Otherworld Company Chapter 30.2: Unpaid Overtime? You’ve Got to be Kidding Me!

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“This could become an advantage… probably.” (Jiro)



I began to think of future scenarios in my head.


There may be races that are good at moving under darkness, such as demons and vampires.


But that’s the same with us.



“Suela.” (Jiro)


“Yes, what is it?” (Suela)


“Can you turn off the power throughout this facility simultaneously?” (Jiro)



Night vision is an essential skill when dungeon exploring.


Most are areas where there is light, but there is a difference in luminosity.


Sometimes you can see it well, and sometimes you have to dimly squint.


There was also an area where nothing could be seen as if it was darkness three inches ahead.



“It’s possible, but… for that to happen, you need dungeon command authority. It’s not something we can do at the moment.” (Suela)


“Well, I thought it would be useful in an ambush.” (Jiro)



I was wondering if it would be possible since things had gone so conveniently this many times, but it seems that things don’t go well at all.


I hoped to gear up, darken the perimeter and make a frontal assault, but we had to think of another way.



“We don’t have much time, we have to move now.” (Suela)


“Yeah.” (Jiro)



We don’t even have time for that either.



“Kaley, I’ll leave the others in your hands.” (Suela)


“I know, I know. —You take care of yours, too.” (Kaley)



We’ll be traveling in small groups from here on out.



“You guys take care of yourselves, okay?” (Jiro)


“What kind of leader says that?” (Minami)


“It’s always the older guys who get torn to shreds.” (Kaido)


“Idiot, it’s because I’m the vanguard. That vanguard is going to be gone, so you better brace yourself.” (Jiro)


“”Huh!?”” (Minami & Kaido)


“Did you two just notice now?” (Jiro)



It is going to be dangerous… but when I talk to these two, I lose all tension.



“Hey, Masaru, Kitamiya, I’ll leave you in charge of reining them in.” (Jiro)


“Got it.” (Masaru)


“This will be quite troublesome.” (Karen)


“Don’t say that, they’re useful in many ways too. Yes, for example, in case of emergency, use them as shields, they’ll live.” (Jiro)


“That sounds perfect.” (Karen)


“Wai—!? What are you saying!?” (Kaido)


“I’m a woman, that I am!?” (Minami)


“……we will.” (Masaru)


“”Masaru!?”” (Kaido & Minami)



Well, that’s not only a bad thing because it allows us to moderate the tension.


Kitamiya is starting to get used to it.


She’s becoming familiar…



“Will they be okay?” (Jiro)



My anxiousness cannot be completely wiped out.



“Believe in them, Jiro.” (Suela)


“Suela.” (Jiro)


“Even if they have lower magical aptitudes, they too have the nature and potential to become heroes. I’m sure Kaley will make up for any lack of combat experience.” (Suela)



If Suela is telling me, it is already set in stone.


If I keep thinking about things, the risks go up and down, but all the testers working in this company have the potential to become heroes.


What the other party is trying to accomplish is to secure some of that potential, on the flip side, we are not yet as strong as they are.


Far from being just a goblin, I’ve recently become someone who can take on large monsters.


This is what I’ve been able to do in just a few months, I wonder how much more I can do if I keep working hard and keep piling on the years.


When I think about it.



“Oh, things might turn to something unexpected.” (Jiro)


“You can never be too careful, though.” (Suela)



This time, too, the situation may not be as pessimistic as it seems.


We have a plan, Suela said.


Then I guess we have a good chance of succeeding.



“If you want a day off, you’ll have to work harder!” (Jiro)


“I wanted you to say that there is going to be a bonus.” (Kaido)


“There is no better reward than a day off, that I know.” (Minami)


“You’ll have to clean your room, though.” (Masaru)


“That I will!?” (Minami)


“They’re really noisy.” (Karen)



So, now let’s concentrate on getting the job done.



