Otherworld Company Chapter 91: Trial & Error But in the End!

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Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Has Girlfriends

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg & Memoria Tris

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Eight (General Class)

Job Title: Warrior



On a true battlefield, there is no signal to start the war.


If I had to say something, I would say that the first step is taken by either of us when we sense each other’s intent to kill is the signal for the war to begin.


I am just running through the battlefield, remembering the words of someone I don’t know.


I don’t know how many enemies I have killed since entering this dungeon.


Even now, I am cutting down what I believe to be one of the largest ones I have ever cut down.


Incidentally, this record of being the biggest is being renewed as we go deeper and deeper into the dungeon.


It was only at the beginning that we were in a close battle.


The enemy must have been at maximum strength.


When the main forces of both sides clash, the time for a clean fight is short.


And even if the other side’s capabilities had improved, they were still only as intelligent as a hair on a beast.


Their actions, without regard to strategy, led to disorder, and in the blink of an eye, the battle became completely chaotic.


There is no time to be moved by the fact that we have the ability to somehow stay safe in such a mixed situation of friend and foe.


If I have time for such things, it is better to cut down the enemy as much as possible.



“Hahahaaaaaaaaaa!!!” (Jiro)



I can’t say that I’m too tired to move.


I will force my rough breathing back to normal with magic power and cut down the enemy with a monkey’s cry.





■■■!!!” (Shadow)


“Haa!” (Jiro)



I will be eaten.


Even now, the black fangs passed a few centimeters in front of my face.


The current situation is such that I never know when or where the enemy will strike.


But even with this, this area is still comparatively better.





“Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! More! I want to have more fun!” (Kio)



Because this demon is enjoying itself to the fullest.


This is the deepest part of the area, which is densely populated with individuals of comparatively high ability.


The sight of a single ogre overwhelming that place would have been a very pleasant one, had it not been for the fact that the ogre was the one involved in the attack.


Every time he swung his club, something would burst, creating a small crater.


And then an ogre army marches through the space created.


I was with them, but I was always forced to do my best, so I had little time to enjoy myself.


It is ironic, however, that the safest area is the one that I am still carving out for the enemy general.


However, that safety also comes with its own set of dangers.



“Ora!!” (Kio)



It is no different in the air.


I jumped up to avoid an individual that attacked me as if it were connected to another Evo Eater that passed in front of my face, but the three individuals that I thought were stuck in mid-air spread their insect-like wings and flew towards me.


I sliced one of them vertically, used the recoil to kick the second one to the ground, and then grabbed the last one by the throat strength and threw it downwards with all my strength.


I skewered the two Evo Eaters that had been knocked into such a dangerous area, their brain.


Finally taking a breath and looking around from the slightly elevated foothold, I look in the direction the instructor is heading and see the giant, immobile leader of the Evo Eater.


It was shouting in a strange, shrill voice and occasionally releasing magical cannonballs and tentacles at the instructor that seem to engulf all including its allies, but if he were an existence that could be dealt with by long-range attacks, that ogre would have been defeated before he got here.


However, he seems to have taken attacks several times, but does he not feel pain?


Just when I think I survived the attacks almost unscathed, I can see it grabbing rocks around here and throwing them back.



“It is the usual crap!” (Jiro)



That’s what happens when you have a boss running in front of you like that.


This ogre army must be at peak morale.


There has been a constant stream of yelling and screaming since a while ago, but the intentions that go into it all sound positive.



“I’m also going!” (Jiro)



Perhaps it is because of this atmosphere, but I still feel no fatigue building up in my body.


Is it because I feel physically stronger, or is it because I’ve been fighting for the past three days, and adrenaline has been non-stop coursing through my veins?


Either way, it doesn’t matter.


For now, I just have to fight with all my might.


In order to catch up with the instructor, I kicked the Evo Eater, which I was using as a foothold, and pushed forward.


The enemy moves slowly.


Or perhaps my movements are getting faster.


It is fair to say that there is almost no resistance to the Mineral Tree that I swung with the intention of cutting through even the flow of air.


