Otherworld Company Chapter 92.2: A Promotion!!! Huh? Something’s Different

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Is that really what I want?


For a moment, though, a clear hesitation appeals to me.




It wasn’t like it was just going to end.


I’m starting to feel less and less pain.


It’s the end of the line.


Thanks to this, I was able to think calmly, if only a little.


There’s not much magic left in me.


There is almost nothing I can do.


However, if I had been able to live peacefully and just disappear without doing anything, I wouldn’t be here.


I was in despair until a while ago, but if I have even a little rebelliousness, I can get back on my feet.


I don’t know if it was funny, but it was.


That alone makes me feel somewhat better.




For a moment, the composition of my body was shaken.


But time doesn’t seem to wait for me.


It’s finally time to pay the tribute, then.


Shall I go with the once-in-a-lifetime gamble?


The remaining magical power is minimal, and all the rest is channeled to the Mineral Tree.


I’ll use my Slash skill to open a hole in its huge body.


With that kind of spirit, I will even use the magical power that makes up my body, and I will use only the magical power that will give me enough time to deliver a blow for defense and the rest for an attack.


I don’t have that much magic power left, and the preparation for the attack will be over soon.



“Die monster!!!” (Jiro)



He cried out as if he was exhaling the remaining oxygen, and with all his remaining strength, he released a slash that formed a solid blade and set its fangs into the wall, but it repaired the slight cut.



“Haha!” (Jiro)



Powerless laughter came out.


Oh, that’s right.


If small individuals have the ability to regenerate, there is no reason why this huge body can’t.


I tried to give it a shot… but, it’s a foregone conclusion.


I’ve done what I can do, and now I’m just going to disappear, just drifting around with no power in my body.


I don’t have to close my eyelids, I can’t see anything, and I don’t even know if my body is even moving.


After all, even the magical power that composes my body is equal to nothing.


It is impossible to feel anything.


The magic that I could barely feel just a moment ago has ceased to exist…




I apologize to Kaido, Minami, Masaru, Kitamiya, and Amelia. Also to Suela and Memoria, who gave me such love.


It is shameful that I am like this despite the advice of the supervisor.


My thoughts sink down to the last such thought.


It is pitch black, I can’t feel anything, I can’t speak, I can’t hear anything.


I don’t know if I have a body or not.


I don’t know anything.


My sense of time is ambiguous, and he does not know if it is now one second, one hour, or even one year has passed.


Only my consciousness remains.


I can think like this, but only vaguely.


How? Am I really dead?


Yes, I must be dead.


Then am I in the afterlife?


I knew this from knowledge, but what a boring place it is.


I don’t even know if it’s dark or bright.


It is just an imperceptible space.


The only thing I can say is that there are no demons like Instructor Kio to guide me through hell.


If it is hell, it is a sight that makes me shrug my shoulders and wonder where it is and if there is heaven.






A voice?









This is…






I feel something like a pulsing in the midst of my vaguely moving thoughts.


A certain strength that quietly conveys only vibrations.


It is gradually trying to awaken my consciousness, appealing to me something like the pulsation of a beating heart.


It took me a while to understand that it was a wave of magical power.


But then the question comes to mind.


Who would send me magical power in this space where everything is being sucked away?


As if driven by the feeling, the sensation in my body slightly returns to normal, it’s happening.


But who is it?


Who in the world is sending me the magic power to keep me from disappearing ……?


As I search through my blurred vision, I see something glowing in the middle of the path.


It was positioned so that it floated right in front of my eyes, and judging from the revived feeling, it was where my right arm should be.


My eyes are protected by magic and my vision comes back clearer than before.



“You.” (Jiro)



I can’t speak, but I’m startled.


My eyes widen.


My eyes catch sight of the Mineral Tree rooted in my right hand, sending magic power from its roots to me.


The Mineral Tree’s handle transformed as if it was trying to hold my hand, and the roots, which were growing out of the seed, the core of the Mineral Tree, wrapped around my palm and extended to my shoulder.


Seeing that spectacle, I thought for a moment that it was going to prey on my remaining magic at the sight of it, but there was no unpleasant sensation there.



“……” (Mineral Tree)



The only thing that was there was a warm feeling that kept pulsating and sending magic power as if appealing to me not to give up even after my consciousness became clear.



“*Cough* Haha.” (Jiro)



Such clumsy pep talk made me burst into laughter.


What a partner, he is so good at moving people.


This act, which sounds like a child cheering me on to do my best, makes me feel ashamed of myself for having given up.


So, come on.


Shall we do it together?


It’s still too early to give up, and the magical power passed to Mineral Tree is very familiar to me.


I circulate it by letting it go back and forth between me and the mineral tree.


Thanks to the fact that it is rooted in the tree, the exchange is quite fast.


Kneading magic power around.


Kneading and flowing magic power.


Kneading and purifying magic power.


Then my body is reconstructed.


Taking each step in turn, I aim for an even better one than my original body.



“Let’s go partner!!!” (Jiro)



Passing the critical point, I move my magical power further.


With the power of a blast furnace, I hold back the vortex of magma-like hot and heavy magic deep in my stomach and wait for its release.



“…” (Mineral Tree)



The Mineral Tree also increases its beating pulse, receiving and sending back the magical power born inside it.


The more we accelerate the circulation of magic power, the more it boils inside me.


The sensation is even greater than ever before, and then, finally.


Oh, I can cut it.


It gave me that feeling.



“!” (Mineral Tree)



I take a stance in response to my partner’s last loud pulsation.



“I’ll blow you away!!!” (Jiro)



As if my shout became power, my slash swung like cutting a circle around and cutting something big with a solid response.



“*Cough* Hahaha!” (Jiro)



Feeling that sense of accomplishment throughout my body, I saw my world (in the Evo Eater) shift, and light shining through.


I kicked the flesh and jumped into the light in a straight line.



“Buha!!!” (Jiro)



I feel the air and feel the outside for the first time in tens of minutes.


Then I land on the ground, turn around and give the monster my middle finger.



“Suck this!” (Jiro)



The timing of the landing was just the same as that of the giant body collapsing near me.


With the sound of the giant body collapsing as background music, I smile wide.


Then, my partner, whose shape had changed, stowed away its roots as if to say that it had finished its work.


My arm is left with a distinctive tattoo, as if to show where the roots stretched.



“Thank you, partner.” (Jiro)



Just as I was about to thank my partner, a huge hole appeared in the center of the other monster.


The being that could do such a thing looked at me and turned his usual savage smile from the top of its corpse.


I think it was praise for me doing a job well done.


That is why I answered with a silent smile, proud that I had done it, too.



Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Has Girlfriends

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg (Dark Elf) & Memoria Tris (Vampire)

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Eight (General Class)

Job Title: Warrior


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