Otherworld Company Chapter 30.3: Unpaid Overtime? You’ve Got to be Kidding Me!

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“Rall will head inside first. Please follow me.” (Suela)



We don’t know what’s lurking inside, so we send Rall, the black dog spirit, into the room to make sure it’s safe.



“This way.” (Suela)



Perhaps it has an auto-lock feature, the door of the warehouse is automatically locked when it closes.


I ran through the dimly lit warehouse without even turning around.


After passing through some food, medicine, and sundry goods, I could see my destination.



“This is the equipment area, right?” (Suela)


“It’s spectacular to see all this stuff here.” (Jiro)


“Yes, it should be here.” (Memoria)



The metal shelves are protected by storage barriers, and the weapons and protective equipment are arranged in an orderly fashion.


But the girls don’t pay any attention to that and stand at the door further in.


This seemed to be the place they were looking for.


I look at the plaque above the door.



“…I will wait here.” (Jiro)



I can’t see the words underneath, but once I saw the words “Ladies’ Locker Room” in red, I’m sure I chose correctly.



“Yes, please keep watch.” (Suela)


“Putting on my equipment will take some time.” (Memoria)


“Ah.” (Jiro)



Even if it were my girlfriends, I would still have to observe properly.


I have to be vigilant, my senses sharp. However, I can hear the sound of clothing rustling as they are changing. I’ll take it as a special privilege and focus my attention on the front instead of the back.


“Worldly desires disappear, form is emptiness, praise Boddhisatva Hachiman.” (Jiro) [T/N: Is this the Heart Sutra or a Buddhist chant? “煩悩 (bonnou: worldly desires/klesha)退散 (taisan: disappear)、色即是空 (shikisokuzekuu: form is emptiness)、南無 (namu: hail/amen) 八幡 (Hachiman: Hachiman, God of War) 菩薩 (Bosatchi: Bodhisattva)” I just did a literal translation.]



Still, the urge to reach for the doorknob keeps springing from my nature as a man.


Get it over with, black me whispered.


Be patient, this is an emergency, white me shouts.


Don’t be ridiculous, remember the road you came down, there was no one there. It’s dumb to keep being alert.


You can’t count on that! They could be hiding!



“Darn, I can’t think properly.” (Jiro)



I almost put on a little play in my brain, but with the limiter of common sense, there is no way a man in his late twenties would ignore the risks and be honest about his desires.



“Sorry I made you wait.” (Suela)


“You’re fast.” (Jiro)


“I had Suela help me.” (Memoria)



The first one to come out was Memoria, but behind her was Suela.


However she,



“Are you tired?” (Suela)


“No, no, I was just pondering about the stories about vampires.” (Jiro)


“Stories about vampires?” (Memoria)



After seeing Suela, who looks like a magician, something I saw during my training, I see Memoria whose body is fully covered by a cloak.



“I don’t know that’s your normal gear, but it doesn’t look like you’ve changed?” (Jiro)


“I’ll show it to you later.” (Memoria)


“Huh? Well, we are running out of time.” (Jiro)



The time limit is fast approaching.


If it does not interfere with the future, questions should be put off.


Memoria can answer the question later, but for now.



“We’ve got the supplies, so we’re heading to the gate.” (Memoria)


“Yeah.” (Jiro)



I’ll concentrate on the dungeon.


This is where the real work begins.


We pass through the empty backyard and reach the innermost part of the commercial district, an area that is off-limits to everyone except those involved.



“That’s a lot.” (Memoria)


“Yes, it looks like they have a group that guards the key areas.” (Suela)


“What are we going to do then?” (Jiro)



We can see the gate to enter the dungeon through a peephole in one corner of the service window.


It’s the same as the one we usually use, the difference is that there are barricades, and there are a lot of people.



“We’ll have to go through the front, right?” (Jiro)



I’ve never heard of a back entrance to a dungeon.


There’s only one way in, and it’s probably here.



