Otherworld Company Chapter 83.2: Don’t Worry About The Direction of Your Work On Your Own

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“Yes, I get that a lot, so don’t be shy, okay?” (Suela)



She’s really dependable.


For some reason, Kaido and the others called me Leader and entrusted me with a position to lead them, making it difficult to talk to them.


But with Suela it was easy.



“Look at this.” (Jiro)



The first thing I did was to show Suela the tablet I had brought with my sports drink.


It showed my status.




Strength 4203

Durability 5059

Agility 2744

Endurance 3336 (-5)

Dexterity 1988

Knowledge 96

Intuition 455

Luck 5

Magic 1897



Nicotine Addiction

Lung Contamination



Intimidating Monkey Scream




And when you slide your finger across it, the image switches to a line graph.



“I’m pretty sure my personal growth rate is one of the fastest compared to Kaido and the others, but what about from Suela’s point of view?” (Jiro)


“Yes, I think so to. It’s amazing that you’ve grown so much in less than a year. It’s definitely one of the fastest growth speeds in the Demon King’s army.” (Jiro)



Suela, glances at the tablet I hold, then turns her serious gaze to me.


And now that she has grasped my current situation, I present my next problem.



“How much longer do you think this growth will last?” (Jiro)


“… I can’t say for sure, but if things continue as they are, I’d say within a few years at the earliest.” (Suela)


“Just as I expected.” (Jiro)



My physical peak has long passed.


Even if I reforge myself, it is easy to say that it would be difficult to keep going back to my peak.


I sense that my current rate of growth is merely filling a gap in my growth.


Pushing my limits is a reckless thing that is only possible because I am still young, however, it is too much for me.


There is always an upper limit somewhere.


That is why,



“How can I break through that growth limit?” (Jiro)


“…There are several ways that I can think of. One is to strengthen the body with magic potions, but this is only temporary and has side effects when it comes to altering the body. Some of them may shorten one’s life span. The second is to take in the blood of a different race through a magic ritual. By taking in the blood of ogres or us elves, it is possible to bring out the longevity and unique characteristics of that race. But to do that, you have to do it with people who are very compatible with each other, or else rejection will occur and you will lose your life.” (Suela)



I was looking for a way to get rid of that.


But it is not something that can be done easily, no matter how much of a fantasy I’m in.


It is possible, but risky if it is something like an extreme procedure.


Suela herself has offered the options, but she has stated to my face that she does not recommend either of them.



“The other option is to make a contract with a special spirit. In a way, this may be the most realistic.” (Suela)


“When you say spirit, you mean the one Suela showed me before… Can I, a human, do that?” (Jiro)



What I recall is the black dog and white cat that Suela called up during the emergency evaluation.


However, although it was my own prejudice, I had the impression that spirits could be used only because they were elves, who had a close relationship with nature.


At least when it comes to contracting with humans, at least I can’t imagine warrior types contracting with one.



“If I act as an intermediary, I can introduce you to spirits in the village, and if you use a certain amount of magical power, courtesy, and rituals, they will respond to you. The more powerful the spirit, the greater the price, but I can guarantee their power.” (Suela)


“Is that so… but is it allowed? Even though you’re my lover, you’re being very supportive of a single tester. Wouldn’t you be punished by the supervisor?” (Jiro)



If Suela says it’s possible, I guess it can be done, but as for me, I was going to ask her to teach me training methods and combat techniques, but I never thought it would lead to this topic.


I was going to ask Instructor Kio to give me a hell of training in the worst-case scenario, and I am thankful for this.


But if that worsens Suela’s position in any way, that’s a different story.



“No problem. Just as there are secret menus in restaurants, this company has its own secret menu of tricks, and if you become friends with an employee of the Demon King’s Army, we are allowed to lend our strength to a tester at the discretion of our tribe.” (Suela)


“What is that RPG-like hidden/secret bonus system?” (Jiro)


“There was a restriction from us not to offer it on our own, so it’s not surprising that nobody would notice. But before signing the contract, I told you that I would help you if you asked for help. It means that in order to be strong, it is essential to be friends not only with others but also with the backers who support you. I don’t think anyone knows about this trick either since Jiro is new to it, so please don’t talk about it.” (Suela)



Come to think of it, before we signed the contract, he said that the dark elves would fully back us up, but was this aspect of the contract as well?


I had thought that they would only provide support such as insurance, medical treatment, and underground facilities.


Would anyone be normally aware of this?


It is unreasonable to ask them to be aware of a game-like system that can be used if you get to a certain level of trust.


No, maybe that handsome Hizumi would raise a flag with a female employee and notice that one day.



“This is what they mean by being knocked down. Could it be that the instructors were helping us with our training.” (Jiro)


“Yes, or they wouldn’t be training a single individual. In their case, it could have been their mood.” (Suela)


“Yeah, that’s right.” (Jiro)



Probably, when I asked the supervisor to have the instructors cooperatively train Kaido, she probably gave permission because of this trick.


It makes me happy to think that I have won that much trust.



“So, how soon can I make that contract? It’s not going to happen right away, is it?” (Jiro)


“I am sure that there are spirits that have not yet been contracted, but I don’t know at this point if there are any spirits that are interested, so it will take about two weeks to confirm that and apply for permission.” (Suela)


“I see, so I’ll work hard in the dungeon until the preparations are finished. It’s easier to make a contract with a spirit if I’m a little stronger, right?” (Jiro)


“Yes, it would be better to increase the possibility as much as possible.” (Suela)



I am still glad that I consulted with her rather than worrying alone.


With this, I could see a little hope, so there is no point in overworking.



“Suela, I would like to thank you for your counsel.” (Jiro)


“Well, th-then, um, after you’re done with your contract with the spirits, would you like to go on a date over there?” (Suela)


“I suppose.” (Jiro)



I thought about going out for dinner afterward, but it seems that Suela had something else she wanted me to do.


As an individual, I can take it easy and see where Suela was born. Going sightseeing is good too.


The problem is Memoria, but if I think of a way to make up for it, the problem will be solved.



“…uh, can we stop by my house then? Umm, I want to introduce my lover to my family.” (Suela)


“…” (Jiro)


“So, is that a no?” (Suela)



Is this what it feels like to have your outer moat almost filled?


A bomb was suddenly dropped on me, and I stopped thinking for a moment.


Is it the permission that Suela is talking about?


How could she do such a sweeping thing? I let my thoughts wander while she remained silent.



“…I’ll be ready by then.” (Jiro)



But a man’s thoughts were as good as useless before Suela, who looked up at me anxiously.


As soon as I raised the white flag and answered with a slow nod, Suela smiled brighter than ever.



Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Has Girlfriends

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg (Dark Elf) & Memoria Tris (Vampire)

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Eight (General Class)

Job Title: Warrior


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This is how being supported feels like.


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