Otherworld Company Chapter 30.1: Unpaid Overtime? You’ve Got to be Kidding Me!

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Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Unmarried

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg & Memoria Tris

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Eight (General Class)

Job Title: Warrior



“Are you both done?” (Jiro)


“Yes, that we are.” (Minami)



It took only a few minutes, but I was relieved to see Minami and Kitamiya come out with their equipment ready, as I was wary of their reduced strength.


However, the two were in robes that are colored in contrast to each other.



“Kitamiya, your expression is looking flat?” (Jiro)


“Shut up!” (Karen)


“Fufu, Masaru, I won, that I did!” (Minami)


“On what?” (Masaru)



Masaru, that topic is a minefield.


You can tell from the fact that Kitamiya is touching her chest.


Kitamiya is, well, that, unlike Minami, only has a rather slim figure in the chest area.



“For a second there, I felt like I was hearing something I shouldn’t allow?” (Karen)


“It’s all in your mind.” (Jiro)



She looked at me and said that. I felt my heart gallop for a few seconds. But I’m not so thin-skinned as to get flustered over something like this.



“Well, we’ve got our gear. So, Suela, are we all going to release the testers after this?” (Jiro)


“No.” (Suela)



I chose the path “Go Back to Work”, which is the number one path to choose, and waved it at Suela, who quickly deactivated the spell that had been deployed and began to deploy another one.



“It’s a little early, but let’s split into two groups.” (Suela)


“Did something happen?” (Jiro)


“Yes, the situation may be worse than I expected.” (Suela)



The spell that Suela deployed was a summoning spell, the main branch of magic Suela has as a Spirit Magician.



“I know the leader of the enemy. The leader is Lady Miliaris, the sister of the Demon King.” (Suela)


“”!?”” (Memoria & Kaley)


“””””……who?””””” (Humans)



While a black dog and white cat were summoned, the reaction to hearing Suela’s report was clearly divided between the fantasy group and the Earth group.


Well, Demon King, from our point of view, is just the president, but it’s a shame that his sister is the leader and the mastermind behind this, but we don’t have any information about Lady Miliaris, none, zero information.


She might be a pretty dangerous person based on the reaction of Suela, the surprised reaction of Memoria, and Kaley who began to seriously explain the situation. I wonder if it’s just my impression.



“She’s a person who can divide the Demon King’s army into two factions. She’s the kind of person who has the ability to surpass the Demon King based on just pure fighting ability, and she’s heading here, now.” (Kaley)


“That’s not good.” (Jiro)


“It’s really dangerous.” (Kaido)


“It’s dangerous, that it is.” (Minami)


“This is bad.” (Masaru)



I couldn’t wrap my arms around it, but I could tell that there was an entity equal to or greater than a nuclear missile heading this way.


I learned in the first training that the Demon King’s weak punch is as good as a nuclear missile.


In the few months that I’ve been working for this company, I haven’t had the chance to actually see what the president is capable of, but I’ve had the opportunity to see several battles between successive Demon Kings in material footage.


Such a being is approaching us not as an ally, but as an enemy.



“…So, you’re saying that a natural disaster has turned against us?” (Jiro)


“Fortunately, there is still time left. I’m sure we’ll be able to put together a sufficient defensive force if we can free Lady Evia by then.” (Suela)


“I’m sure the president will take care of the rest… What is the time limit?” (Jiro)


“I don’t know the exact time, but around tomorrow morning.” (Suela)


“…there has never been a day when I’ve wanted to go to work as an executive.” (Jiro)



Normally, I would not just be annoyed with my boss for taking it easy, I would want to kill him, but now I just them to him to take it easy and just go work as an executive.


Initially, I had planned to take my time and make sure we got there, but now we have a deadline.


Then we’ll have to move away from the word “steady” and release Supervisor Evia as soon as possible.



“We can’t waste a second… So, we’ll have to split up. What about the equipment for Suela and the others? If we are going to enter the dungeon, no one should be left unarmed.” (Jiro)



Originally, we were planning to prepare the equipment here and aim for the locker room where the equipment of Suela and others are stored, then we also planned on releasing the hostages so that we may reinforce our fighting force.


Thanks to the time limit, the work schedule was shortened.


If we don’t skip some of the items in the itinerary, we won’t make it in time.



“I have a plan. Kaley should aim to secure the release of this place and later retrieve the equipment. We’ll head for the commercial district.” (Suela)


“Are you planning to use the store inventory? I think they would be well secured.” (Jiro)


“Yes, it’s possible, but it’s impossible to move such a large amount of goods in such a short time. The giants in the stores will resist, but we can lock them up, so there is still hope. Besides, there is an entrance to the dungeon at the back of the commercial district. We’ll have to go there anyway.” (Suela)


“A gamble to save time, but…” (Jiro)



If there is a piece of equipment that can be used, it can certainly save time.


But is it possible to remain so opportunistic?


Those are very bad odds, in my opinion.



“Damn, don’t worry. You don’t have to worry about stepping on any toes with these kids.” (Jiro)



I wondered if Suela was referring to the black dog and white cat that were sitting and waiting at our feet.


It’s not so much that they’re wrapped in animal hair, but rather that they’re faint, glowing creatures that look like they’ve been made with magic. They don’t look very strong.



“Rall, Null, please run some ‘Errands’.” (Jiro)


“Meow!” (Null)


“Arf!” (Rull)



I can’t imagine it, but these two probably aren’t for combat.



“Are they reconnaissance spirits?” (Jiro)


“Yes, now I can see what the commercial area looks like.” (Suela)



The dog sank into the shadows and the cat vanished like mist.


Even if one of them is exposed, the other will probably report back.


It’s a two-pronged approach.



“… I can see it. As expected, the warehouses weren’t ransacked.” (Suela)


“Of course not. Giant merchants don’t give away their inventory for free, even if they die.” (Memoria)



It took a few seconds, but Suela was still able to act quickly because she specialized in reconnaissance.


Suela’s right eye shone a bluish hue as she tells us what was on the other side, probably borrowing the sight of the spirits.


As Memoria said in response, the merchant giants I knew must have had a very strong business spirit.


I’m sure they’ll be honest with you if you pay them, but if it’s a robbery, they’ll probably use their body as a weapon to intercept you.


Now I have a good idea of what we could be equipped with.


We were aided by the fantasy residents’ love of gold and merchant spirit, but I hope things will end well.



“Can you see the enemy’s fighting force?” (Jiro)


“There’s a lot of them near the gate, as expected. The rest seem to be patrolling the commercial district.” (Suela)


“Are the stores safe?” (Memoria)


“Some of the stores are heavily damaged, but I think they’re mostly okay.” (Suela)



It was midnight, and the facility we were in had lost power, but the lights at the headquarters were still on.


We are still able to see what we need to see through the minimum amount of illumination.


And the underground commercial district is in perfect condition.


This is a war of attrition between lifelines.


The more lifelines they lose, the more they lose in physical and mental strength.


On the other hand, if they have a well-maintained lifeline, recovery can be expected.


It seems that the other side, which has the key lifelines under control, is trying to wear us down as we are on the verge of losing every lifeline.






“This could become an advantage… probably.” (Jiro)



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