Otherworld Company Chapter 39.1: There are a Lot of Guys Who Can Do This… This Guy is a Prime Example

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Another Side



~Minami’s Perspective~



 Leader is the person who brought us together, that he did.


 In his everyday appearance, he seems to be a somewhat unmotivated, good-natured guy who looks like an older brother who could be found anywhere.


 When he has his hair cut short and blows smoke in the party room, you would think he is a cousin or a relative who is close to your age and you can joke around with him.


 It is probably because he is such a man that he is comfortable with the way “I” talk in a way that would be never used in modern times unless they are a character from a period drama, that they are.


 Masaru’s way of treating me is probably due to the fact that he has known me since childhood and is familiar with the way I am from long ago.


 Still, Leader has a natural way of keeping his distance.


 I have only known him for a few months, and though he may not feel some discomfort with me, or perhaps he just doesn’t show it even if he feels it.


 But there’s no end to what I can ponder about that, so I’ll leave it at that for now.


 Such a leader keeps his private and public life strictly separate.


 Normally, he seems like a carefree older brother when he is not at work, but once the work switch is turned on, he changes his demeanor to that of a serious member of society.


He does not act out of self-interest, but with an eye to the overall benefit of the company.


 There is no cheap pretense there, which I dislike.


 I don’t think there is anything wrong with sophistry.


 I just don’t like the way people who think they are doing the right thing, take action, and then laugh and feel satisfied that they have done something good while causing trouble for those around them.


 Then I can say that I still prefer it when leaders overwhelm their opponents like this, smashing them with legitimate arguments.


 The other side’s opinion was more self-interested, and it gave the feeling of digging their own grave, but even so, without knowledge, I’m sure it would have been us who would have been swept under the rug.


 I glanced at the decisive leader’s face and saw that he had a serious, slightly tired look on his face.


 On the other hand, what an attitude of nonchalance on the part of Toru Hizumi, a man who is not like the dragonman called Kyla on the other side but a tester like me.


 Even though the board has already begun to move, he has a relaxed and tensionless expression on his face, as if to say that what he is talking about now is none of my business.


 Perhaps, for him, the talk from now on is the real deal.


 If the leader is correct in his prediction, he will talk to Kitamiya in a way that will persuade her from now on.


 My prediction is generally in line with that.


 There is a part of me that is intuitively convinced that those who are successful in this situation will succeed in most cases if they take action.


 In fact, I’m sure they’re rarely mistaken.



 “You are ruthless, Leader, that you are.” (Minami)


 “These people will take advantage of you if you show them a little bit of mercy.” (Jiro)



 There are many ways to shut that down.


 One of them is to show no mercy like the leader.


 As the leader said, if you show even a hint of sympathy, this Riajuu will naturally intervene.



 “Hey, I’ve done my part, now it’s your turn. You’ve got to work for your paycheck.” (Jiro)


 “I know that if I work, I’ll lose, that I do.” (Minami)


 “Don’t worry, I’m working even while I’m sitting here.” (Jiro)


 “It’s a trap, that it is! You’ve conspired against us, Leader!” (Minami)


 “If you guys are going to screw around and you have no business being here, why don’t you get out of here?” (Toru)


 “I’m sorry, I am very serious but I just forgot about you existing, that I did.” (Minami)


 “Don’t say something like that, when you’re also not being serious.” (Toru)



 Oh, you’re angry, “that you are.” (Jiro)


 Honestly, I thought I’d crack a little joke regarding this conversation, but once this Riajuu appeared in front of me, it was a different story.


 The thoughts in my head are beginning to move smoothly, as they should.


 The leader is starting to blow out a cigarette to go cool down, that he is, and the tsundere vertical roll lady in front of me, the character who has the potential to be a heroine candidate in a game but not the main character, is starting to fume, that she is, but to be honest, the gay incubus next to me, who is making serious flirty passes, has more presence than me, that I am starting to feel left out.



 “…Are you finished~?” (Bastet)


 “It’s fine, that it is, but you left them alone earlier, that you did, didn’t you?” (Minami)


 “How am I supposed to react to the fact that you have forgotten about me?” (Toru)


 “Laugh it up, that you should?” (Minami)


 “Let me shut you up!” (Karen)


 “You shouldn’t say that after you tried to hit me, that you don’t!” (Minami)


 “It’s okay because I’m acting preemptively!” (Karen)



 I’m glad that I was used to receiving Masaru’s tsukkomi, that I am, but a normal person would definitely have been hit, that I’m sure of!


