Otherworld Company Chapter 54.1: Results Appeared After Continuous Stacking Up

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Another Side Memoria


Memoria Tris – 193 – Unmarried

Boyfriend: Jiro Tanaka

Occupation: MAO Corporation, Commercial Facility, General Store Staff

Magical Aptitude: Unknown

Job Title: Store Manager



~Memoria’s Perspective~



I am a vampire, a person who has been hunted and hunted humans.


Humans are a defective race that has been hunted for their blood as our sustenance, and can only offer their blood as their very foundation for everything.


That is why the vampires around me look down on humans.


It can’t be helped.


To those around us, humans are nothing more than livestock and food.


But I didn’t see it that way.


Our strong bodies, vast magical power, and longevity in which we can store up wisdom, all of these things surpass humans.


On the other hand, the light of the Lord God burns this body, and when we are starved, the wisdom that we have accumulated disappears, and our powerful bodies dry up.


How can we say that we are superior to humans if we cannot survive without relying on humans?


I don’t think they are inferior.


I don’t think they are better either.


That slight difference isolated me.


The common sense of my people against my common sense, I am a unique person in the way my common sense is crushed by the majority, and I am treated as an oddity by both my peers and my family.


Then this characteristically me happening, a twist of fate, or has it always been inevitable?


I had developed a liking for a human man.



“Quite strange.” (Memoria)


“Did you say something?” (Ashley)


“No, I was talking to myself.” (Memoria)



We went around and became lovers, and now I am beginning my journey with him in Ithar, hiding the fact that I am a vampire.


What would my fellow vampires say if they knew how I am now?


Whether it’s laughing at you or getting angry at what you’re doing, you won’t get it in your favor.


Shake your head and look for him and you’ll find it easily.


At a simple campsite, he has prepared by the river, with boundary stones to block out smells and sounds and detection stones scattered around, he is diligently cooking food for a number of people on a stove made from piled-up stones.


He picks up on the sound of my voice as I watch his back, and I end up being glad that he is paying attention to me even though he is in the middle of his work.


I feel so alive.


Even though I am a vampire, I at least have feelings.


But none of them are very strong, and really hard to express.


Like the surface of a lake that is always calm, with not a single ripple on its surface.


But his words cause ripples as if he were throwing stones into the surface of the lake.


My mind, which has been present over the course of approximately two hundred years, is puzzled and yet willing to accept it, which is a very strange feeling.


I have come to think of it as something not bad, even preferable.



“You get along well with each other.” (Ashley)


“You think so?” (Memoria)


“Yes, very much. You were smiling kindly at him.” (Ashley)


“Is that so.” (Memoria)


“Yes.” (Ashley)


“I suppose.” (Memoria)



Gently, I put my hand over the spot where she pointed out, and I feel my mouth curve into a smile.


This human, Ashley, is always trying to have a conversation with me.


On the way to the encampment, the conversation was limited to casual work topics, but after the preparations for the encampment were complete, she would broach new topics of conversation at every opportunity.


To be honest, I find it annoying in a situation where I have no interest in anyone other than Jiro, but that doesn’t mean I dislike her to the point of ignoring her.


I, however, don’t think much of the four “female” knight apprentices who admire Jiro who is cooking in front of them.


Even if they hide their physiques with armor and disguise their voice with magic, they cannot disguise the wavelength of their magical power.


Jiro saw these girls as men, but when he saw them without their helmets and realized their gender, he had an indescribable expression on his face.


Being unfamiliar with the subtleties of emotion, I cannot guess what he was thinking at that moment.


Thinking about it, when I told him that if he was to be the escort for Ashley, a priestess, there would inevitably be women mixed in, he laughed as if he thought that was the way it would be.



“It’s finished.” (Jiro)



If it were a man alone in a group of women, a man from Ithar, he would act in all sorts of indecent ways, thinking he wouldn’t be noticed, but Jiro does his best to keep them out of his sight as much as possible.


It’s work but I feel a little lonely as he tastes the stew and ladles it in a bowl after he confirmed the taste, but I’m glad that he gives me one first.


He, himself, only served his once everyone has theirs, finishing his meal while replying to the girls who praised his cooking as delicious.


On the contrary, he probably doesn’t realize that his attitude is unusual or that he is getting the girls’ attention.


Although not perceived as gentlemanly, it seems to be seen as a positive thing by the girls just because he does not act dismissively.



