Otherworld Company Chapter 29.4: No Matter What the Situation Is, You’ll Be More Efficient If You’re Motivated

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“Understood, that I will.” (Minami)


“Be careful.” (Jiro)


“Ah.” (Minami)



I shifted my consciousness from being alert to combat-ready, using the nervous feeling as an abrasive to sharpen my awareness.


The passageway, which was designed with the landscape in mind, had many unexpected blind spots.


Planted trees, brick paving slabs in the flower beds, and the roof of the passageway.


As expected, I could not move in such a way that I would end up in a blind spot in the actual environment.



“Nu!?” (Dark Elf)


“What!? Mugu!?” (Demon)



I used my parkour skills along with Minami’s magical scaffolding and attacked from above.


Surprise attacks using magic are less effective against demons and dark elves.


Because both are magic-proficient races, they are good at sensing magical power.


However, on the other hand, they are not good with physical force.


I heard from Suela that my status was better, but I didn’t think it would be easy to knock them out.


I made the dark elf lie down next to the wall after punching him on the neck and knocking him unconscious.


The demon seemed to be a sturdy creature by nature, so I mercilessly dropped my elbow on the back of his head, but I didn’t feel any cracks or breaks.


I checked to see if they were conscious, but they were both unconscious.


I called the others over with a hand sign and let them restrain the enemies.



“You seem quite used to it, Kaley.” (Jiro)


“Oh? Do you want me to tie you up too?” (Kaley)


“I’ll leave that to Kaido.” (Jiro)


“Well, is that so? Maybe Kaido will enjoy a bit of it.” (Kaley)


“It’s all lies!” (Kaido)



I went and direct Kaley’s joke toward Kaido. Once both were securely tied up we quietly searched beyond the door.


It’s funny, my job is supposed to be to conquer dungeons, but what I’m doing is like a Special-Defense Force infiltration mission.


I was expecting more of a brawl at the beginning of the game, but now I’m wondering how this is going to work.


I wondered if it wasn’t a trap, but now that it was happening, I had no choice but to go as far as I could.



“How is it Suela? Did you find anything?” (Kaley)


“I think I’ve found out that the testers and the store owners are imprisoned here. It seems that the other party is not as willing to exchange information about their affiliation via telekinesis.” (Suela)


“It’s not as easy as it seems. It would be nice if we could find out something from their equipment.” (Kaley)


He’s a dark elf too, is he someone you might know?” (Suela)


“Even though there are few of us in our race. We don’t all know each other.” (Kaley)



During the exchange between Kaley and Suela, Kaley is busy binding the knocked-out guards, while Suela puts her hand on the foreheads of the two restrained people and used her magic.


It is magic for eavesdropping on telepathic communications.


The only downside is that you have to be in a place where you can touch one of the people sharing the telepathic communication. In addition to using magic to eavesdrop, Suela also sends false communications and impersonates people in order to obtain information.


The only information that comes in is the regular reports and the patrol reports of the dark elf man who just left.


But I’m still grateful for the information being available to us.


Well, I have to take off my hat to Suela’s specs, she has been magically processing three things simultaneously, such as eavesdropping, detection, and forgery spells.



“Kaido, you stay on guard. Suela, do you know how many people are in there?” (Jiro)


“Understood.” (Kaido)


“There are three of them inside. Memoria, I’m a little busy right now, can you help them?” (Suela)


“Two of them will be fine, but you’ll need backup.” (Memoria)


“Give me a location. I’ll take one of them.” (Jiro)


“Then, Jiro should just charge. I’ll take them out from the shadows while you do.” (Memoria)



Suela’s hands are tied, Kaido and the others are now on the lookout for the perimeter, and Kaley seems to be trying to figure out what faction they’re dealing with from their equipment.


She’s doing her best, I’ll do mine too.


As I slowly grip the doorknob, trying not to make a sound, Memoria slips into my shadow like a person sinking into coal tar.


After confirming that she was completely in, I took two slow, deep breaths.


The muffling barrier should have prevented any sound from escaping, but I still wanted to muffle the sound, so I quieted my breathing.


I open the door, remembering the sensation of a beast slipping in, rather than the explosion of something I had been suppressing.



“Hmm? Gufu!?” (Guard)



It was not a diversion, but a natural entry, as if an acquaintance had just walked in, which caused the other party to pause for a moment before reacting.


With that short moment, I could just charge in and hit the opponent’s throat.


I punched the giant man in the throat, which would have been difficult for the smaller Memoria, and when his head dropped, I kicked him in the knee as I hold his head, but,



“You’re tough!!!” (Jiro)



As expected, giants have confidence in their durability, since he’s still conscious despite the merciless attacks on his throat and face.


If this condition keeps up, they will be able to recover if I try to knock him down like the ones before.


My intuition moved me before I could think.



“Take this!!!” (Jiro)



I follow my intuition and dare to do something that should never be done to a person.


Even though my consciousness doesn’t skip a beat, I catch the wobbling giant’s face with a spinning kick, as if it were a sandwich between the wall and the soles of my feet.


Like a spider web or cracks in a glass window, the patterns are clearly spread over the wall, and the giant is finally unconscious.



