side.

I think her name was Nanase or something like that?


I wonder if she realizes that her position is adding fuel to the fire.



“I’m sure she doesn’t.” (Jiro)



In a way, I admire the two of them for their ability to do things that devalue a woman so much that even I, a man, want to feel sorry for Kitamiya.



“Karen, please, listen to me.” (Miki)


“I told you it was a misunderstanding.” (Toru)


“So, it was a misunderstanding, and I was made to watch you kiss a woman who wasn’t your girlfriend? Or was it just a misunderstanding on my part? You said that you were just friends, not lovers.” (Karen)



At first glance, Kitamiya’s attitude seemed strong, but I could see that her arms were clenched tightly together.


She may seem emotional, but she is a tolerant person.


She can distinguish between what to say and what not to say, and contrary to her feisty personality, she tends to keep things bottled up.


Well, it’s not that she is patient, but that she is enduring.


It’s because she has a loose lid on her patience that her comments like that stand out. [T/N: Yep Karen is just your run-of-the-mill tsundere. Even tsundere’s need love.]



“We are going to interrupt you for a minute?” (Jiro)


“What do you want?” (Toru)


“As I said earlier, we are going to interrupt you for a minute. And it’s not to you Hizumi, but Kitamiya.” (Jiro)


“What is it?” (Karen)



Hizumi glares at me like I was unable to read the air, but from my point of view, he should be the one to read the air.


However, if I say things bit by bit, it will become a muddy swamp, messy and hard to get out of.


So, let’s just ignore their gaze and finish the task.



“We are going to start with the operation now, but I need you to join Kaido’s group.” (Suela)


“The point is that you’re going to join their party as a helper. The time is running out, you have to make a quick decision, but if you can’t work with us, you’ll be evacuated outside.” (Jiro)



To be honest, it is impossible to include Hizumi and Nanase, but it is an offer that I made because I thought that we could cooperate with Kitamiya, even for a short time.


It goes without saying that once I move with Suela, Kaido, and others’ firepower who will act in a different area will decrease, and in addition, they will lose someone who is a vanguard.


We need to make up for it where we can.


If it’s something rolling in front of you, you just have to pick it up.



“Wait a minute, she is!” (Hizumi)


“Your party member, right? Of course, I’m aware that I’m invading the territory of others. That’s why I brought someone who can work with the proper channels. At least I’m making proper action, right?” (Jiro)


“I’ll report to your handler, Kyla Nostalfel, after the fact, but I’ll do it myself, so it won’t violate company regulations. It is an emergency, please refrain from making emotional statements.” (Suela)



The words of Suela and I were so convincing that he stopped talking for a moment, but the expression on his face did not show any sense of agreement.


It’s a guy who can act properly, and although his facial expression hasn’t changed, I’m sure he hates it when people come into his territory, to the point of having his guts churn out.


It is true that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and it is true for people like him.



“…Okay, I’ll join you as an assistant for your party.” (Karen)


“Karen!” (Toru)


“Karen!?” (Miki)


“And I’d like you to go through the procedure of leaving my current party. And just for the record, I’m leaving your party. I’m not coming back.” (Karen)



It seems that her eyes are showing changing emotions.


A woman is a creature you should observe closely.


Whether it was before or after the changes in Hizumi’s emotions, Kitamiya’s gaze had no fiery color as if the fever had frozen instead.


The atmosphere changed from anger to confusion. It was not a question, not even a warning. As if the wind from Hizumi had escaped he backed down, but he suddenly cried.



“Oh! Then, I will also cooperate!” (Toru)


“Argh! Shut up! I told you to leave me alone!!!” (Karen)



If I had to describe the sound that occurred next onomatopoeically, I’d say “Gong-don”.


It was like a force squeezing a blast of air instead of cutting through it.


There was no femininity in how Kitamiya sent Hizumi to the light, and it was a punch that completely puts on a force that may be hundreds of newtons and adds an increasing angular momentum.


If I didn’t have any enhancements or stat increases, I might not have been able to watch it with my eyes.


I thought of this while the others and I are looking at Hizumi who was soaring through the air.



“Gugh—that’s is just normal, right?” (Karen)



I’m not going to say anything about it, though I think it’s a good idea to at least hit him in the face with a simple slap.


But I didn’t say anything, because if I did, I would have been sent to the end of the world.


I don’t know if the slow-motion vision was staged or if my eyes sensed the danger and accelerated in my brain, but it seemed to show me, in reality, an example of how a woman’s anger can be harnessed to such an extent.



“Whew, that was refreshing.” (Karen)



Did you suddenly gain a refreshing personality?


Or was that your personality in the past?


After pouring all her anger into this blow, Kitamiya’s expression was even fresher than when she had played with us earlier.


There was no shadow of anger on her face.


It’s not the kind of expression you’d expect to see in a boxing comic book, with Hizumi floating in the air and falling into the ring.


It may be said that he deserved it, but as a man, I felt compelled to join my hands in prayer.



“Toru!?” (Miki)



“…where am I supposed to go?” (Karen)



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