Otherworld Company Chapter 43.2: Sometimes It Is Necessary As A Member Of Society To Conform To The Beliefs Of Others

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“Phew, oh, we’re done, are you alive?” (Jiro)


“Nuu, I lost.” (Wado)


“You’re alive, oh, I don’t have to write an apology.” (Jiro)


“You worried about that one?” (Wado)


“Stupid, where in the world does one go to worry about someone who’s been in a fight with you?” (Jiro)



I thought I might have messed up too much, but it seems that ogres are tougher than I thought.


He’s down on his large back, but his chest is still moving and he can talk.


I don’t feel the wild, magical flow of energy that I felt a moment ago.



“Did I convince you?” (Jiro)


“I have no complaints if it’s my lord’s will. This will be a good report.” (Wado)


“Even though you lost?” (Jiro)


“Someone strong has emerged. That alone is good news for us, ogres.” (Wado)


“I have a bad feeling about that line.” (Jiro)



I start to take a drag on my cigarette to say good riddance so far this morning, but I can’t help but feel like more trouble is on the way.


I might as well worry about that one rather than worrying about the cleanup.


I don’t want to have to fight every day with ogres who love fighting more than eating three meals a day.



“Besides, the Mistress was concerned about you too.” (Wado)


“… Well, work, work.” (Jiro)



I didn’t listen, obviously, a dangerous word came up, and I didn’t listen.


I quickly got my gear and took a drink of the potion, as it was a pretty intense battle, even if it was only for a short time, just a dozen or so minutes.


I made up a plan in my mind that I would send the invoice to them.


Then I think about my next job.



“…” (Jiro)



I’m thinking.


Let me think!!!



“Fufufufufu, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed. Anyway I am–” (Voice)


“Hanz? Sorry about this morning. Huh? You’re hungover? That’s not what I’m talking about! I’m so stressed out that I’m getting a stomachache! What a sad thing to have to go through this! Me? Stop yelling? Can I just tell you what I need because it’s going to go to make my head explode? Yeah, actually, a giant humanoid cockroach just showed up, and I was wondering if you have any insecticide in your arsenal?” (Jiro)



I might seriously need to go rid of them.


I can’t understand why only my Luck stats is fixed at 5.


Why do I have to be disturbed by such a menagerie of weird people these days?


Make it a sunnier disturbance.


Like Suela, or Memoria, or Suela!!!!


I turn around and there’s a black thing with black tights all over, something seen in the kitchen or the corner of the room, and if I see one, I’m waiting for its huge family!



“I’m going to ignore you! Oh, you’re a bug? …you’re weird too.” (Jiro)


“Hmph!” (Voice => Cockroachman)


“Okay. So if you’re not here to pick a fight either, then don’t make me shift the blade to the right.” (Jiro)



Cell phone in one hand, a shortstop to the neck in the other.


I did it in frustration, but I don’t regret or feel remorse, and I’m confident that the next time I do the same thing, I’ll behave the same way.


I was smooth in my one-handed swinging motion.


Single-handed swordsmanship is said to be one of the most difficult techniques.


I am so frustrated that I can do it unconsciously.


What is so sad that these guys are coming to interfere with my work?


Are you planning on dying? Are you going to die? No, I’ll kill you!


These guys are coming in here to interrupt my work with their own personal stuff, but that’s the worst thing you can do to a member of society.



“Oh, I’m sorry, Hanz, the ‘insect’ is making too much noise. I’ll call you back later.” (Jiro)



I finished the call on my phone and my glare might be on par with the Instructors for this moment.



“Hiii” (Cockroachman)



The man, who looks like some kind of fighter, screams for a moment, but somehow manages to mend his expression.


Well, I put my free hand gently on the hilt so as not to give him a chance.



“Well, I’ve got work to do. I don’t have time for you. So I’ll let you choose.” (Jiro)



I gave him a curt smile.



