Otherworld Company Chapter 41.2: There Is Nothing More Troublesome Than Changing the Course of a Task

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“What should I do?” (Miki)



Hizumi fell silent and the atmosphere of the place was terrible. I feel like a failure, but if I don’t say it, the work won’t get done.


Best, I’m beginning to think it’s going to be difficult, but okay, I guess I need to change my assessment a bit.


If she had just shut up and done nothing, I would have lowered my evaluation of Nanase.


If you don’t know, ask, that’s the basic rule for newcomers in society.



“…Well, first of all, you need self-defense.” (Jiro)


“Self-defense?” (Miki)


“From what I’ve seen, if Nanase is approached by an enemy, Hizumi will cover for him. Because of this style, Hizumi’s combat efficiency is extremely low. If you want to improve that, Nanase should be able to fight in close combat.” (Jiro)


“Does that mean I fight as a vanguard?” (Miki)


“That’s one thing, but not this time. We will increase the means, karate, kendo, aikido, naginata, cane techniques, and whatever else we can do to make room for Hizumi.” (Jiro)


“Can I do it?” (Miki)


“Yeah, I’d rather show you than tell you, just stand there.” (Jiro)



Despite her confusion, Nanase silently stands up.



“Hizumi, I think you should stand in front of Nanase, about two meters in front of her.” (Jiro)


“Why do I have to do that?” (Toru)


“It’s faster for you to experience it than to explain it with words.” (Jiro)



If I told him to just do it, he looked skeptical but sprang into action.


I move about five meters away from there.



“Oh, I’m going to target Nanase starting now. Prevent it all.” (Jiro)


“What–” (Toru)



Perhaps my statement sounded outlandish, as I rolled my shoulders and relaxed my body, but I didn’t let myself hear the end of it, as Hizumi exclaimed in confusion.


I’m speaking! The body accelerates forward to collide with the voice that shouts.


He takes a stance to delay me, but there is no way he can stop me with a half-hearted stance, and with just one feint, I easily slip past him.


I then swing my fist as I stopped before the wind moved toward Nanase, who looks at me dumbfounded.



“Miki!?” (Toru)


“Be relieved, I stopped, however, a dungeon will not stop.” (Jiro)



I had no intention of hitting him from the beginning.


But he should have understood the necessity.


I’d be in trouble if he didn’t understand that was the case.


Hizumi rushed to Nanase, who collapsed.



“You see, even the vanguard is not all-powerful. They can be knocked down and breached. But if Nanase had been able to prevent it, Hizumi would have made it in time.” (Jiro)



It went well, the shock factor was a good thing. The effect of this was evident in Nanase’s appearance.


In the first place, a one-man team like the Hero Party that thinks it will be okay as long as he is there may look sturdy on the outside, but inside it is nothing more than a ship held together by a single thick pillar.


If that pillar breaks, the ship will collapse in an instant.


It is no different from a sinking ship.


You have to support a large pillar with a number of pillars.


That is how you build up strength.


That is what a party is all about, isn’t it?


You should never lean on a central pillar.


I looked at Nanase, who sat on the floor and nodded silently, and wondered what to do now.


There are various ways to defend oneself.


The most important thing to remember is that the best way to protect yourself is to be prepared for the worst.


But I don’t think that’s enough.


The most important thing to keep in mind is that the dungeon is not for the specialized type. My intuition, which is faintly discernible, is calling out to me.


My goal is to be versatile, and I must develop magic in the future.


But for now, it’s the two people in front of me.


Just improving Nanase will be enough to get this party out of the way.


I am relieved that the end of the work is in sight, but the task has just piled up on my desk. Now I have to deal with it.



“So, Nanase, have you been doing any kind of exercise?” (Jiro)


“No, I’m not good at exercising.” (Miki)


“Oh, that’s why you’re a magician.” (Jiro)



A magician, who can attack from behind, would certainly be less athletic than in all professions.


But that does not mean it is unnecessary.


A good example is the Special Forces sniper.


Snipers spend a lot of time sitting still in one place, but in many cases, after firing a single shot, they immediately move from place to place.


This is due to the fact that they are in isolated places, but above all, it is to avoid being seen.


The same goes for magicians. They have to maintain a constant line of fire, and they also have to escape from enemies who attack them, as was the case earlier.


It is not a profession that will never move.


In the case of our own Minami, from the very beginning, she was forced to run marathons because of her lack of physical strength.


In addition, she is learning the art of staff techniques as a means of self-defense.


Now, I am in trouble.


People who are not good at sports generally have no connection to martial arts.


Is it right to suddenly put a weapon in the hands of such a person?


Hizumi probably knew this, which is why he had Nanase concentrate on her recovery role and increased his own workload.


So, what to do?


Perhaps large weapons could be ruled out first, and then bladed weapons.


Then the first thing that comes to mind is the Staff Arts…



“Nanase, can you stand?” (Jiro)


“Yes.” (Miki)


“What are you planning this time?” (Toru)


“I will do nothing this time. Just swing the wand down from above.” (Jiro)


“So, I just swing it down?” (Miki)


“Oh, but with all your might.” (Jiro)


“Yes! …Okay, here?” (Miki)


“… I’m asking you, but you’re doing it seriously, right?” (Jiro)


“I’m sorry!” (Miki)


“No, well, it’s fine if that’s all you can do.” (Jiro)



Yeah, no.


If she were to be something useful, it would take a lot of time.


The result of her swinging the wooden cane as hard as she can is just a light thunk on the floor.


The upward motion is also slow and wobbly.


This problem is bigger than I thought.


I’m thinking that it would be quicker to have Hizumi take on the Potion Death March.



“…Right.” (Jiro)


“”…”” (Toru & Miki)


“Don’t be terrified.” (Jiro)



I feel like they are being alerted every time I make some kind of movement, perhaps because of the surprise attack earlier.


Is it the result of my own actions? Even I would be wary of being suddenly attacked.


I can’t help it if they’re concerned about it.



“Nanase, are you interested in holding a shield?” (Jiro)


“A shield?” (Miki)


“Yeah.” (Jiro)


“But shields are heavy, is it something small?” (Miki)


“No, it’s a huge shield.” (Jiro)


“That would slow down her actions? It’s impossible for Miki.” (Toru)


“Don’t be so unreasonable, I didn’t ask her to carry a lump of steel you know.” (Jiro)



If weapons don’t work, armor will, and a shield can protect you just by moving it into the line of fire, or you can use it to knock them back.


And if that thing I saw at the store where I bought the mineral tree was still there, it would improve the strength of this party.



“I’m going to take the rest of the day off for now. You guys must be physically exhausted. I’ll have some things ready for you by tomorrow.” (Jiro)



For the time being, I can’t do it anymore physically, and if there is no substitute in the first place, it would just be me counting the chicks before the eggs hatch. [T/N: “狸の皮算用” or “tanuki no kawazanyou” is referencing a parable about someone calculating the price of the tanuki’s pelt before catching the tanuki. So, I thought of the idiom “Counting chickens before they hatch.” (Jiro)]


Work starts from the preparation stage.


I shake it off and prepare for my destination



“Are you planning something again?” (Toru)


“Be relieved, it’s a plan to help you.” (Jiro)



I get their plans from them, who are even more alarmed at my lack of denial, and leave the training room, saying I’ll see them tomorrow.


Well, let’s get the nasty business over with.


My feet did not go to my room but walked straight to the underground shopping mall.



Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Unmarried

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg (Dark Elf) & Memoria Tris (Vampire)

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Eight (General Class)

Job Title: Warrior


Note for the Day

I’m going to do the job anyway, let me go (pass on/die) my way!!!!

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