“I’d like to avoid being exhausted, but it’s been minimal so far. This is about as far as we can go.” (Jiro)



I looked at Suela to confirm, and she nodded once as if agreeing with me.


So much for covert operations, from here on it’s going to be a fierce battle.



“We don’t need to defeat them all. Our goal is to free Lady Evia, so please avoid fighting as much as possible.” (Suela)


“Got it.” (Jiro)



Then I suddenly realized.


Our objective is to free the supervisor.


The other side will probably interfere with us along the way.


No, there definitely will be.


Then we have to take into account the possibility of losing our way.


So, we need to prioritize who to advance.


No, I don’t need to think about it.


I’m probably the lowest on the list.


Considering the other side’s objective, I’m probably the one who shouldn’t be caught but considering our objective, I’m not that important.


Rather, I can be a decoy in case of emergency.


Is it necessary to say that here or not?


I don’t have to worry about it.


It is not permitted to be selfish at work.



“Suela.” (Jiro)


“What is it?” (Suela)


“If there’s a situation where we can’t break through, I’ll…” (Jiro)



I couldn’t continue to say I’ll be the decoy.



“I told you, didn’t I? I have a plan.” (Suela)



Suela’s forefinger was placed on my mouth and lips to stop me from talking any longer.



“If this is the case, it will only take a little bit of effort. Jiro, please protect me by my ‘side’. Okay.” (Suela)



Suela tells me with a smile that we’ll succeed.


I’m no match for her.


It seems that my girlfriend knows everything, even going to the trouble of emphasizing the word “side”.



“Yeah.” (Jiro)



Then I have no choice but to nod in agreement.


I’ll trust Suela’s words and I will do my part.



“I’m sorry to bother you two. There seems to be a lot of noise outside.” (Memoria)


“Huh?” (Suela)


“Hmm?” (Jiro)



Pulled back by Memoria’s words, I looked at the window again.


The group that was moving slowly until a while ago is how hurrying.



“An attack?” (Memoria)


“Can you tell?” (Suela)


“I’m reading the soldier’s mouth. I wonder if I am mistaking it.” (Memoria)



This vampire girl is doing something amazing.


I have no idea what the lizard’s mouth is saying, but Memoria does.


But it seems that fortune is on our side.


Someone else is heading this way, not us.



“This is our chance.” (Jiro)


“Yes, we’ll breakthrough as soon as they’re outnumbered.” (Suela)



If attention is directed to another place, it will be thin.


Let’s take advantage of that wave now.



“Su~e~la~!!!!!!!” (Voice)


“…did it just call me?” (Suela)


“…your name was called.” (Jiro)


“…” (Memoria)



The volume of the voice is loud enough to be heard even through the door, no doubt enhanced by magic power or something.


It turns out that there is a person who is calling Suela’s name at an unpleasant level probably hoping to get her attention.



“Oh.” (Memoria)


“Memoria, did you know who that person is?” (Jiro)



The voice calling Suela again and again, insistently, gets closer and closer.


Memoria claps her hands like she knew the owner of the voice.



“It’s some dark elf man who got drunk in the store the other day. I don’t know his name, but Suela might have some idea.” (Memoria)


“…he’s someone I know.” (Jiro)


“I’m here to help!!!!!” (Voice => Lovestruck Male Dark Elf)



It appeared just as Suela talked, she sighed wearily as if she did not want to speak of him.


A dark elf man with the features of an actor, dark skin, and ears as pointed as bamboo leaves, punching an orc as he appeared on the scene.


Who is he? I’ve seen this guy somewhere…



“Do not worry for I am here!!!” (Lovestruck Male Dark Elf => Handsome Failure of a Dark Elf)



The man stood there, looking princely and surrounded with an imposing air.


Oh, this guy will surely raise a death flag.




Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Unmarried

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg & Memoria Tris

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Eight (General Class)

Job Title: Warrior


Note for the Day


Someone is probably going to die.


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