Otherworld Company Chapter 35.3: Human Resources are in the hands of the Demon King

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Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Unmarried

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg & Memoria Tris

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Eight (General Class)

Job Title: Warrior



“A promotion?” (Jiro)


“Yes, Jiro’s been given a promotion for his actions last time.” (Suela)


“Isn’t it a little early?” (Jiro)



After submitting the report from the last audit to Suela in the human resources department, she looked at the item that was handed back to her and looked at it carefully as if she had seen something incredible.


Then, after firmly recognizing in reality that it was not an illusion or a surprise, I received the brown envelope from Suela, which probably contained my new position, and honestly said what I thought.


It had been less than half a year since I joined this company.


In a normal company, no matter how good you are, unless you have connections, you would not have heard of such an offer.


But this time, I’ve not only just heard about it, but I’ve also already received the documents.



“Because the Demon King’s army is purely meritocratic, I can at least assure you that it is not because of any connection.” (Suela)


“Well, I sure am happy to hear that my skills have been recognized, I guess.” (Jiro)


“By the way, I got a promotion too.” (Kaley)


“Kaley, don’t suddenly barge in.” (Suela)



I finally understood that the object in my hands was real, and since she was my boss, I wanted to get as close to her position as much as possible.


People may dismiss it as machismo, that may be all there is to it. But I guess every man thinks that way.


Kaley placed her chin on Suela’s shoulder carefreely and shows me a document pinched between her thin and beautiful fingers. Smiling like a cat as she waves it clumsily.


My eyes, enhanced by training my status, caught the contents of the paper, her position, and her job title.



“Congratulations on becoming chief.” (Jiro)


“Thank you. As an added bonus, Suela also got a promotion. She’s also a section chief. I wonder how much she’ll get in management benefits.” (Kaley)



It hurt that I wouldn’t be able to look good for a while longer.


However, she has been promoted, and my desire to congratulate her is greater than my own vanity.



“So, we should all celebrate together today.” (Jiro)


“Yes, let’s invite everyone to join us for dinner.” (Suela)


“Oh, I thought we would be celebrating alone, can I join in?” (Kaley)


“Oh my God, if I leave you out here, you’ll sulk. It’s okay, isn’t it, Jiro.” (Suela)


“Oh, I’ll tell Kaido and the others that Kaley is buying all the drinks to celebrate our promotion, and the restaurant is Dragonize.” (Jiro)


“What? That’s the most expensive restaurant in the Underground Mall! If I buy drinks at that place, I’ll have to eat bread crusts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner this month! Normally, this is a place where the highest-ranking person, Suela, buys the drinks!?” (Kaley)


“Then I’ll have you make the reservation.” (Suela)


“Suela!?” (Kaley)



Your wallet will be quite light.


Where did your courage go, and that Cheshire Cat-smile has turned into a prisoner-like expression that was sentenced harshly.


With the betrayal of her best friend, Kaley cries to Suela for her mercy.


Kaley drops line after line similar to a historical drama, but Suela’s response was like a mother placating her child.



“I’m the chief, hmm? …tester section? Is there such a division?” (Jiro)



The flow of events from induction to completion is a complete mach-punch, but as usual, I put that aside and looked at the letter of appointment on my own.


It’s just a few lines of written words.


It didn’t take me long to read it, and I wondered if there was anything unusual about it other than the fact that I’d been promoted from ordinary employee to manager.


As a tester myself, I had never heard of this department, so I was suddenly filled with questions.


Testers are under the jurisdiction of the Human Resources Department.


And I’m sure there was no such department in the Human Resources Department.


Or maybe I was misremembering, I thought.



“It was newly established recently. It seems that Lady Evia created it to make a department to further educate, better dungeon evaluation, and improve the quality of testers. This is along with the decision to include the second-generation testers.” (Suela)


“Is that so, well, but it’s certainly more efficient, I guess?” (Jiro)



That doesn’t seem to be the only reason.


She does this while hugging and stroking Kaley’s head and who is nodding along adding some conviction to the explanation.


It’s true that the way we’ve handled things up until now has been unique.


The human resources department is supposed to be a department that considers the allocation of personnel within the company, not a department that assists the people who conquer dungeons.


I don’t know how many dungeon companies there are in the world, so I can’t say for sure, but it would be inefficient.


It is common for every company to create a specialized department and concentrate on their actual business. Like a mochi shop focusing on making mochi.


Well, that’s what I think.



“What is a ‘manager’ supposed to do? Something, like organizing testers?” (Jiro)



I know I shouldn’t be talking like this to a section chief, but there are only close friends around Suela’s seat now.


Well, as expected, I will have to separate work and personal affairs, but I will continue with my private tone because I think it is okay at this moment.



“That’s Kaley’s role, and Jiro’s position is like a facilitator. If there’s a party that’s stuck in a dungeon, you’re there to help and guide them.” (Suela)


“That’s a difficult role to fill in.” (Jiro)


“That’s how much they expect of you.” (Suela)


“Even Suela?” (Jiro)


“Yes, of course.” (Suela)


“Then, I will meet your expectations.” (Jiro)



I’ve been entrusted with a very difficult task.