“Okay, Kaley, I’ll leave the rest to you.” (Suela)


“Yeah, yeah, yeah. You’ve been out of practice for a while.” (Kaley)


“Then I’ll get serious, too.” (Memoria)



After leaving the release of the employees to Kaido and his team, we headed for the commercial district with Suela at the center.


Even though there are light sources illuminating the way, it is possible to take full advantage of magic to scout and observe.


If there are only a few of them, that’s even better.


We run through the company at a shadow-like speed, making as little noise as possible.


Sometimes we stop to check the position of the surveillance cameras, Suela uses detection through the reconnaissance spirits, and Memoria transforms parts of her body into a bat to draw the attention of the enemies patrolling.


That’s how we run towards our destination.


And even if we do encounter them.



“Huh!?” (Enemy)



It turns out that the current me can fight well enough.


It seems that even if it is the Demon King’s army, not all of them are as formidable as the instructors.


Even though they are trained soldiers, we can still fight well.


The patrolling lizardmen who noticed us standing still didn’t ignore us, they came closer to us.


They have spears and swords in their hands, and they don’t hesitate to show their intent to fight.


I can’t use my [Intimidating Monkey Scream] though.


If so, I clench my teeth and pour strength into my legs.


In a single swing, one of them is slashed at the beginning, and then the other has their abdomen skewered using the Mineral Tree I drew from my waist.


It’s not that I don’t feel conflicted about cutting someone humanoid, or even someone quite human-like.





“**********(this guy)!” (Enemy)


“**********************(But he’s just a human)!!” (Enemy)



If I don’t, I will be killed.


The opponent is angry enough to transmit their thoughts.


While taking the initiative and moving on to the next step, my ears catch the sound of the rustling of the wind, and my sword arm reacted without seeing the lizardman’s sword arm.



“********************(You shouldn’t be able to see it)!?” (Jiro)



The other party’s language is not Japanese.


It’s probably a common language used by the regular Demon King’s army.


I don’t know what they mean, but they seem to find it hard to believe that I evaded them with my senses.


It’s more difficult for me to believe it.



“Raaa!” (Enemy)



In a corner of my mind, I reassure myself that they are not troublesome opponents and speed up my actions.


As the blade comes for me, the Mineral Tree pierces the ground near the lizardman then I kicked him as I pull out my weapon, a blade is swung diagonally, and as it approached my ear, the blade caught nothing but air.



“***(Hey)!?” (Enemy)



The enemy is confused.


A gap appeared.


A kind hero would be merciful, but unfortunately, I’m not friendly, still, I can’t help but smile.


The other party may be a scared lizardman, but I am merciless.



“*Spit & spew*!?” (Enemy)



I punch him extra hard.


Well, I kicked him just to be sure.


I took a breath and look around to make sure everyone is knocked out.



“Even with such a mouth like theirs, they can moan like a human.” (Jiro)



A kick to the side of the head with a steel-plated footgear can knock even the toughest of creatures unconscious.


I was impressed by the fact that even with a mouth like a lizard’s, they still made the same moaning sound like a human.



“How are you Suela?” (Jiro)


“Almost finished. thanks to Memoria.” (Suela)


“We’ve only sealed the area with a thin barrier, so anyone from the commercial district can enter.” (Memoria)


“It would have been difficult for me to get a pass for the commercial district, as I’m not in charge of it.” (Suela)



I moved to a corridor that led not to the entrance of the commercial area, which I usually use, but to the back of it, to the backyard behind it.


Ahead is a warehouse, probably sealed off by someone in the commercial district, and Memoria and Suela are working together to remove the seal.


Just as we were about to quietly open the door to the warehouse, the patrol unit from earlier arrived, so we intercepted them.


Suela removed the seal that the other party had placed on the surface so that it wouldn’t trigger the alarm, and Memoria unlocked the door inside.



“It’s open.” (Memoria)



“Rall will head inside first. Please follow me.” (Suela)



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