I feel a slight sensation of flesh separating at my fingertips as I push forward, leaving footprints on the ground as I knock down one and then another, building a pile of corpses that will not return to magic power.


“Yeaaaaaaaaaaah!!!” (Jiro)



The sword horizontally cleaves mercilessly splitting the opponent’s torso in two, and before the corpse falls to the ground, I challenged another individual.


My mind and body are not in a position to think about the cause of any worry.



“It is often said that feeling is quicker than thinking.” (Jiro)



Turning my wrist and switching from the forward hand to the reverse, the tip of the Mineral tree pierced deep into the ground and penetrated a Evo Eater, which was clicking its jaws at me.


I slowly pulled it out, shook it once to get rid of the blood, and start running again.


I ran again, transmitting power from my toes to my heels as I gouged the ground with each dash forward.


Fortunately, the targets are large enough that I can clearly see where my target ogre is, even in this cavernous, noisy place.



“Hey, Instructor I caught up to you.” (Jiro)


“Aren’t you late?” (Kio)


“I can’t be like the instructor, I already came here in a hurry.” (Jiro)


“Gahahahaha!! You still have a long way to go… You get a passing mark!” (Kio)


“Thank you. What about that guy?” (Jiro)



And the target of the job…


The target monster was standing still in the center of the crater after wiping out the enemy, or should I say the hypocenter.


I caught up with the instructor and stood next to him, and nearly out of my line of sight, I saw the enemy general, who was already right under our nose.



“Come to think of it, this is my first time fighting such a big enemy, do you have any tips?” (Jiro)


“Huh? I don’t have anything like that, you know?” (Kio)


“My bad.” (Jiro)




The enemy is so big that it is by far the biggest enemy I have ever fought.


If I were to challenge such an enemy, the Mineral Tree, which is only about my height, would be no more than a thorn from my opponent’s perspective.


It’s a shame to reveal my lack of experience, but it’s better than dying, and if I honestly ask a question, the instructor will answer with his usual savage smile.



“Hit them as hard as you can. If you do that, they’ll probably die one way or another.” (Kio)


“I thought you would say that.” (Jiro)



Frankly speaking, I did not expect to be reasoned with in a place like this.


The instructor’s answer was the simple-is-best expected solution.


In a sense, the answer was more comforting and easier to understand than the advice of a renowned swordsmith, but from a practical standpoint, it made me want to bemoan the fact that he did not give me a concrete plan.


But, unfortunately, I had no time to ask for specifics.


The enemy, seeing us as a threat, made a move.



“I didn’t think it could take that off.” (Kio)


“I guess it normally can’t just take it off. It’s probably been able to remove it recently.” (Jiro)



The large egg-shaped torso that made up 40% of the body was detached, and its huge body moved with a slithering motion.


The now lightweight mother put her six sharp feet on the ground, and with a strange cry, she sprouted tentacles, so many that it was almost impossible to count them.



“Are each one of them a predatory organ?” (Jiro)


“That’s good. They’re so easy to remove.” (Kio)


“What a carefree guy. I’m worried about being eaten, and I’m full of worries.” (Jiro)


“Hey, just ignore the tentacles. A good blow to the enemy’s weakness and the battle is over.” (Kio)


“Is it that simple?” (Jiro)


“It is that simple… In a fight, the winner is the one who kicks, punches, knocks the other one down, and stands at the end.” (Kio)



The instructor is very friendly and casual as he tells me the countermeasure to the fangs that can be seen at the end of the tentacles wiggling and slithering.


The tentacles are probably trying to store energy while we are having this conversation.


I see them preying on the dead Evo Eaters.



“Well, I don’t want to be first. Still, I better get to work.” (Jiro)



At the same time, I saw a number of tentacles coming toward me, and the ogre beside me started to move as well.


The instructor slowly walks out from next to me.


His steps are as casual as if he were going for a walk, and he exposes his flesh, harder than steel, to the tentacles.


