Otherworld Company Chapter 93: Strange Results

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Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Has Girlfriends

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg & Memoria Tris

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Eight (General Class)

Job Title: Warrior



I just look at the great battle I just participated in.


The sight of two Kaiju Evo Eaters lying on the ground was nothing short of breathtaking.


The fact that I could defeat one of them with all my strength gave me confidence in the future.


Now, in the front, two huge bodies lying quietly, so huge that they cannot be hidden by the dust cloud, and the battlefield around us is gradually closing in.



“Haa…” (Jiro)



The leaderless Evo Eaters are no longer functioning as a swarm, and their movements are not helping against the coordination of the ogres moving as an army.


I saw the Evo Eaters being knocked down one after another so that the word “cleanup” is appropriate, and my body naturally relaxed and sat down on the spot, as I sensed by the atmosphere that the area, I was now standing in was secured, and my body naturally weakened and sat down on the spot. It’s done.



“Haha, I finally got a breather…… Haa, I ain’t got any strength.” (Jiro)



Sit down cross-legged leaning against the Mineral Tree.


The sensation of having consumed all of the magic power that was in my body, I was so weak that I can’t do anything, but I was feeling a sense of indescribable exhilaration.


It would be great to have a smoke at a time like this.



“Well, it’s all melted away.” (Jiro)



The only thing that miraculously remains in my current outfit is my pants, and everything else I wore was melted away.


The breast pocket where I used to keep my cigarettes is melted away, along with the cigarettes themselves.


I should have guessed that I was shirtless, but I was saddened that I couldn’t smoke when I wanted to.



“Haa, it’s all melted beautifully. I’ll have to buy equipment again… I wonder if I’ll get some compensation for the equipment.” (Jiro)



I played the abacus in my mind that it would be a painful expense if I didn’t get it.


I vowed to myself that at the very least I would bill the instructor, but then the very person I was trying to bill appeared on the scene.






However, instead of walking, he moved from the air.


What’s more, he carefully landed one meter in front of my eyes, the weight of his huge body, combined with the acceleration from the fall, made a magnificent roar as he appeared.


I was sitting right in front of him, and I was covered in a magnificent cloud of dust.


I wanted to smoke, but not dust.


I knew that such a complaint would have no effect on the person in front of me.



“You look great, Instructor.” (Jiro)


“You look like you’ve run out of steam, Jiro.” (Kio)



A little sarcasm, I suppose.


I implicitly told him that I was exhausted and that he should not work me too hard, but of course, he didn’t understand me. The instructor who walked up to me patted (smacked) me on the back mercilessly and said,



“Good job.” (Kio)


“*Cough**Cough*, thanks?” (Jiro)



He looked me straight in the eye and praised me for my achievement.


The words of thanks I was able to say, even though I was choked up at the mention of them, were clumsy, even for me.


However, on the inside, I was experiencing an indescribable itch, as if my parents were praising me for the first time.


In order to hide it, I clipped my words.



“How did you come out alive? I was going to save you by punching a big hole in its stomach, but honestly, I would be lucky if you still lived, you know?” (Kio)


“Even now, you’re still unkind to your students.” (Jiro)


“Hey, I’m an ogre among ogres. So, what did you do?” (Kio)


“I thought about that too… It was a coincidence that I survived, it really was dumb luck.” (Jiro)



Thinking back on the scene after being eaten by that creature, I can affirm that if I made a mistake in my judgment somewhere, I wouldn’t be sitting here.



“I was struggling desperately inside its stomach, and just as I was about to be used as a source of nourishment after my last desperate attempts failed, this guy saved me.” (Jiro)



I need to find out later what the hell was the state of awakening I was in earlier, but for now, I stroke the blade as if to thank my silent partner.


The cold yet smooth sensation of the metal gives me a sense of dependability.



“If I hadn’t received the magic power that had accumulated in my sword, I would have been used as nourishment, just as the instructor had imagined. I’m really glad I bought this guy.” (Jiro)



I smiled, grateful for the encounter and my decision at that time.



“You know the truly powerful even attract luck, you idiot. You survived, that’s the reality, and the rest is all b*llshit. Now you should be proud that you survived.” (Kio)


“Yes, sir.” (Jiro)



I can’t help but laugh at the instructor’s amazing rhetoric.


