Otherworld Company Chapter 80.1: A Work Announcement, I Guess…

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Another Side



~3rd Person Perspective~



In an otherworld continent, a continent of moonlit nights where the inhabitants of the Demon King Army live.


The basement of a cabin in the most remote part of the continent.



“It’s done.” (Man)



In the present day, working hours have long since ended, it is past midnight, and it will soon be morning.


At that time of the night, a man was in his laboratory with a test tube in his hand and a maniacal smile on his face.



“With this, here.” (Man)



The man’s expression, which had gone beyond jubilation to mania, looked mad yet truly happy.


The man who had abandoned sanity long ago and had been striving only for a single goal, was now so overcome with emotion at the mere sight of his accomplishment.



“It’s been so long, so long, so very long!” (Man)



The man’s taut threads of tension easily pulled up his excitement, removing the stopper of reason from his path.



“Now, let’s begin. My daughter.” (Man)



He looked pleased.



“Now, let’s break it down. My son.” (Man)



He gulps down the contents of the test tube with glee.



“Come on, come on, I will now die, devour me as your sustenance! Hahahahaha!!!” (Man)



And the man’s heart ends its role with a lough laugh followed by the sound of something piercing through it, and a fire bursts on the man’s hut.


The fire, which grew stronger and stronger, burned slowly but loudly as if it was signaling the start of something.


A shadow soared into the sky as if drowned in the smoke.


Then the shadow glanced back for a moment, saw the face of the man who had laughed in the fire, and flew away again, disappearing.



Another Side END



Side Jiro Tanaka



~Jiro’s Perspective~



“You’ve got a business call. What’s this about a medical checkup?” (Kaido)


“A medical checkup?” (Jiro)



It had been a few weeks since the business trip had ended, and the word “hard” seemed to fit the situation.


The previously much-publicized “Godforsaken” scandal has been drowned out by an idol’s infidelity scandal, and now only a few magazines are making a fuss about it.


The former heroes who have returned to their daily lives must be whining about their makeup classes.


Most of the students, with a few exceptions, have returned to their daily lives.


They will never step on the land of Ithar again.


I, the person who played a leading role in solving the problem, confirmed it in the form of a report, without ever coming out to the public.


And after a few days off, I, as a salaryman, would return to my normal duties.


There is no concept of a starting time for this job, which is entirely self-directed, but the time we gather in the party room is usually fixed.


When I take into account the inspection of weapons, armor, and supplies, as well as the time for meetings, the time naturally settles at 8:30 in the morning.


This time may change depending on the members, especially on the participation or non-participation of Minami and the others, but this does not have a major impact.


Masaru and Amelia, two high school students, especially Amelia Miyagawa, who is one of the holdovers mentioned earlier, can only come in the mornings on holidays once the summer vacation is over.


Most of the other days are done in the evening.


The university students, Kitamiya and Minami, come at different times depending on the lectures they are taking.


Sometimes they come first thing in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon.


We have a whiteboard in the party room where we can write down the shift schedule.


And as far as I can see, this morning only Kaido and I, who are working and are stationed in the party room, are on duty.


So, unless we oversleep, there will be no changes to the schedule.


Naturally, since we already have all the personnel in place, Kaido and I, who are often in this combination even in normal times, finished getting ready with familiarity, and I was just now playing with my tablet to see if there was anything to be communicated from the company before I left.



“Oh. All full-time and part-time employees are required to go to the company’s clinic for a checkup within a certain period of time.” (Jiro)


“Is this like an annual checkup?” (Kaido)


“I guess. This is not strange, but it’s interesting when I was contacted. It is interesting getting a medical checkup in a fantasy world.” (Jiro)


“The content seems unusual, though.” (Kaido)


“It’s roughly the same, but you get such an idea since there’s a magic checkup.” (Jiro)



It’s not surprising that if we do this job, our bodies will be affected in some way.


There is no option not to take it, they would also check the details, height, weight, etc. In addition to the tests that are generally done in the health checkup, there are a lot of items that will probably never be seen in Japan, such as a Magic Crest checkup and a Magic Power checkup.


At this rate, it seems that another item will be added to the blood test items.


Looking at the contents of the medical checkup, I thought it would take all day and tried to make a plan for my schedule.



“Well, if you haven’t heard from anyone else, should we get going?” (Kaido)


“I guess I’ll just get the nasty work done.” (Jiro)


“Senior… I’m feeling a little queasy.” (Kaido)


“It can’t be helped, we have no choice but to follow the instructions from the top.” (Jiro)



Unfortunately, it looks like it’s time to go to work.