The tentacles, thinking that the tastiest bait has arrived in front of them, attack the instructor.



“Watch, Jiro, this can be your goal.” (Kio)



The instructor was unperturbed by the scene.


The instructor thrusts his metal bat into the ground with a yielding motion.


Then, he let his fighting spirit boil over.



“It is a souvenir of the underworld. I will build the road to hell.” (Kio)



His fighting spirit gradually spreads and forms a huge red shadow.



“Now, now, let’s start a fight between demons. If you beat me in a spectacular manner, you will get a round of applause. Don’t worry. Ogres are a race that takes unparalleled pleasure in fighting, and they won’t hold a grudge if they lose.” (Kio)



The instructor slowly pulls back one leg, and the shadow pulls itself up as well.



“But know that this fight will not end half-heartedly.” (Kio)



I could’ve described this as a bomb blast and an explosion, but that was just the beginning.


I didn’t even have time to look at the first, and when I felt the instructor’s arm blur, the numerous tentacles had vanished.


Did he swing a metal rod?


No, no, that was just the pressure from his fist.


The golden rod was still stuck near the instructor’s side.


What the hell, an ogre holding a metal rod? Was it a red herring?


It is ridiculous to think that one is stronger fighting with one’s own body than with a weapon.


This is the real fighting stance of the Ogre King.



■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■!!!” (Shadow)


■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■!!!” (Kio)



The roars of the ogre and the monster collided, and both sides had their powers clash, trying to crush the other with all their might.


No one could intervene in this scene.


It is obvious that if I take a step forward, I will surely be turned into minced meat.


Even as I watch from a distance, I feel as if my body is about to be carried away by the hurricane that is triggered each time the ogre’s fist is released.


The other party is also very good at continuously recovering even after being cut down by such blows.


No matter what I say, no one’s voice will reach the instructor until the opponent is defeated.


If so, I decided to take a step back and take action to cut down the opponent even if I might be in the way, even if only a little.



“?” (Jiro)


There, what comes into sight is a huge cocoon that has been cut off from the mother’s body and left behind.


The eerily enshrined, silent gigantic object seemed to be very out of place in this scene, which portrays such a fierce battle.


That is the organ that has produced Evo Eaters up until now.


Could it be completely silent?


Wouldn’t it at least discharge the remaining eggs or the Evo Eaters that are likely to be born in the womb?



“No way.” (Jiro)



I had no proof, but I found myself running as fast as I could.


That baseless intuition was driving me.


The instructor said.


General Kuzuri is a general who births and nurtures.


Her ability is to reproduce.


If that is the case, then why is the enemy cutting off that ability and fighting the instructor head-on?


Is it because they are cornered?


Because they already have no more strength?


Because they have the ability to defeat the instructor even from the front?


All of these things make me feel uncomfortable and make me add more strength to my legs.


The battlefield, where ogres and monsters are interwoven, is like the earth being bombed, and it would be foolish to run through it.


But my intuition tells me that I must still run the shortest distance possible.


Even though the rocks were exploding and the debris was grazing my cheeks, I didn’t blink and just focused all my attention forward and ran through the battlefield.


And, thanks to that, what was waiting for me at the end of the battlefield was a cocoon-like monster with a crack running across, the monster’s huge body, extending its huge mouth outside, trying to swallow the instructor with the monster whole.


I realized that this was the real deal, and my actions were quite simple when I saw such a thing.


My magic power flowed and I experience time slowing down with my eyes. I pushed forward as fast as I could to prevent its mouth from being opened. I jumped up and swung down the Mineral Tree with all my might.



“It’s hard!!” (Jiro)



Still, I was able to cut into its mouth slightly.


A slight disturbance stopped the movement of the monster.


That moment was enough to make the instructor aware of its presence.



“Instructor.” (Jiro)



And in that instant.



“I’ll leave the rest to you.” (Jiro)



I could only entrust it to him.



“Jiroooo!!!” (Kio)



After I felt myself floating in the air, my vision went dark.



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