Otherworld Company Chapter 92.1: A Promotion!!! Huh? Something’s Different

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Another Side



~3rd Person Perspective~



The Ogre King’s eyes certainly caught the moment his disciple’s figure was swallowed up.


He shouted his name as soon as he saw it, but it was obvious that it was already too late.


It was a strategy that brilliantly took advantage of the Ogre King’s carelessness, as he had underestimated the ability of the cocoon itself, and did not expect that it would come to devour from another side.


It was also prevented by a single person, and the damage was kept to a minimum.


It would not be an exaggeration to say that this was a great victory that destroyed the enemy’s plans.


However, what was lost was irreplaceable.


For a moment, his thoughts almost boiled over, but he was a general who had fought many battles in the past.


He did not lose his focus due to a rush of blood to the top of his head, and he never made a mistake in judgment.


He did not throw away Jiro’s success in preventing a surprise attack.


The enemy is in front of him.



“I’ll blow you away!!” (Kio)



He punched.


He is not a master of blowing away a huge body more than ten times his size, but he is a master of blasting away a huge body that falls to the ground on its backside.



“You sneak and hide, if you’re going to fight, do it proudly!” (Kio)



The fist of the raging ogre punches another giant, a faceless monster with only a mouth, out of its cocoon.


The cocoon, which was acting like an eggshell, was shattered by the shockwave, and its power could be detected by the sound of the blow as it struck, probably because it was carrying the momentum of its attempt to open the cocoon.


The sound generated a shockwave that caused the ground and rock surfaces to flip.



“TAKE THIS!!!” (Kio)



The Ogre King, who is the best general in terms of commanding the front line with his raw power, fighting ability, and judgment, decided that he must deal with these two.


Based on the feel of the blows and the concentration of magical power, the combined strength of these two bodies is more than one but less than two generals in the Demon King’s army.


If they were left to his subordinates, it would be possible to defeat them, but the damage would be much greater.


Understanding this, he weighed the possibility of defeating it against the possibility of being defeated himself, and his decision-making criteria, including his nature as a combat maniac, were firmly tilted.


The answer was to raise his voice and draw their attention to him.



“All troops, push back the front line! Do not enter the general’s battlefield!” (Ogre)



The second-in-command, a giant ogre, sensing this, drew the attention of the other Evo Eaters and pushed back the front line.


This is so that the Ogre King can fight at full strength.


The monsters, seeing the retreat of their prey as an opportunity and acting on instinct, were lured by this decision.


As a result, a space is created in the center of the vast deepest area.


Standing there are two giant beasts and n ogre.


For an ordinary person, this would be an impossible, reckless, and foolhardy encounter, but for this demon, the words “impossible, reckless, and foolhardy” do not even register in his mind.


Although he is a bare-handed fighter, he is more than capable of putting up a fight on equal terms.


With this confidence, the Ogre King took a step forward.


There is no smile on his face, showing his usual enjoyment.


It was just a cold-hearted demon walking toward his opponent, determined to beat the other to death.


Responding to the bloodlust, the faceless monster with a huge mouth and the mother monster with undulating tentacles prepared for battle.


It did not matter whether who was first or second.


The ogre, which has changed its steps into a full-on stride, leaps at the faceless monster sitting in front of it with all its might.


Where the ogre had been a moment ago, several tentacles pierced the ground.


From that point on, it was a battle of those who had no timer to defend.


The two bodies, one as an ogre that can defeat any attack with his aggression and the other a predator that does not care whether it is attacked or not, but simply tries to devour its prey as efficiently as possible.


The battle was climactic from the start, as both sides were grinding away at each other’s lives.



Side END



Side Jiro Tanaka



~Jiro’s Perspective~



I f*cked up.


That was my first thought.


It took less than a second from the time I near the mouth to the time I was swallowed.


The only thing I could do at that time was to thrust the Mineral Tree against the huge wall of flesh to reduce its momentum, but the swirling viscera drove me deeper and deeper into its mouth as if whatever I do didn’t matter.


The obviously the dangerous mucus made it impossible for me to open my eyes.


Even if I covered my body with magic power, I don’t know how long it would protect my body due to the larger amount that was being absorbed.


So at least not that soon.


Even now, I am desperately putting all my strength against the darkness inside its guts to keep myself from being crushed, but conversely, I cannot do anything more than that.


Even if I wanted to swing the Mineral Tree, I can’t do anything if I have zero distance to swing it.


I thought I could do better, but…


I want to let out a sigh as weighing myself down because I’ve rushed into it without thinking, but I can see that if I open up, I’ll lose my strength.


If I do, the result is so clear that I don’t need to imagine it.


I was wondering what to do, but I couldn’t come up with a solution at all, and in the end, every time my upper arm felt like it was about to lose its strength, I repeatedly applied force again.


Whenever I hear the sound of something melting near my body mixed with the sound of flesh undulating, I know that time is running out every second.



“!?” (Jiro)



I clenched my teeth so I didn’t scream, but under normal circumstances, I would have let out at least a little bit of my voice.


Suddenly, a jolt of something hit my body.


The force of the impact itself was not painful thanks to its huge body, but the gravity and centrifugal force were a different story.


It was difficult to maintain my posture when I was suddenly turned upside down and shaken like I was in a shaker.


My body, which had slid on the slimy mucus, was shaken right and left, up and down, after putting strength into my hands so that I would not let go of my Mineral Tree.


I could no longer tell which way was up and which way was down.


I was dropped into some kind of pond-like pool of water.


Oh no!


I was consuming a lot more magic power than before.


I was knocked into the digestive system, and the digestive juices trying to dissolve me and my magical power resisted it, but the other party had a larger amount.


Even if I tried my best to resist, it would be like water on a hot stone, and my limit would come in a flash.


Something clearly melted.


It was probably the armor I was wearing.


The exposed area melted at once due to a lack of magic power.



“!?!?!?!?!?!?” (Jiro)



And a burning sensation was running down my arm.


I grit my teeth and endure it, but once it starts running not only on my arm but all over my body…



“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!” (Jiro)



I can’t endure it anymore.


The pain that comes avalanching in the instant my concentration is lost for a moment weakens my ability to resist.


Is this what it means to be dissolved alive?


My whole body screams out in pain, so much so that I don’t care that my throat is burning.


In fact, it is a miracle that I can even think of such a thought, as my entire body is burning and the pain increases.


Because my body is composed of magic power, it melts slower than flesh and blood.


However, it was not a good thing.


My soul is being burnt slowly because of its poor endurance, and it is experiencing a torturous environment.


My body is in the liquid, already losing sensations, and I don’t even know if I’m struggling.


Gradually my thoughts are beginning to lean towards being free from pain.


I am becoming more and more panicked because I can’t do anything about the situation.


Do I have to die?


It was not too late to make such a choice.


If I am going to be tortured slowly, why not?


I thought so, and I gripped the handle of the mineral tree, which I felt slightly that it had not yet melted.


The pain was so great that I couldn’t feel it, but I could tell by the connection of my magic power that it was still there.


If I thrust it into my heart, it will be enough to separate me from this pain.



Is that really what I want?



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