“What the!?” (Jiro)


“It is just me.” (Memoria)


“…Memoria?” (Jiro)



I swung my fist back towards the presence that I felt, but I was easily blocked.


I don’t know when it appeared, but there stood Memoria who knocked the other two in the short seconds shared between me and the giant.



“Don’t just quietly appear behind me.” (Jiro)


“Well, there was a man nearby who was sure to attack you.” (Memoria)


“……sorry.” (Jiro)


“No, it took me a while too.” (Memoria)



It might be the unique monstrous power of vampires.


The petite Memoria puts down her hand.


As Memoria says, a demon with a dagger was knocked out right behind me.



“Is he the leader?” (Jiro)


“Yes, he was aware of Jiro’s attack earlier than the others.” (Memoria)



Good equipment.


I’m not sure how old the demon is, but from the looks of it, I’d say he’s quite old.



“Memoria, you’re wounded!” (Jiro)


“Oh, I grabbed the knife with my bare hands, it will pose no problem and it will heal soon. Well, I can suck some of your blood and it will heal immediately.” (Memoria)



A red drop dripped from Memoria’s arm to the floor. I don’t know if vampires are resistant to pain, or if Memoria herself is resistant to pain, but there is a cut on her arm.


She answered that it was nothing when she received it with her bare hands but wasn’t it a considerable attack since it penetrated the Giant’s special diving suit?



“Did you smoke something?” (Memoria)


“…I was just kidding.” (Jiro)


“Well, I made you two-time on the spur of the moment, but your own girlfriend covered for me. If I can fix it, I’ll do it.” (Memoria)


“I’ll take your word for it. But if you’re going to do that, at least do it somewhere else, not on my neck.” (Jiro)


“Understood.” (Memoria)



Pushing my arm out of my suit I turn it towards Memoria, to a position comfortable to her.



“”Hmm.”” (Jiro & Memoria)



It feels tingly, but it doesn’t hurt.



“That was quick.” (Jiro)


“It’s an emergency, and the quality of your magic is good because it’s circulating in your body, so my wounds will heal quickly.” (Memoria)


“Is my blood some kind of panacea?” (Jiro)


“Maybe for vampires.” (Memoria)



I didn’t know how much blood had been sucked out of me in just a few seconds, but the deep cut on her arm was closing up fast.



“That’s convenient.” (Jiro)


“Want to become a vampire?” (Memoria)


“Can I?” (Jiro)


“You will probably start from a ghoul/zombie.” (Memoria)


“Please no.” (Jiro)



Rather than feeling disgusted, I had a stronger sense of the convenience of being in this kind of fantasy space.


I might become stronger, but as expected, I have no desire to become a zombie, so I’ll decline Memoria’s invitation.



“Let’s get the equipment from the party room.” (Jiro)



There is a master key in the janitor’s room.


I’ll take the key that Suela told me about and tell Memoria where it is.



“Then I’ll have them restrained.” (Memoria)


“Oh, please do.” (Jiro)



Then I left the room.



“We’re done here.” (Jiro)


“Yes, me too.” (Suela)


“Suela.” (Jiro)


“Huh, mmm.” (Suela)


“For me, I want to prioritize some things. Now we’re even.” (Jiro)


“You’ve got to think of the right time and place. It’s important to avoid losing Memoria’s strength. I’ll keep my private and public life separate as well.” (Suela)


“I know, but I’m just being selfish, I don’t want to be taken along for a ride like that because of Suela.” (Jiro)



Maybe, no, it’s Suela, she’s been using detection magic to monitor our activities so far.


If anything goes wrong, Suela was going to be there to support us.


It’s not surprising then that the series of actions were communicated to her.


That was probably the reason why her voice was slightly hard when we came out of the room.


It may have been the worst thing I’ve ever done, but it was the nature of a man who didn’t want Suela to feel frustrated.



“Oh, you’re showing off. Do you understand that this is an emergency?” (Kaley)


“Well, you’ll have to excuse me.” (Suela)


“Why don’t we settle this with a few drinks?” (Kaley)


“Can I get the debt cleared since I helped you with your work here?” (Suela)


“Oh, no, you’re quite sly. Yes, yes, I’ll let you off the hook.” (Kaley)


“Now, I’m going to get our gear.” (Jiro)


“Okay, Kaley will take care of the guards. I’ll gather as much information as I can.” (Suela)


“Oh, don’t overdo it.” (Jiro)



Now we’re getting down to business.



“Boys, you’ve got three minutes to change out of diver suit and into your gear.” (Jiro)


“Uh, yeah.” (Kaido)


“I understand.” (Masaru)


“Lend some clothes to Kitamiya, Minami, do you have some spare gear?” (Jiro)


“Yes, that I do.” (Minami)


“Oi, when we’re done, you’re next. Just for a little while, okay?” (Jiro)


“I understand that I do!” (Minami)


“Okay, get it done quickly, okay?” (Karen)



It’s going to be long tonight.



Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Unmarried

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg & Memoria Tris

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Eight (General Class)

Job Title: Warrior


Note for the Day

Working overtime at night?


I’m just trying to be better! (Yikes!)



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