Otherworld Company Chapter 32.1: I Know This necessary, It’s What You Need to do, But… It’s Not the Time for This!

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Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Unmarried

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg & Memoria Tris

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Eight (General Class)

Job Title: Warrior



The one who appeared from beyond the cloud of dust was the familiar face of Instructor Kio.


He appeared as if he was going for a casual stroll somewhere, smashing through an apparently sturdy wall, but when you think about it, this is a dungeon that exists in a different space.


If you think about it, this property is located in a position where even if you used a rock drill, you wouldn’t be able to reach it.


In the case of this person, I think he might be able to reach it with his energy or something, but even from a magical point of view, it is definitely an abnormal situation.


If I stare closely, I can see a rainbow-colored space beyond the dust cloud.


If we assume it to be another dimension, then this instructor has walked through another dimension.



“Instructor, I have a question.” (Jiro)


“Oh, what is it?” (Kio)


“How did you get here?” (Jiro)



I didn’t ask how he got here, I was more interested in how he got here, but I’m sure I was not mistaken.


Theoretically, logically, and fundamentally, common sense dictates that this person has appeared in an impossible way.


If this was Instructor Fusio and he appeared with transference magic or something, it would still make sense.


I wouldn’t have understood the method, but I think I could have prioritized the why.


No, I think the way Instructor Kio appeared was also typical of him.


In fact, I am convinced that the way he appeared was just as I imagined.


If the instructor appeared stylishly in a transfer or something, that would be one thing, but for me, it just feels strange.


It’s not a bad idea for him to appear in an instant, but I prefer it when he suddenly shows his back like, “Hey, you called for me?


So much for escaping reality.



“It’s all about power!” (Kio)


“You’re the only one who can do that, though! Please, read the air here!” (Jiro)



Instructor Kio who just answers with a thumbs up looking very refreshing leaves a strong impression.


Then again, I am someone who can be convinced by such that it is annoying.


I can’t accept it, but I feel like an idiot for trying to go into the final battle seriously!


Nobody told me, but I feel like an idiot for taking things so seriously!


Can’t complain about that, though!



“Calm down, Jiro, the fact that Lord Ogre King has come to support us is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” (Suela)


“Haha! Indeed.” (Kio)



This guy? Ogre King? He’s an instructor, but his real job is as a top-class General of the Demon King’s army.


Then there is something forbidden and that is, you should never ask which one among the Generals is the strongest among them.


Once, during a break in training, I asked him who was stronger, Instructor Kio or Instructor Fusio, but he just smiled deeper and more sinister, but they didn’t give me any details.


Instead, they showed me hell instead.


I was blown away in the aftermath, and on the edge of unconsciousness, I could do nothing but watch the clash between the ultimate in swordsmanship, which cut away the laws of evil, and the ultimate in magic, which tried to block and overwhelm the techniques, until Suela came to my rescue.


I can still vividly recall that overwhelming show.


One of the actors who staged it had come to my aid.


It was reassuring.


I was conscious of not feeling it, but I still felt the pressure.


It was only a little, but I felt my body relax.



“So? I came here because the big boss asked me to take back the company, do you have any information on the enemy?” (Kio)


“Do you even have a plan!?” (Jiro)



So, things have to be forwarded and re-discussed based on instructor Kio’s remarks. [T/N: LMAO. I hope his daughter is not as bad as him.]


You can say that the outcome of the work is determined by the preparation.


Only greenhorns are supposed to do what they are told to do.


So, he was just told to recapture the company and as he crossed the space where there should be a dimensional wall, the president should have thought that someone with a well-rounded skill set would be better than a muscle brain, but he did not think this far.



“Oh? The enemy will be crushed, isn’t that enough?” (Kio)


“There will be traps.” (Jiro)


“That’s right, if they hit me, I’ll just do something about those.” (Kio)


“Well, they’re more numerous than us.” (Jiro)


“That’s great, I can have fun longer.” (Kio)


“By the way, have you ever challenged the president?” (Jiro)


“Oh yeah! It was the most fun I had!” (Kio)




Oh, I had a hunch from the training that this instructor was a fighter to the core.


He knows why he has to fight and he definitely knows how to fight, but his priorities are all over the place.


It is usually common sense in combat to gather information before taking on a battle, but he has gone ahead with the insane strategy of fighting while gathering information in the field.



