Otherworld Company Chapter 37.2: Is this Worldwide… Are They Okay?

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“Here we are.” (Karen)


“There is only one presence.” (Jiro)


“Does that mean the other party hasn’t arrived yet?” (Karen)


“I don’t think Hizumi can hide his presence, unless it’s, Nostalfel. There’s also no point in hiding her presence. Maybe it’s a member of the union.” (Jiro)



There was one sign that I could see even through the door, and I led the way inside, hoping to show the old me that I could display my cartoonish abilities even in such a trivial place.



“Excuse me, we are… no, pardon me, I think we’ve entered the wrong room.” (Jiro)



I want to praise myself for my expression not changing.


My brain refuses to remember the scene after I entered.



“What are you doing?” (Karen)


“No, well, I felt like I saw something I shouldn’t have.” (Jiro)


“The leader is sweating profusely, that he is?” (Minami)


“Oh, well, Kitamiya, it seems this room is different. Let’s go look for another room as soon as possible.” (Jiro)



And my intuition is ringing alarm bells.


And my gut is telling me to get the hell out of here.



“No, you’re in the right place~ you just came a bit early.” (Union Representative)


“It seems to be right, that it is, Leader.” (Minami)


“Yes, it says Labor Union on the plaque above.” (Karen)


“Yes, that’s right.” (Jiro)



But it seems to be too late.


I can only hear a muffled voice through the door, but I can tell that something is approaching.


Before I could even think about reacting to the sound, I grabbed the doorknob with all my might to keep the door from opening.



Oh no, what’s the matter?” (Union Representative)


“Minami! Get me nails! Also planks!” (Jiro)



When I heard that voice through the door, I began channeling all my magical power with every cell within my body.


It’s also unconscious, my body instinctively telling me to go all out after all the times I’ve felt my life was in danger.


The lack of sleep I had last night didn’t just blow away, it erased it!



“You are Suela’s Jiro right?” (Union Representative)


“You’ve got the wrong guy!” (Jiro)


“You don’t have to act shy~ I’ve been contacted by someone who wants to talk to me about your party.” (Union Representative)


“I just want to say thank you! I’ve got some business to attend to, so I’ll come back another time!” (Jiro)



The battle in front of the door.


A steady battle between the closing and opening sides.


The first time I tried to close a door where I had to use my magic power to strengthen my body.


If it were a normal doorknob, it would have been broken in the first tug-of-war, but it has “Made in Giant Country”, and even though it looks like just a doorknob, it is not affected by a magic-enhanced body.


I secured the doorknob with both hands, hunched down, and tried to hold it down with all my might.


In the end, I find myself activating Intimidating Monkey Scream.



“Phew~ I’m going to get serious, okay?” (Union Representative)





I can feel goosebumps crawling down my spine.



“Escape!” (Jiro)


“Hiyaaaa!” (Union Representative)



I followed my intuition, which I’ve cherished more than anything since joining this company.


I instructed Minami and Kitamiya to run away, and I jumped with all my might.


I can tell by the presence.


Then I can saw the sturdy giant door and its hinges that were once attached to the wall flying away.



“Oh no, I broke it. I’ll have to have it repaired later.” (Union Representative)


“”…………”” (Everyone)



I kill the shock as I passively try to adjust my brain to slowly face the reality I don’t want to see.


It’s a good thing that the door was made by a giant because even though it was shattered and forced off the wall, it is still intact and only slightly damaged, but it will never play its role again.


Next, there’s Minami and Kitamiya, both of whom are wearing suits, although they have fallen on their buttocks, with no visible injuries.


Their gazes are fixed on one point, their mouths open and their expressions tight.


Now, get ready, me.


Let’s face it.


Slowly, I follow their gazes.


High heels and thick hair, mesh tights and bodice, muscles and an iron mask, a tattoo on their shoulder that looks like Cupid…


Oh, I’m sure.


I’d like to think I’m wrong, but the reality is cruel.


-There was an unmistakable pervert in the midst.



“Nice to meet you, I’m Bastet, I’m the head of the labor union. Welcome.” (Union Representative => Bastet)



He probably winked at me.


How could I tell?


Because I could sense it and my goosebumps went up by 30%.



“”A pervert!”” (Everyone)


“Who are you calling a pervert?” (Bastet)


“It’s you! Forget TPO! You’re a pervert! I’ll give you a pass on the mask, but that outfit is completely out of character!” (Minami)


“Well, if you’ll excuse me. This is the formal attire of us incubus.” (Jiro)



The shock broke Minami’s speech pattern, and the rule that incubuses are handsome has now been broken.


And now I understand what Suela meant.


It’s true that this is an existence that you can’t let your guard down.



“I’m going to have to explain that to you later.” (Minami)


“I’m sorry, I’ve made up my mind. I’m here on business. Let’s make this quick.” (Karen)


“You were being selfish, weren’t you? Okay, so I hear there’s a dispute over the transfer of a party member, which one is it?” (Bastet)



He may look like a goofball, but he seems to take his job very seriously.


He took me up on my offer and proceeded to tell me about his work.


To be honest, I find it hard to look directly at him.


Even now, my sanity levels are being reduced.


Minami on the other hand had her Sanity Levels reach negative levels, saying, “That’s an incubus? Is this real?” She can’t accept the reality.


It seems that it will take some time for her to recover mentally from the collapse of her usual speech pattern.


I’ll have to leave her alone for a while.



“Well, it’s me.” (Karen)


“Oh my, a cute girl. So, Sweetie did you prepare some documents about the situation in advance?” (Bastet)


“…here it is.” (Karen)


“I’ll have to read it. Kyla will be here soon, so let’s wait inside.” (Bastet)



It seems that this one managed to endure with guts.


The appearance of Kitamiya, who presents documents with trembling hands, shows the glimpse of a woman who has guts.


To go inside or not to go inside, that is the question.


I’m torn Hamlet-style, but if there’s anyone who doesn’t feel embarrassed to be in a locked room with that person, I’m not going near him.



“Come on, let’s go.” (Bastet)


“Are you sure?” (Jiro)


“We came all this way; we can’t leave accomplishing nothing!” (Karen)



Kitamiya, your hating to lose is a big deal if you go that far.


Even if you’re desperate, I don’t know if I can muster up the guts in this kind of direction.


I lent my shoulder to Minami and followed Kitamiya inside.


I wonder what will happen next, will there be any more curveballs or…


Well, at least now we’ve got a crossdressing incubus and a pervert too.



Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Unmarried

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg & Memoria Tris

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Eight (General Class)

Job Title: Warrior


Note for the Day

Since it’s a different world, I thought there would be some strange characters, but I’ve never had a… pervert assigned to my department before.

Is that it?


There’s a meaning to this staffing, right?


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