Otherworld Company Chapter 29.3: No Matter What the Situation Is, You’ll Be More Efficient If You’re Motivated

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“…where am I supposed to go?” (Karen)



Kitamiya looks back at us like she didn’t notice Nanase running up to Hizumi who was completely knocked out.


I was training my status, but when I saw that Hizumi, who should now be stronger than a Self-Defense Force member. I was about to take a step forward, but I couldn’t do it. [T/N: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Yep.]



“Join Kaido and others, Kaley is going to be there too.” (Suela)


“Okay, is the leader Kaley?” (Karen)


“Yeah, you’re the key figure as the rearguard firepower there. We’re counting on you, okay?” (Suela)



I was tempted to add the vanguard as well.


But I did my best to control myself.



“I don’t know how to say this. Well, I’ll pay you back somehow.” (Karen)



Perhaps she was able to relieve the stress she accumulated during the day.


She waved her hand and headed for Kaido and the others.



“Now that we have enough forces, but Memoria you picked up something quite ridiculous.” (Jiro)


“I brought them since they were testers, thinking they would be an additional fighting force, but I didn’t expect this.” (Memoria)


“I-it was all over during the day, wasn’t it?” (Jiro)


“Daytime… oh!” (Memoria)


“Did you just notice now!?” (Jiro)



It seemed a bit deliberate, but the atmosphere seemed to indicate that the lines had just been linked.



“Well, Jiro, Memoria didn’t maliciously bring either tester.” (Suela)


“Well, you can use them as a fighting force, but they would have a lot of limitations.” (Memoria)


“I think it’s more accurate to say that we limited their usefulness. There’s nothing more useless than a man who’s just been dumped, you know?” (Jiro)


“Pardon me.” (Memoria)



It was a conversation that made me wonder if this was really an emergency, but it was better than being nervous.



I’ll have them stay here and take care of the defense as planned.” (Suela)



Even though I didn’t connect the words “as planned”, I started to move with Suela’s order.



The time was a little after nine o’clock, probably in one of the company’s warehouses.


As soon as the pale light shines for a moment, I align my back against the wall nearby and keep an eye on my surroundings.



“Clear.” (Jiro)



I never thought I’d ever uttered such a line as the one used by the Special Forces, but my body itself moves smoothly, as it does when conquering dungeons.


Her attire has changed from a swimsuit to a diver suit from the facility.


The diver’s suit, specially made by Giants, was used as equipment because it was stab-proof, strong, and had excellent heat retention in order to prevent injuries on the rocky ground.


The footwear was also changed to a type that does not slip when in the water, making it easier to move around.


As for sound, Suela and Minami worked together to deploy a sound-muffling barrier to prevent the skidding sound of rubber.


In the midst of the muffled sound, a shadow creeps up to my side and makes me lower my eyes for a moment. It was Suela, dressed like me, as she was deploying her magic.



“There is no reaction around here, let’s go.” (Suela)



Everything within this company has magical power.


It has been explained before that this magic is like a passive sonar that detects things.


Even if magical power is hidden, it seems possible to uncover it by brute-forcing it with the difference in level and status.


With Suela in the center, I nodded my head in reply and she began to scout, trying our best to be as quiet and stealthy as possible, the temporary party, led by me, proceed through the company with only the least amount of light.



“Please stop.” (Suela)



Like some spy movie, I know the structure of the building, so I dodge the surveillance, but we’re only halfway there.


After leaving the warehouse, we made our way through the company to our first destination, our party room, the connecting corridor between the company dormitory and the office, and the personnel assigned to monitor the dormitory at the entrance.


The janitor’s room was used as a choke point.


At that moment, an armed dark elf came out of the room.


They were probably on patrol. He went straight to the back and up the stairs.



“How many people are there?” (Jiro)


“There’s quite some distance… I’m not sure exactly, but I’m pretty sure there are around four.” (Suela)


“They are not on our side, are they?” (Jiro)


“You’re right.” (Suela)



It seems that they are also using detection magic over there, but we have both Suela and Minami, and it seems that they have not noticed us for now.


A dark elf, and demon duo, is watching the surroundings, occasionally making small talk.



“The dark elf with his staff and the demon with his bare hands are both equipped with light armor, presumably for indoor use.” (Suela)



In the modern age, they would probably be equipped with clothing or protective armor, but these are fantasy armies, and their equipment is fantasy.





“This is convenient.” (Suela)


“It’s a good thing we have a couple of rearguards guarding us, but could it be a trap?” (Jiro)


“No, I don’t think so. There’s only a small amount of activity in the building and no response from summoners.” (Suela)


“Then what is it?” (Jiro)


“They’re probably using this dormitory as a temporary detention facility. There’s one room with a lot of reactions.” (Suela)


“Then it’s better to take it down in one swoop.” (Jiro)



I gestured with a nod.



“Minami, prepare some magical scaffolding.” (Jiro)


“Understood, that I will.” (Minami)


“Be careful.” (Jiro)



“Ah.” (Minami)



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