“…can he do something about this?” (Jiro)


“I think so. Maybe.” (Suela)



I’m a little worried about Instructor Kio, who smiles broadly as he reminisces about that time, but I trust him and have faith in him.


If he can’t do it, then it will be impossible for us to solve the problem, unless I can stand on my own two feet, or even open my eyes to an extraordinary hidden talent, like some hero.


I scratched my head and sensed the uncertainty of the future.



“Are you Jiro?” (Voice)


“Hmm?” (Jiro)




My first impression of the voice was that it is out of place.


I thought I was mistaken when a quiet but clear voice, like the sound of a chime, entered my ears, but apparently, I was not.


As the cloud of dust settled and the ogre-like demons, gathered, a small silhouette slowly stepped forward amidst the large-bodied creatures.


Her figure, like Moses splitting the crowd like the Red Sea, coupled with her blue kimono with its tall ears of rice drawn on it, seemed to indicate that she herself was a noblewoman.


Her shoulder-length hair swept over her petite body, and her pale, unblemished skin was like powdery snow, evoking the image of a Snow Woman.


She looks fragile, and I wonder why she is here, but when I catch a clear glimpse of her, the impression changes completely.


The two crimson horns towering on both sides of her forehead are the sign of an ogre, and she has a huge black iron weapon that is two to three times the size of her own body, and her crimson eyes, the same as her horns, are looking straight at me.


The only thing in those eyes is the will to fight. Even with a smaller body that is one or two heads shorter than me, fighting must be something that courses in an ogre’s blood.



“Are you Jiro?” (Voice => Ogre Girl)


“Oh, yes that’s me.” (Jiro)



I was a little taken aback by the gap between my initial impression of her and the equipment she is using. But not caring that I was late in answering, she asked again.


I was finally able to reply, but



“Is this how ogres greet each other?” (Jiro)


“I will receive.” (Ogre Girl)



Despite the fact that I was asking a question, the girl in front of me did not give me a clear answer.


I sensed something cold in my conditioned reflexes and let my nerves grab hold of my Mineral Tree before my head processes things.


The shattered cobblestones at my feet convinced me from any of my doubts, that if that hit my torso would have definitely gotten crushed to a pulp.



“What!?” (Suela)


“Oops, don’t move. You too, young lady.” (Kio)


“Tsu.” (Memoria)



I couldn’t shift my gaze, but I could tell by the sound of their voices that Suela and Memoria had been stopped from coming to my aid.


In the meantime, the sound of metal rubbing against metal screams as my Mineral Tree clashes with the halberd.



“Lord Ogre King, doing this! No way!?” (Suela)


“Oops. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not part of the rebellion, I am stopping you not as a General but as a father.” (Kio)


“Do you understand the situation? You are still going with this!” (Suela)


“I think I know what’s going on here. —Don’t worry, I can get rid of the person behind the door in seconds. So…” (Kio)



I don’t want you to interrupt my daughter.



Like Suela’s words, the words that flowed down didn’t let anyone say.



“Instructor, Isn’t this what they call being an idiotic parent!!!” (Jiro)



I was standing right in front of a deadly force that was circulating magic power through her body, and so his words give me no reason to remain silent.



“Geez. You’ve brought me trouble, and you’re still bringing me trouble, again!” (Jiro)


“Jiro.” (Ogre Girl => Ina)



Her muscle strength was indeed astounding, but with the weight of her weapon, the weight was not that big of a deal.


Although the weapon is sharp, fast, and very sharp, I can deal with the weight of the weapon itself considering the weight of the attacks I’ve received so far.


That’s why I was able to fling her away from me so that I could get some distance.



“I don’t know why, and I don’t have time to ask. The most important thing here is that it is better for me to win against this girl. Am I right?” (Jiro)


“…Lord Ogre King.” (Suela)


“Kakaka, I’m lucky to have a disciple who knows what I’m thinking of. I’m going to clean up this mess whether you win or lose to Ina.” (Kio)


“I had a feeling I’d be better off losing quickly, but then…” (Jiro)


“Oh.” (Jiro)


“I will hunt you down until death.” (Ina)



That’s what I thought! You battle-crazed father and daughter!



And before I had time to swear, the girl that the Instructor called Ina attacked me again.



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