There were no other work announcements, so I put down the tablet, and instead, I picked up the Mineral Tree and Kaido picked up the twin swords that he recently bought.


The destination is not the dungeon of the Ogre King, the dungeon of the Undying King, much less the dungeon of the Machine King.


It is the dungeon of the Insect King.


Why are we going to challenge a dungeon that we have never challenged before?


It was not because we were looking for a new place, or because we were tired of other dungeons.


It’s not that we are bored with the other dungeons that we haven’t tackled before.


The cause of the problem was simply a word from the supervisor.



“The dungeon is not progressing at all. You guys go and attack the dungeon of the Insect King.” (Evia)



When you’re told that, there’s no way you can avoid taking action.


The first thing the members of our party did was follow the instructions, but then one problem arose: the dungeon was too big.



“”Psychologically impossible!!”” (Minami, Karen & Amelia)



Our party members Minami, Kitamiya, and Amelia, who are female and of the two sexes, were the first to announce their intention to retire.


It’s not a mystery why.


As a man, even I was about to give up when I saw giant spiders over one meter in length leaping around the trees in the Amazon-like jungle, army ants larger than tigers striding about, and moths with hideous color schemes larger than a human’s face that we encountered every ten meters we walked.


When Minami lost her “that it is”, I could tell how serious she was.


No, I did not die, but I was reminded that insects that come to prey on you with all their might are terrifying things.


To be honest, it was a bit discouraging to challenge a dungeon that was approaching the realm of psychological attack.


And the bad conditions were compounded by the fact that the three women had dropped out.


And so, we, three men were left to challenge the dungeon.



“Sorry, I still have school.” (Masaru)



Masaru, our healer, and part fighter is a part-timer and cannot be expected as a permanent fighting force.


Thanks to this, our strength dropped, even though we were supposed to have more fighting force.


As a result, we are now taking on the challenge with only one-third of our total strength.



“I can’t force them to do anything.” (Jiro)


“For me, I was more afraid of being shot with friendly fire.” (Kaido)


“Ah, the large-scale magic of Kitamiya.” (Jiro)



It was terrifying at that time.


A sudden surprise attack from behind causes Kitamiya, whose mind blanked out, to go out of control, and a magic attack from behind that was only cast to annihilate everything is nothing but a nightmare for her allies.


She apologized later, but until the problem was remedied, it was better to go safely in small numbers to get the job done.


Well, Kitamiya was depressed when she was notified that she was removed from the attacking team… but I’m sure Masaru will do something about it.


As a follow-up, Kaidou and I have begun to conquer the Insect King Dungeon on the condition that they will challenge another dungeon.


And now that I’ve tried it enough times to be able to put it behind me and laugh about it, I’ve adjusted to the mental strain of Insect Paradise to a certain extent.


Thanks to this, my mood is often heavy these days.


A single chuckle can at least motivate me to grab what I need and head for the dungeon.



“If a huge spider attacked from above, we would be in a panic, but you wanted us to calmly deal with it.” (Kaido)


“We were almost burned to the ground.” (Jiro)


“Hair is life! It’s no laughing matter for me. If you had experienced it, you would know how hard it was for me.” (Kaido)


“I don’t like this.” (Jiro)


“Too blunt!” (Kaido)


“It’s not a mystery.” (Jiro)



While talking to each other, we continued on our way to the entrance of the dungeon, exchanging greetings with the passing fantasy employees.



“Speaking of which, Senior, do you know?” (Kaido)


“I don’t.” (Jiro)


“Wait, I haven’t said anything yet.” (Kaido)


“I’m not an Esper, so if you ask me if I know something while not giving information, I can only answer that I don’t.” (Jiro)



Out of nowhere, Kaido suddenly remembered something and moved to another topic.


Unpredictable about the content, I honestly answered confidently that I didn’t know.


I’m more worried about the extra income I can get from today’s dungeon dive.



“Rumors, about rumors.” (Kaido)


“What, your favorite succubus has a new lover?” (Jiro)


“Cathy is single! No, that’s not it. I’m talking about the placement of rare monsters.” (Kaido)


“Not a Blood?” (Jiro )




If that’s the case, then it’s time to talk about it, but it seems that it’s a different topic, judging from Kaido’s tone.



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