 I am trying to create a gag-like character, that I am, but I do not have the mysterious invulnerability to compensate for gags, that I do not.


 So, to be honest, it was fortuitous for me to be able to catch a right hook similar to a professional boxer’s with one hand, that I did.


 I couldn’t help but make a wicked, smug face, that I did.


 It was like in a manga, so I guess I had to stop him.



 “Are you finished?” (Bastet)


 “It’s okay, that I am?” (Minami)


 “You don’t get to go on with the conversation!” (Karen)


 “But I refuse!” (Minami)


 “Can’t you just cut us some slack, we’re both here to have a serious talk and you have no business being here.” (Toru)



 Oh, I finally caught him, that I did.


 I responded to the gay incubus’s words as if I was taking offense, that I would also give Kitamiya’s tsukkomi a good dose of offense.


 Then, it was a wonder, that it was.


 The refreshing Riajuu will be fished out, that he will be.


It is not enough to use the word “True Colors,” that it is not, but I seem to have been able to achieve my purpose.


If I maintain the appearance that looks like I am playing around and turn my face quickly in the direction of the voice, I will surely see an expression of rage being held by a thread.


 His face was serious and enhanced by the fact that it was so well put together.


 However, this Riajuu in the end doesn’t get it.


 You want to talk about the main character, but don’t you understand that such a conventional main character would be a bit too insignificant and would be buried amongst the rest of the crowd?


 This dream-like handsome man is nothing more than a clown.



 “Are we going to seriously start talking about you two-timing, that you are?” (Minami)



 I heard a tapping sound as if something froze, that I was aware of.


 The drag queen put his hand over his mouth, half in admiration and half in dismay, while Leader was smiling and chuckling.


 I can read signs to a certain extent, that I can, too.


 So, I can somehow understand the emotions of each person in the room, that I can.


 The leader is amused, the gay guy is dismayed, and Kitamiya is as nervous as ever.


 The drill lady in front of me had a pause for a moment, but she maintained her emotions, that she did.


 Now, that was a brilliantly off-the-air remark, but I’m not a natural, am I?


If I continue like this, I will just be an airhead woman, which is a bit of a misnomer, that I will explain, that I am not actually unable to read the air, that is, I choose to not read the air.



 “I think that your Riajuu level is not enough to form a harem, that I do think so. You will have to come back after you raise your level a little more, that you should.” (Minami)



 Well, now, the most emotionally volatile of them all, Riajuu, is quite enjoyable.


 After all, this Riajuu-Employee said he came here to have a serious talk with us.


 I’m sure he doesn’t realize how the thoughts of how we came to this point, the story of the problem, is a love affair with multiple people, well, he does know that, but he must have been taken in by the culture of this company.


 Senior Kaido is also talking about harems, still, he understands the reality, so he is just saying it out of longing.


 He can’t actually do it, or that he is just a lazy person.


 However, the person in front of us is convinced that he can do it and that he will do it.


 In fact, he must be very popular.


 He looks like he belongs to an idol group, has a refreshing smile, sometimes has a cool and serious expression, and a personality that seems to be popular with women, which makes you want to see him as a Protagonist of an Otome game, that he looks like.



 “I’m tired of hearing you say, “I have no business with you, that I do.” How many times have you said that since you entered this room? Please come back when you’ve improved your vocabulary a little more, that you should.” (Minami)


 “Would you please shut up for a moment, since we’re not going to get anywhere?” (Toru)


 “Well, I’m going to have to ask you to leave the room if you keep this up, got it?” (Bastet)


 “Yes, I will shut up, that I will.” (Minami)



 He’s just another idealistic and dreamy young man with a bit of potential if you look at it in reality.


 The direction in which he directs his ability to reality is leaning toward the ideal, that it is.


 His legs quiver and his mouth moves like a fish.


 Bastet, the third party, is the referee, the witness, he is the deciding factor in everything in this meeting.


 He can give me a yellow or red card at his will, and I can’t go against it, that I can’t.


 Getting benched, I can’t go against him, that I do.



 “I know this is a rather lengthy tangent, but let’s get down to business. The MAO corporation labor union will intervene in this matter, on the premise that both parties do not agree with each other on the issue of Karen Kitamiya’s affiliation, her own will, and the will of the head of her unit. Both parties will follow what has been decided here, understood?” (Bastet)


 “Yes.” (Kyla)



 “Yes, sir.” (Karen)


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