Otherworld Company Chapter 34.1: There is a Backstory to My Work. But I’m Not Saying it’s All that Convincing!

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Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Unmarried

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg & Memoria Tris

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Eight (General Class)

Job Title: Warrior



When I opened the door, I was surprised.



“It’s quite empty.” (Jiro)



This is the last hall, and I feel like I’ve been let down.


Well, I didn’t know about the other halls because I skipped straight to this one without even looking at the middle, let alone the front.


It was not dim, but it was not bright either.


There was no light source, but you can see the room at the farthest end of the room with no visible ceiling or walls, just a vast cobblestone square.



“…How easy to understand.” (Suela)


“Easy to understand…?” (Jiro)



Seeing that, I said it was a bleak space, but Suela seems to have captured the I said that it was a bleak landscape, but Suela seemed to have caught the other party’s intention.


I’m sorry, but I can’t grasp the intentions behind this simply large space.



“The guardian of this great hall is Lady Evia.” (Suela)


“It’s the perfect place to exert your full strength.” (Kio)



I am now convinced.


It’s better to fight on your own if you’ve come this far than to just set up traps or place weak guardians.


There are no obstacles or anything.


A space where only a head-to-head battle can be done.


The instructor’s words finally made me realize the intention behind the room.


I completely understand, but,



“So, where did the other party go? I can’t see them.” (Jiro)


“That’s strange.” (Kio)



There was no sign of them.


The three of us, along with the instructor, are heading towards the back of the building, but we can’t see or even feel them.


I’m not sure if they’re hiding or if they don’t even exist.


It’s impossible for the last defense to be empty after all the brawling we’ve been doing.


That’s why I don’t let my guard down and try not to step in carelessly.



“Hmm? Do you hear something?” (Jiro)


“I can hear something.” (Suela)


“I can hear it.” (Memoria)


“I hear it.” (Kio)



At first, it was a whisper, then it got louder and louder, and at first, I thought I was imagining it, but if the others could hear it, too, it wasn’t a hallucination.





“What, what is with this party? I haven’t heard of this, I’m going to be dealing with a General! !! That stupid Sis, what kind of ‘Easy Job’ is this!? Alone against a human, a dark elf, and a vampire. Then there is also the Ogre King! I’ve been preparing to take on humans, and now everything is going to fall apart! Oh, shit! I should have suspected the pay would be too high. There’s no way she’d pay that much for an easy job! Oh! I thought, ‘Oh, this is a good job, isn’t it?’ I thought I’d be able to go to the store twice this month. I want to punch me in the face for my flower field of a brain!” (Enemy Boss?)



Even if it was an auditory hallucination, I hate auditory hallucinations like this.


This is the monologue of a new employee, who was shown the reality that it was the blackest of black companies when he thought that it was a white company with a competitive salary and the work description was not bad because it was written in the job ad as a posh and comfortable workplace. Because this also reminds me of past me.


Perhaps they were also using concealment magic.


However, the more they think calmly, the more the reality of them being trapped by the crushing truth bears down on them, and still they try to do something about it.


Thanks to this, their voice is leaking out quite loudly, even though we can’t see them at the moment.



“What should I do? Runaway or skip town? No, I’m sure Sis will squeeze me later. Above all, I don’t want to not get paid! Then should I fight? No, there’s no way I can win when a General is around. If that’s the case, I might as well get down on my knees and beg for my life and take them by surprise. Well, in addition to that, if I take one of the women as a hostage, I might have a chance of winning. If I touch such soft and delicate figures, oops, I would’ve already won!” (Enemy Boss?)


“Ah, this is terrible Jiro, I’m going home I’ve lost interest in this.” (Kio)


“You don’t want to at least punch that guy before you leave?” (Jiro)


“It’s quite the hassle. I’ll leave the rest to you.” (Kio)


“Leave it to me, sir…? Instructor, wow, that person really went home.” (Jiro)



As the instructor declared, he waved his hand behind as he turned and left, and there was no way to stop him, nor was there any reason in the present circumstances to keep him.


I don’t know why, but the quality of the enemy got better and better, but the quality of the final boss was so bad that it was like something out of a third-rate novel.


I felt less anxious than before, even though our strength had dropped drastically.



“The only saving grace is that the opponent seems to be weak? In fact, does that guy look strong to Suela and Memoria?” (Jiro)


“They seem weak.” (Suela)


“He’s probably hiding because he’s using a magic tool, and the tool is powerful, but the user is inexperienced.” (Memoria)



Memoria answers briskly and Suela replied softly, but they are both saying the same thing, right?


We are all looking at the translucent figure, probably because their magical power is gradually disappearing as they keep talking.