“You should back off a little, or you might get burned.” (Jiro)


“Yes!” (Knight Apprentice)



However, it’s quite annoying that he takes good care of others.


He seems a little brash, but you can tell that he cares because of the little things.


He warns one of the knight apprentices who tried to observe him while he was cleaning up after the fire, and he shifts his body so that she can easily see what he is doing.


It would be normal behavior for him, but over here it would be rare to find someone who can act like that without any motive.


He assigns them a moderate amount of work, such as setting up the encampment, and they seem to have warmed up to him a great deal during the time he spent cleaning up after them.


The distance between him and the girls is closer than at the beginning.



“He’s dependable, isn’t he?” (Ashley)


“Well, but is that okay? I think you should be in charge of the cooking?” (Memoria)


“But cooking…” (Ashley)


“Umm.” (Memoria)



At that moment the knights are doing everything they can to stop him, he seemed to think that Ashley should deal with cooking.


I can’t do it myself, and it gets messy.


I’m sure the others are similar.


It was impressive to see him roll up his sleeves, saying that at least the food was good.


Now he seems to have finished cleaning up and is going to start taking care of his weapons next to me.



“Good work, sir.” (Memoria)


“Yeah, I mean, you guys should at least be able to cook a little, why am I the most decent one here?” (Jiro)


“You’re the right person in the right place, I’m not very good at anything except tomatoes, I’m afraid.” (Memoria)


“As someone who has actually eaten them, it’s sad that I can’t deny it.” (Jiro)



I can’t help it.


Tomatoes are not an ingredient you can take with you on a trip.


If I call out to him in the middle of his work, he snarks at me, but I know that his attitude means nothing more than mere words, which I can accept while he’s tending to his weapon.


As for his cooking skills, he seems to have meant it as a joke to himself… girl power?


I’m not saying who, but those who are severely lacking in those things are holding their chests and enduring the damage.


When I told him that I would check the map to see where we were, he said, “Okay,” and went back to taking care of his equipment.


I was at a loss. The map shows that we are on schedule from roughly where we are.


So our work is done.


I think about what else to do, but there is no way I can make the insane choice to leave the lookout to the other side when we don’t fully trust each other, and it is decided that we and the girls will send lookouts together.


I would take the first watch and he would get some rest.


We have eaten and now all we have to do is finish our watch and rest.



“…” (Memoria)



To put it tangibly, it would be quite a long time.



“Now we’re in trouble.” (Memoria)


“Is there a problem?” (Jiro)


“Yes, if we keep going like this, we will have too much time.” (Memoria)


“Why don’t you talk to them, have a little small talk?” (Jiro)


“Oh, you don’t want to be the one to talk to them?” (Memoria)


“I’ll take a break when this job is done.” (Jiro)


“Well, you can keep me company until then.” (Memoria)


“Aiyo.” (Jiro)



I am just procrastinating on the issue, but I am happy to do so, so let’s just let it flow.


The conversation is bland, about what he wants to do when he gets to town.


I hear him say “take a bath,” to which I reply, “Why?” (Jiro)



“If I don’t want to take a bath for days, I start to feel uncomfortable.” (Jiro)


“It can’t be helped during traveling.” (Memoria)


“Well, that’s the way it is, but I hope eventually I’ll be able to take a bath somewhere.” (Jiro)


“You’re very particular.” (Memoria)


“That’s just the way I am.” (Jiro)



There is a part of me enjoying the conversation with him as he shows a gesture that I see as, “Because I’m Japanese.” (Jiro)


I forget the passage of time.


I find myself talking to him for quite some time.



“Oh.” (Memoria)


“Well, I’m done.” (Jiro)



However, it seems that the more fun you have, the sooner time passes by.


A misguided thought crosses my mind that he should have used a bigger weapon.


He finishes polishing his weapon stained with the beast’s blood, checking the blade for nicks, before wrapping cloth around it.


It marks the end of our conversation.


It’s not that we can’t talk again; we can talk again tomorrow, but I still want to talk.


But I can’t talk anymore about what will happen in the future.


I wonder if I would have been able to talk more if the others had not been there.



“I’ll rest first, but wake me up if you need me.” (Jiro)


“How?” (Memoria)


“Well just call out my name? Is there anyway else?” (Jiro)


“Yes, I think I would rather be the one to be woken up that way.” (Memoria)



“Let’s do that in private.” (Jiro)



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