Otherworld Company Chapter 31.2: Why am I Always Getting Interrupted During Work… I Feel Like I am being Sidetracked

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“I know you’re there!!! Come out!!! Jiro Tanaka!!!” (Royce)






“Should I go now?” (Jiro)


“It’s annoying that he’s pointing in exactly the right direction.” (Memoria)


“Perhaps a familiar spirit with a keen sense of smell spotted us.” (Suela)


“Is that so? I have a feeling it’s that big chicken.” (Jiro)



I can’t help but think, as I was getting out of the place we were hiding in, to go out of the door with a bang and pose with a swoosh.


I want to be called out in a way that looked cool at best, chuunibyou at worst, but there’s no time.


I made up my mind, unlocked the door, and stepped in front of Royce.



“Hmm, so you’ve been sneaking around, huh?” (Royce)



You may think you’ve got it all figured out, but don’t you realize that the chicken behind you is doing a great job of destroying the atmosphere with its actions?


I guess you don’t realize that.


I don’t like it when I have to talk to someone who’s constantly snorting while his actions yell, “I’m going to deny everything about you,” when he talks to someone they don’t like.


“Royce, why are you here?” (Suela)


“Oh! The hackers came to me in the house arrest room, where I was reflecting on my actions! They said they occupied this company while they were saying a lot of incomprehensible things. I thought Suela was in danger, so I punched out the guy who was giving a speech in front of me, took his weapon, and came here with the guys who were waiting in the lab!” (Royce)



I can’t help but feel that he’s a little out of touch.


I’d like to ask you how you found this place in the first place. But I can’t ask him because I’m sure he’ll reply, “Love!” (Jiro)


Anyway, in contrast to his attitude toward me, his response to Suela was very positive.


Flowers bloomed.


Yeah, they’re in full bloom.


I can handle it like an adult, which would have been nice if it wasn’t for his attitude towards me and Suela, but it’s impossible.


To be honest, I’d like to join hands with the other party who got punched out by this guy.



“Oh, how chivalrous of you.” (Jiro)


“Hmm! It’s natural, I’m not like you!” (Royce)



O~h, great.


This guy can’t even understand sarcasm.



“What do we do… huh?” (Jiro)


“Huh! Don’t be such an asshole. All right! Keep it up! I’ll show Suela what you’re made of, and she’ll love me instead!” (Royce)


“No, look behind you.” (Jiro)


“Hmm, behind me, you think you can fool me with those words?” (Royce)


“************ (They’re here!)” (Enemy)


“******** (Deploy the magician squad!)” (Enemy)


“*********** (Dark Elf archers, Lizardmen become the vanguard!)” (Enemy)


“Ah, did we waste too much time?” (Memoria)



This is in front of the gate, one of the important areas.


Of course, if the other party is a normal army, they would have regular check-ins and messengers.


It’s normal that they would gather here if there hasn’t been any contact after some time.



“It’s going to be a hassle if we’re chased. So let’s do it?” (Jiro)



It’s better to do the work quickly than to be bothered by it.


We have already been found and a battle is already inevitable.


Even if we charge into the dungeon as we don’t engage in the fight here, we will still be caught and shot by the enemies inside.


If that’s the case, I should stop worrying about the future.


I lowered my stance and cut down my opponent before he could get ready to attack.


In response to my stance, Suela and Memoria also prepared themselves.


Well, when I say posture, I don’t mean obviously like I did, I mean both of them relax a little and assume a natural stance.


It was a different kind of coordination with Kaido and the other two, and like when I was playing the role of a shield and vanguard, it felt like they will be following up once I move, so the two are positioned to work together.



“Fuhahahahahahaha! This scene has finally arrived!” (Royce)


“Whaaat?” (Jiro)



In spite of the fact that the opponents were numerous and we were at a disadvantage in terms of numbers, even including our own allies who may or may not be on our side, this man suddenly started laughing loudly as he looked at the enemy forces and us in turn as if comparing them.



“Thank you, comrades! Like the scene they advised… I beseech you to live, survive! Go Suela! Don’t worry about me, just go ahead! I’ll take care of everything!” (Royce)


“Hey!” (Jiro)



I can assure you that the person who gave this idiot advice was not taking it seriously.


He chose the right time and the right words to raise a death flag that was clearly a death flag.


So, I had to attempt to make a Tsukkomi.



“Then let’s take advantage of his generosity.” (Suela)


“Well, I’m sure we don’t need to worry about them.” (Memoria)



No, wait, wait. Both of them are giving terrible replies.


That sounds wrong. What’s with those replies? It’s like you’re trying to reassure a reluctant and anxious person that everything will be fine.