“Would you rather be decapitated or stabbed in the heart?” (Jiro)


“Death only!?” (Cockroachman)


“I am not Buddha. My heart is not big enough to forgive three times.” (Jiro)


“Wait, wait, wait, wait! I’m not like them! I’m not going to interfere with your business! Rather, I’m here to help you!” (Cockroachman)


“Oh?” (Jiro)



The cockroach man, who shakes his head and buzzes with all his might, is indeed fast and full of life.


He is not anxious because he does not know when the blade will come flying at him.



“He’s a talkative old man. He’s like a weathercock that will side with the strong, so don’t trust him too much, okay?” (Wado)


“Okay, let’s kill him now.” (Jiro)



What a line, I thought for a moment I was going to believe it, but I guess it’s a very useful line.


I put aside for the moment whether or not the information Wado gave me while getting up with a start, was honestly trustworthy or not. I would rather trust the ogre that had just been exchanging punches than the suspicious cockroach in front of me.


By that standard, if you think they are your friend, they will betray you as soon as the situation turns bad.


A race that should be kept at a distance the most.


Ah, for some reason, I feel the Mineral Tree lightens when I think of that.



“Boss! What are you selling me for? No, no, no, brother, I’m useful, okay? I know a lot of information and stuff, you know?” (Cockroachman)


“Hmph! I have cut ties with you since the moment you brought up the subject of weighing him. What I say to him is my business.” (Wado)


“I can’t be a double-crosser this time! After all, if things continue as they are, the testers could be ‘wiped out’!?” (Cockroachman)


“What?” (Jiro)



This guy just said something that I couldn’t bear to not hear.


Wiped out?


Is it some bullsh*t?


After all, it is That Supervisor who is in control.


No matter what happens to these people, it seems that she could annihilate and subdue them before they even know they’re there.


It was foolish to even think about that possibility.



“Brother, brother, those people are certainly powerful, but they are not all-powerful, okay? They’re bound to miss something, right?” (Cockroachman)


“Then why bring me the information? If you bring that information to the supervisor, your position will rise.” (Jiro)


“That’s the thing. If I stand in front of a girl, or rather a female being or any female at all, I will be screamed at and then exterminated.” (Cockroachman)



Ah, I couldn’t help but agree.


Even just a figure like that is a suspicious existence.


And if the atmosphere was also suspicious, it would be even more so.



“There are many ways to communicate this, but for now, isn’t it a good thing from your point of view that all the testers are going to be wiped out?” (Wado)


“Idiot, if the testers are wiped out and they know we’re involved, we’re going to get smashed to death. Their plan is too risky. And I’m not taking that risk. I say screw them.” (Cockroachman)


“Stop it.” (Jiro)


“If I could do that, I would have no trouble. This time, the other party is dangerous, and he doesn’t have a bad reputation. It’s guys like me who can see what’s going on behind his back.” (Cockroachman)


“…Wait, what’s with the overtly dangerous vibe?” (Jiro)


“Oh, after all, this time the son of one of the most powerful nobles in the Demon King’s army is involved. And he’s got a good reputation, too.” (Cockroachman)


“I had nothing to do with that!” (Wado)


“But, on the other hand, he has to know about the work of the lower ranks, so he has come here to take your position by showing his good-natured good-naturedness. He’s also good-looking and knows how to treat women.” (Cockroachman)



Oh, crap, I know exactly what I’m getting stoked about.


And I can also tell that this guy is well-spoken.


I understand the current situation well.


In summary, there is a well-positioned, well-spoken, outwardly good-looking but black-hearted handsome guy who is trying to take my position.


If I do nothing, he will take my position, and eventually, he will take Suela.


On top of that,



“Well? What are they going to do, annihilate us?” (Jiro)


“…kill each other.” (Cockroachman)



I’ve noticed that a battle royal is about to take place within this company.


Yeah, my daily life is about to…



Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Unmarried

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg (Dark Elf) & Memoria Tris (Vampire)

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Eight (General Class)

Job Title: Warrior


Note for the Day

I’m talking to a cockroach for the first time in my life, and am I the first one to do so…?



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