“…Oh, maybe it’s a lack of training, but did the supervisor really lose to that?” (Jiro)


“…maybe.” (Memoria)


“…” (Suela)


“Oh, what should I do? I want to go home early. Why am I in such a place in the first place? Sis is excellent. I don’t have to worry about inheriting the family. I’ll just have to study hard enough and train my body to shape to keep up appearances, and then live the rest of my life in comfort and self-indulgence. Where did my plan go wrong?” (Enemy Boss?)



I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought the word “impossible” was in my head.


Just when I thought he was getting better, he got depressed, just when I thought he was depressed, he started screaming, and just when I thought he was angry, he started crying.


To put it simply, he seems weaker than me.


How in the world can this emotionally unstable guy beat the supervisor?



“We’re allowed to attack, aren’t we? First of all, he’s the enemy, right?” (Jiro)


“He said earlier that he didn’t know if he could fight us or not.” (Suela)


“It would be better for us to subdue them as soon as possible.” (Memoria)


“That’s right.” (Jiro)



We walk slowly and tried to get closer.


As I approached with caution, it seems that the other person is no longer planning on fighting even though he was thinking about it a while ago.



“Huh? What the!” (Enemy Boss?)


“What?” (Jiro)


“You can see me!?” (Enemy Boss?)


“You just noticed, just now?” (Jiro)



I thought it would be too much for him, so I tried to knock him out, but he simply self-destructed so easily that I almost called him a weakling, but I kept it to myself.


Maybe there is some secret plan.



“Yeah! I’ll do it! I’ll kill you all!” (Enemy Boss?)



He took out his staff and held it up, but he looked like a conductor of an orchestra, and as a fighter, he was full of gaps.


I didn’t even think of engaging him, and so I pulled out the Mineral Tree, considering the possibility that even this is part of a trap.


Then, it would be better to hit him with the force to crush all his future plans.



“Hey, Gufu!?” (Enemy Boss?)


“So weak!” (Jiro)


“You demon! Why is a vanguard hitting a rearguard!?” (Enemy Boss?)


“Don’t call me a demon, I’m wondering if I am such lately, but I’m still categorized as human.” (Jiro)



It seems that my worries were frivolous, but that was only one hit, well a second hit plus the first one, the guy then rolled on the ground once again.


I would like to deny everything he said since there are some rearguards who can kill the vanguards like Suela.


I know that saying this back is silly.


So I can easily beat him with this.


Well, don’t I need to finish it quickly?



“What the hell are you doing? Did you just hit me? What are you doing? He-he-he-heeeey! Stop it! I’m not that tough. I mean, come on! You’re human, how can you be so powerful? Me! I’m still a demon you know.” (Enemy Boss?)


“Maybe because you are too weak.” (Jiro)



I didn’t think there would be a day when a demon could be crushed by me twisting their arms.


I grabbed him by the chest, pulled him up, and gave him a punch to the face. And from there, it was a mechanical process.


It’s not like I’m going to cut him down with the Mineral Tree, so I beat him up and twisted his arms as he fell.


Even if I’m proud of my strength and have more strength than him, it should not be this easy to end.


Well, he’s a guy who doesn’t have that much muscle when I grabbed his arm, and I don’t think he’s stronger than me with just our base strength.





“Oh! What the hell are you doing to my body? Are you trying to suck my blood, are you a vampire?!” (Enemy Boss?)


“No, thank you, that looks disgusting.” (Memoria)


“An immediate jab!?” (Enemy Boss?)


“Here it is. It’s a magical warding device, and you’re using a pretty good one.” (Memoria)


“Oh! That! Give it back! My Sis will kill me if I lose it!” (Enemy Boss?)


“How can he scream when he’s been captured? Memoria, does he have any other tools with him?” (Jiro)


“Two small wands, eight summoning medium, ten recovery potions, fifteen barrier amulets… and a transfer stone, is this one for escape? All of them are top of the line. He also has a magical bag, so there are probably still more. He looks like a very wealthy man. Or his family is.” (Memoria)


“What’s wrong Suela, you’ve been staring at his face for some time now?” (Jiro)


“No, I feel like I’ve seen this person somewhere… what’s your name?” (Suela)



Once the tools are confiscated, the level of astonishment was lowered to an ordinary level, which is still at the level of fantasy.


It was Memoria, someone who manages a General Store, who saw to it.


I’m sure she has a good eye for appraising things.


And Suela seems to be somewhat concerned about the demon man who was being subdued by Suela.



“Umm, Who me? I don’t what you mean. I was just here, you demons!” (Enemy Boss?)


“Jiro, please try again, but this time from a different angle.” (Suela)


“Huh!?” (Enemy Boss?)


“Is that an old TV?” (Jiro)



I was too dumbfounded to say anything about the deliberate foolish acting, but I couldn’t help but laugh at Suela’s method.


You can’t help but scream if you’re the one being hit.


And while I’m at it, I want information, so I raise my arms.




“Oh, even that extremely foolish boy is a relative of mine, don’t hurt him anymore.” (Voice)



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