“I’ll leave it to you.” (Suela)


“Oh! I’ll promise to complete Suela’s wishes!! I’ll eliminate them and catch up with you later!” (Royce)





They didn’t just stop the death flags of this guy, they piled on more!


I’m sure the two of them aren’t familiar with that sort of thing, so they’ll just take it at face value!


…no, wait, thinking about it calmly, it’s pretty convenient, isn’t it?


It’s not convenient for us to work together, but it’s perfect for him to stop the enemies here.


If that happens.



“I’ll leave it to you!” (Jiro)


“Shut the f*** up! You’re blocking Suela’s voice!” (Royce)


“Your attitude is too different when talking to me!” (Jiro)


“It’s normal! Why do I have to be nice to you!” (Royce)



He snorted and we turned our backs on each other, we went to the dungeon, and he stayed there and started to fight.


I can never get along with this guy.


I had such feelings, but when I saw the way he fought, I was annoyed that I wouldn’t be worried about leaving my back to him.



“You know dark elf men are quite friendly as long as there’s no ‘romance’ involved, you know?” (Memoria)


“I wish I’d gotten that information first.” (Jiro)


“This is the end of that conversation, the gate is open!” (Suela)



With the control of Suela, who reached the gate first, the elevator-like door opened just like in a normal dungeon.


Suela took the lead, and we followed her.



“This is the Supervisor’s Dungeon.” (Suela)



The first thing we saw was a wide spiral staircase leading down the wall, with a stairwell in the middle, but we couldn’t see the bottom of it.



“Huh! It’s an enemy!” (Suela)


“Above us!” (Memoria)



I stepped into the staircase without hesitation, but of course, there was an ambush on the other side as well.


The demons, dragons, and those who can operate in a confined space float in the corridor. They will always have the upper hand and attack you from a distance without letting you close the distance.



“I will not be putting up barriers! Run through them as fast as you can!” (Suela)


“I’ll go first.” (Memoria)



Barriers are seemingly excellent for protection, but on the other hand, they increase the targetable area of anyone.


In this case, a barrier that covers me, Suela, and Memoria would be larger than a large shield.


Rather than staying there and blocking it, we chose to speed ahead, and it was Memoria who took the lead.


Without even lifting her arms, she jumped into the group of people holding the spears at an angle of 90 degrees, as if she was going up the stairs instead of down.



“Memoria will make the breakthrough. Jiro, take cover!” (Suela)


“Yes!” (Memoria)



Before I could even feel confused, I too put strength into my legs.


Memoria’s way of fighting is quite unlike a warrior’s way of fighting.



“*** (Aaah!?)” (Enemy)


“****!? ****!! (What’s wrong!? Don’t lower your spear!)” (Enemy          )



Memoria threw something as she closes in near the range of the spears, she slipped through the spears and dodged gracefully.


I’m sure she threw something at them.


From my position, I could only see her robe fluttering slightly.


But right after that, two of the spear bearers held their faces and removed the spears.



“Needles!” (Jiro)


“Actually, those are stakes.” (Memoria)



I don’t know how many stakes are hidden underneath the robe, but seeing as she didn’t collect them, I guess she has plenty of ammunition left.



“Is it okay for vampires to use stakes? Those are like your weaknesses right?!” (Jiro)



As we passed them, I looked at what the stake was. I saw what looked like a long, thin metal rod.


The stakes accurately stabbed through the eye with some of the stakes sticking out.


The enemies adapted to Memoria, who then pulls back with backsteps.


In fact, this time it’s not palm-sized, but about the length of a person’s arm, and near her hand she pulls out what looks like a ring and starts throwing it again.


I’m going to cut into the middle of them instead, with the support of Memoria to prevent them from getting behind me.


I cut through the spears with a single swing of the Mineral Tree, and continue through the armor with a single swing.



“This may be the case with us vampires, but it doesn’t matter how many stakes we receive, as we are not affected.” (Memoria)



I cut the lizardman down with a slash. As for the demon man who attacked me from the air, I hit him with a kick behind me. Soon, there was an opening.



“Manifest with mine voice. Spirit of the Bow. Thou art the one who unravels the truth of the wind, and thy arrow cannot miss. Unleash them by my magic!” (Suela)



In the meantime, Suela’s chanting could be heard. It is a hunter with one eye, clothed in wind, who has been summoned as an anti-aircraft fighter. The arrow is the wind itself. I can’t feel the pressure from the wind but I can feel the sharpness of the arrows as they flew like a storm to the enemies flying above us.



“**** !? (An Elemental!?)” (Enemy)


“***! *****! (This is bad! They have a spirit magician!)” (Enemy)


“********! (Knock her out first!)” (Enemy)


“Keeeyyyaaa!!” (Jiro)



If they saw someone as a threat, they would naturally go and attack.




“But you’re dealing with me, you know?” (Jiro)



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