Otherworld Company Chapter 83.1: Don’t Worry About The Direction of Your Work On Your Own

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Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Has Girlfriends

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg & Memoria Tris

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Eight (General Class)

Job Title: Warrior



One, two, three


I bend my trembling arms and bring my face to the floor as I count, exhaling words in a slurring fashion.


Each time I do this, sweat trickles down my chin.


My T-shirt sticking to my face, a testament to how hard I have been working out.


I had thought that push-ups while standing on my head were something that only existed in comic books, but when I actually tried it, I was surprised at how effective it was.


While it is simply meant to build muscle strength, it is also suitable for strengthening the torso and developing my sense of balance.


It is not a bad thing to say, but since I started this job, I have had a lot of experience fighting on something other than a level foothold on the ground.


Thanks to this, the importance of a sense of balance has become painfully familiar to me.


Even though the more I fight, the more I can strengthen my body with my Magic Crests, it does not mean that I should neglect my core abilities.


It is true that the Magic Crest has the potential to absorb magical power and give me enhanced strength through repeated battles, even if I have a weak body.


However, even so, the difference in fundamentals cannot be ignored.


If the ability of the Magic Crest is the same, the final difference will be the difference in physical ability that has experience training.


In some cases, the difference in care ability can make up for the difference in Magic Crest’s ability.


The best way to move your body is to train like this.



“Phew.” (Jiro)



After completing the number of times on the menu, the next step is to go to the training field.


This is a facility for training parkour, where you are not allowed to put your feet anywhere other than the designated areas.


I run fearlessly, as the facilities are reminiscent of some athletic programs.


I do not just go for it with all my might, but I break through with a minimum of strength and with an awareness of keeping one hand free as much as possible.



“…tsk.” (Jiro)



I try to get the shortest record, but it doesn’t go well.


It is common to give it your all in a dungeon.


However, if you always give your all, you will not be able to give your all when the time comes.


Full power comes with a time limit, and while training to extend that limit is necessary, I believe that controlling that full power is the key to success.


It is necessary to increase sales, but sometimes it is also necessary to reduce costs.


But the results have been poor thus far.


It may not be fair to say, but just as cutting corners is no better than doing your best all the time, cutting back on effort is the same as putting a limit on yourself.


It is not easy to perform at one’s best in such a situation.


Even more so if you are not in perfect condition.


You are not focused.


I was supposed to be concentrating on my training, but suddenly the scene of that time passed through my mind.


A blow with all my might, and the monster resisting it.


As if shaking off the monster, I rhythmically clear the steppingstone footholds.


The next thing that came to mind was the final battle during my business trip.


I was trying to deal with the situation in a battle to gain time because I couldn’t win against the opponent’s ace.


I can give myself a high score for the rescue, but not a perfect score.



“Guh, huh.” (Jiro)



The result was not good, and I was thinking about my accomplishments that fell short of my goal.


I took a short break and drank down the sports drink I had prepared to replenish the amount of water I had lost through sweat.


The sensation of water soaking into my body tells me how tired I am.


Today is my day off, and normally I would have stopped at this point, but I think to myself,



“Should I go for another round?” (Jiro)



I decided to do one more for today and went back to the area where the training equipment was located.


Overexertion is not a good thing, but right now I simply wanted to move my body.



“…So, what am I doing?” (Jiro)



And as soon as I start training, my thoughts churned.


However, on the contrary, my thoughts were put to a halt.



“What is bothering you?” (Suela)


“Suela?” (Jiro)


“Yes, Suela, the dark elf who has come to pick up someone who has abandoned her lover on their day off.” (Suela)


“……I’m so sorry.” (Jiro)



But even that thought is quickly put on the brakes.


And if that’s the girlfriend I’ve neglected due to my own reasons, then I, as a man, have no choice but to give my full surrender.



“You sincerely apologized, and this time you’re worried about work, so I’ll forgive you.” (Suela)



Fortunately, it seems I made the right choice, and Suela gave me a smile after a deep sigh.



“So, what was troubling you?” (Suela)


“…about my status growth.” (Jiro)



It’s the pride of a simple man to want to show off a little.



“Hmm? It seems to be going well. Besides, as far as I can see from your performance, Jiro has been contributing the most.” (Suela)


“Is that so, but something is missing. I couldn’t forgive myself for the mistakes that I would normally see immediately, and I kept thinking about how I could do better.” (Jiro)


“So that’s what led you to work out alone in the training room?” (Suela)



Oh, that’s disgraceful.


I didn’t mean for Suela to hear this.



“Does it mean that my ambition is running on empty?” (Jiro)


“Something like that.” (Suela)



As Suela says, my worries stem from impatience.


I am relieved by Suela’s objective opinion, but it doesn’t mean that my problems have been solved.


That one blow, I couldn’t defeat the rare monster with a single blow.


That’s it, that’s all it took to put me in a slump.


It’s a ridiculous thought; like I just tripped over a pebble on the side of the road.


I felt thirsty after a short pause and thought about drinking the sports drink I had prepared, but then I remembered that I had finished it earlier and looked at the empty bottle.



“Here.” (Suela)


“Oh, thank you.” (Jiro)



I guess she must have seen me and prepared it for me.


She offered me something that tasted different from what I was drinking.


I thanked her and accepted it.


I sip the drink and feel it soak into my burning body.



“What kind of warrior should I become? How can I contribute more to the dungeon? Unlike others around me, I am old. That handicap is making me impatient.” (Jiro)



Human life is short.


And when you are in your prime, that time is even shorter.


If I keep going like this, my growth will probably come to a halt in no time.


I don’t want it to end.


I want to go higher.


My limit is not here, but further.


That blow reminded me of such a common longing, and that battle made me aware of the wall of limitations.



“I thought that if I worked out, for the time being, I could get some kind of answer, and I tried to do so aimlessly, but it was still no use. It seems that the answer is not so easy.” (Jiro)


“Jiro, I have a longer lifespan than you, and to be honest, some of your problems are hard for me to understand.” (Suela)


“……right.” (Jiro)



It is true.


The same is true for Memoria, a vampire, and Suela, a long-lived dark elf.


I wish they could sympathize with me a little, and I’m sorry to hear that, but that’s just the way it is.


It is not right to complain about their race.


I was about to change the subject, but Suela squeezed my hand and before I could open my mouth, I heard her words.



“But we can work together to find a solution to your problem.” (Suela)


“Suela?” (Jiro)


“Let’s think about it together. There is only so much one person can do, but if we work together, we can expand the scope of what we can do. If anything, I know more about fighting than you do.” (Suela)


“…you’re wonderfully dependable.” (Jiro)



“Yes, I get that a lot, so don’t be shy, okay?” (Suela)



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