Conquering a dungeon is not something that can be done overnight.


It takes a lot of training, a lot of actual combat, a lot of skill, a lot of information, a lot of studies, and a lot of improvement.


While this is the basic principle, it is difficult to be able to tackle people that are stuck in a slump.


First of all, I need to be able to attack the situation.


Secondly, too much of my support will lead to the collapse of the group’s cooperation and dependence on me.


Thirdly, if I do nothing, I will not be able to help the others break out of the slump.


I had to find the balance between relief and hardship and intervene appropriately.


In addition to this, we need to have contact with personnel that we have been avoiding.


It probably won’t work if I pretend that I’m there just because Suela ordered me to.


I have to be the one to take the initiative, and if I think it’s necessary, I have to submit a request to Suela and start working.


I can see that it’s a lot of work and trouble just thinking about it.



“I’d like you both to stop talking with each other with me in the middle.” (Kaley)


“Well, let’s end the break. We’ll decide on a restaurant later, but I think it’s time to get back to work. You have a lot of work to do before you can move to another department.” (Suela)


“Well, I’m the one who’s taking over the department.” (Kaley)


“That’s it. That’s the thing. Work is work, and if you cut corners, you’re the one who’ll have to pay for it later, so do it diligently.” (Suela)


“Yes.” (Kaley)


“Well then, I’d better get back to work. I’ll bring you the draft of the plan when it’s ready, but by when?” (Jiro)


The sooner the better, but I’m currently busy with the handover, so please give me about a month. The new department will be up and running in about a month.” (Suela)


“Okay, yeah.” (Jiro)


“Yes, hmm.” (Suela)



Kaley’s gaze shifted and I instantly confirmed that no one is looking, and so with the slight gap, I pecked Suela’s lips.



“It’s quite sudden.” (Suela)


“You didn’t refuse, so I’m not sorry.” (Jiro)


“We’re at work.” (Suela)



She is still by far better in terms of status.


If she didn’t want to, she could have avoided it or blocked it.


Still, Suela looked pleased with the atmosphere, even though she was covering her mouth.


It was a spur-of-the-moment move, but it ended with a pat on my chest and she went back to work.


I don’t think it was my imagination that she secretly smiled at me so that only I could see it.


And Kaley, who might have noticed it, so I waved goodbye at her to get rid of her.




“Then, see you tonight.” (Kaley)


“Yes.” (Jiro)


“Oh~ yes, yes.” (Kaley)



It would be a hindrance to the girls if I stayed here any longer.


Besides, I have more work to do.


If there’s something to be done, it’s better to do it first than later.


I left the Human Resources Department and began to formulate in my mind how I would take action.


After a few minutes of thinking and reflecting, I came to a conclusion.



“So, I’ve been promoted.” (Jiro)


“Congratulations.” (Memoria)



My feet were not going to the party room where Kaido and my team were waiting, but to the Memoria’s store in the corner of the Underground Mall.


The way she closed her book as soon as I walked in was something I’ve seen since we got engaged.



“Suela and Kaley have also been promoted so we will celebrate tonight, so what about you Memoria?” (Jiro)



My explanation is quick and so I cut into the main subject quickly.


According to Mr. Sukegobu, when dealing with multiple women, try to not keep as many secrets as possible and try to be fair to everyone.


In any case, there’s no other choice but to ask Memoria out, which is why I’m here.



“I’m glad for the invitation, but unfortunately I have plans for tonight.” (Memoria)


“Is that so? If so, I will reschedule.” (Jiro)


“No, I have to close the store for a month from tonight. I don’t want to delay your celebration, so please don’t worry about me.” (Memoria)


“A month? What’s going on?” (Jiro)


“It’s a private matter.” (Memoria)



I was surprised at the sudden news of the store’s closure.


The person who said it tried to end the conversation without hesitation with a curt expression.


With Memoria, even at the beginning, she doesn’t want to talk about herself at all.


It ended up with me talking about my private affairs.





“Well, is there anything I can help you with?” (Jiro)


“No, but…” (Memoria)


“Yes?” (Jiro)


“If I need anything, I’ll be happy to ask for your help.” (Memoria)


“Please do. I think I should be worthy enough to want to help a woman who’s in love with me.” (Jiro)



That’s changed a bit lately, too.



“And we’ll be celebrating my promotion when you get back.” (Jiro)


“I see.” (Memoria)


“If a vampire bites me, my blood might get drained.” (Jiro)



I added that it was fine, and I gently separated my face from Memoria’s face.



“Quite pushy.” (Memoria)


“It’s funny, I thought I heard something similar a while ago.” (Jiro)


“Hmm, I am fine being second, but at least for me.” (Memoria)


“My bad.” (Jiro)



Her face is drawn again.



“Go and finish your business.” (Jiro)


“Yes, I suppose I’d better come back early.” (Memoria)


“Yeah, you better.” (Jiro)


“Otherwise, this vampire will be lonely.” (Jiro)



Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Unmarried

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg & Memoria Tris

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Eight (General Class)

Job Title: Warrior


Note for the Day

I got promoted, and my salary went up.


But I guess it doesn’t change the fact that in any company when you get ahead, you get more work.


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