Chapter Otherworld Company Third Regular Conference Call

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I. Magic Overview


In this world, there are several types of magic.



1. Attack magic


This is a phenomenon in which magic is kneaded, changed, and embodied in images.


There is no need to chant or say the name of the magic, and if you can build a solid concept and image, you can make it happen without performing any action.


The chanting and reciting of the spell name are more of a ritual to solidify the image.


Its power depends on the amount of someone’s actual magic power.


 Can cause any phenomenon to occur depending on creativity and magic power.



2. Recovery Magic and Support Magic


In addition to the same settings and images as for offensive magic, knowledge of the body structure and objects is required for performing healing.


This is because it is a process that affects others, unlike simply emitting magic power.



3. Spirit Magic


 This is the world of spirits, a world slightly dimensionally adjacent to Ithar, where you can interact with beings in the world of living concepts called spirits. You can make contracts with them using magical power and give them bodies using magical power.


 The spirit itself has no power to interfere, let alone attack.


 They evolve through the supply of magical power from the contractor, and only then can they interfere with reality.


 Their abilities are so powerful that they can both fight and heal.


 There are three types of contracts: Cooperation, Coercion, and Compensation.


 Suela’s summons are in an Equal Cooperation contract.



II. NEW (Including Updates)




Memoria Tris – Age unknown – Unmarried

Boyfriend: Jiro Tanaka

Occupation: MAO Corporation, Commercial Facility, General Store Staff

Magical Aptitude: Unknown

Job Title: Store Manager


After all this trouble? She is a vampire who jumped right ahead to become engaged to Jiro.


She is a vampire, but her main weapon is the countless stakes hidden behind her cloak, which she uses to shoot out and sometimes directly impale people.


As a vampire, she knows exactly where her opponent’s arteries are.







“You’ve done what you said you would do. I won’t let you go after this, okay?” [T/N: Oh my.]




Ina: Age Unknown – Unmarried

Boyfriend: None

Occupation: None

Magical Aptitude: Unknown

Job Title: None


Ina is the daughter of the Ogre King. She is a princess who has been raised in an overprotective manner for an ogre and usually behaves like a quiet young lady, but in reality, she is definitely the child of an ogre.


Her desire for battle, stored deep inside her heart, is stronger than others.


She is like a caged bird, accumulating frustrations day by day and ready to explode at any moment.


Anticipating this, the Ogre King has planned to use the current commotion to relieve his daughter’s stress.




Strength 2002

Durability 2666

Agility 2154

Endurance 3000

Dexterity 825

Knowledge 53

Intuition 666

Luck 22

Magic 826



Battle Lust (Tranquil)



“Jiro… Oh…”

While polishing her halberd. [T/N: Oh dear.]




Karen Kitamiya: 21 years old – Unmarried

Boyfriend: None presently

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Part-Time Employee) College Student

Magical Aptitude: Six (Lieutenant Class)

Job Title: Magician


A very passionate magician who used to belong to Toru Hizumi’s party.


The party was wiped out due to the dungeon improvement plan given by Jiro and others, Her relationship with her boyfriend, Hizumi, deteriorated due to her clumsy and competitive nature. She also witnessed the affair with the healer at the same party, which led her to leave the party. Moreover, now she has temporarily joined Jiro’s party and is healed by the charismatic power of the “Mother”.


Although she has a clumsy personality, she has good physical abilities and is a good fighter.


She is good at using ice-based attack magic.




Strength 230

Durability 300

Agility 411

Endurance 322

Dexterity 665

Knowledge 102

Intuition 20

Luck 11

Magic 774



“I feel defeated… But I don’t feel bad, even a bit.


I mean, you guys are just way too strong!!!”



III. Status (at the end of Chapter 34)




Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Unmarried

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg & Memoria Tris

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Eight (General Class)

Job Title: Warrior



Strength 2802

Durability 3050

Agility 1999

Endurance 2641 (-5)

Dexterity 1336

Knowledge 89

Intuition 422

Luck 5

Magical power 1022



Nicotine Addiction

Lung Contamination



Intimidating Monkey Scream

Slash (NEW)



“I’ve recently given up smoking.

Why? Because smoking doesn’t affect me much anymore.

When I was able to do a serious hand-to-hand fight like in the manga, I felt like I’d finally come this far.”


While holding a hundred-kilogram barbell.




Kaido Tadashi: 25 years old – Unmarried

Girlfriend: None

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Four (Captain Class)

Job Title: Magic Swordsman



Strength 878

Durability 445

Agility 606

Endurance 802

Dexterity 233

Knowledge 28

Intuition 300

Luck 3

Magic 255









“Explode you Riajuu!”


 At the beach, while watching his Senior at the beach.




Masaru Tokorozawa: 16 years old – Unmarried

Girlfriend: None (Guardian) – High School Student

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Part-Time Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Five (Second Lieutenant Class)

Job Title: Recovery Magician (Monk)



Strength 412

Durability 502

Agility 999

Endurance 1203

Dexterity 678

Knowledge 60

Intuition 20

Luck 8

Magic 677









“After this mess is over, I have to clean my room, oh, the chemist, do they have any new detergent? The butcher’s shop, 300 grams of shoulder loin from that Blue Boar, please. Grocery store, can I have some good mushrooms for a hotpot?”


An eco-bag in his hand.





Minami Shiretoko: 19 years-old – Single 

Boyfriend: None (Has Guardian) – College Student 

Occupation Dungeon Tester (Part-Time Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Seven (Deputy-General Class)

Job Title: Enchanter




Strength 30

Durability 200

Agility 1365

Endurance 600

Dexterity 854

Knowledge 166

Intuition 30

Luck 7

Magic 2006









“If you work, you lose, that you do, and I’ll say it again, won’t I? If you work, you lose! That is why I will never work tomorrow, that I will!!”


While placing a blank report in front of them.


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