But I feel very comfortable with his theory.


So, I can reply honestly.



“Well, can’t you just say that if I have enough room to laugh I can also stand up?” (Jiro)



When I laughed, the instructor also turned his usual brutal smile on me.


As the instructor said, I rested for a while, so my magic power recovered a little, but there was no problem with standing and walking.



“Yes, I have no problem just moving around.” (Jiro)


“Great, then time to go.” (Kio)


“Go where?” (Jiro)


“Of course, We are going to treat you. You’ve been using your magic too much, haven’t you?” (Kio)



The instructor’s gaze suddenly turned serious, and I reacted with a startle.


I don’t even have to ask him how he found out.


It’s probably because I’m exhausted up to this point, and from the instructor’s point of view, I’m definitely a wreck.



“That’s the reason why your magic is not flowing properly. The flow of your magic power is disordered, and it puts a strain on various parts of your body. That’s why the power doesn’t go in properly. …What the hell, you can’t have a party with that kind of body. Go get yourself fixed up. —Hey! You there, take him to Evia for treatment!” (Kio)


“Yes, sir!” (Ogre)



I can only say that it’s great that he grasps my situation at a glance.


Are they familiar with the structure of the body or are they accustomed to injuries?


The latter, I think, was the case as the Ogre moved with the instructor’s orders before placing me on his shoulder.



“What are you going to do, Instructor?” (Jiro)


“I’m going to go and run wild some more. You better get yourself fixed up before I’m done, and then we’ll have a party.” (Kio)



The instructor gave a thumbs-up without looking back and walked into the battlefield, which was beginning to quiet down.


It’s called post-work operation, I guess.


If I stay any longer than this, I will just get in the way of the post-work operation and there’s no point, so I will just let the ogre carry me off.


I thought about using the emergency escape function, but that would be pointless unless I died.


Who would want to die?


If I could get him to the nearest gate, then it would be a straight line to the infirmary.


I sighed as I thought of being lectured again by Suela and Memoria, even though it was inevitable.


The least I could do was to make it back alive.


The ogre carrying me was moving fast, probably wanting to get back to the battlefield as soon as possible.


At least, it was definitely faster than my leisurely return.


As long as I feel the comfort of the wind and watch the scenery flow by as fast as if I were riding in a car, we will reach the nearest gate in no time.


He activates the gate and exits.


And then the ogre runs through the company again.


I spend a few minutes being stared at by employees who look back at us to see what is going on.


I passed a few familiar faces, but for some reason, they looked satisfied.


I don’t understand.



“It’s an emergency, we need treatment.” (Ogre)



While I was in a sensitive mood, wondering if there would be any more strange rumors tomorrow, the infirmary was just a stone’s throw away, and we quickly went inside.


The familiar medical staff smiles at me and asks why I’m here again, and there’s nothing I can do but bow my head and say, “Please take care of me again.” (Jiro)


I am laid down on the bed, and I thank the ogre.



“Thank you for saving my life.” (Jiro)


“I’ve seen your courage. Ogres respect the strong. Don’t worry about it.” (Ogre)



I think the bravery was in defeating that monster.


When I pushed my fist towards the ogre who respond similarly, the ogre smiled and returned to the battlefield.


I finally got back to the company in peace and quiet and finally took a breather.


When I released my magical body, I felt more tired than before.


Even the weight of the pendant that appeared around my neck when I released my magical body is now bothersome.


But I don’t care if I exhale and relax, as if I’m savoring my bed for the first time in days.


And while I’m resting like that, the staff is busy magically examining my body, and usually moves on to the appropriate treatment, but…



“That can’t be.” (Healer)


“Is there something wrong?” (Jiro)


“The data from all three staff members is the same. There shouldn’t be a mistake.” (Healer)


“???” (Jiro)



Unlike before, the treatment has not started yet.


Did they find any serious injuries?


I had no symptoms, but I had almost been digested once.


Maybe I had injured some organ.


Maybe I had a significant reduction in my status.


If I was not careful, I might have become unable to fight for the rest of my life.


My anxiety was further roused when one of the dark elves on the healing staff, who were whispering to each other, left the infirmary in a panic.



“Is something wrong?” (Jiro)


“No, I’ll have to check a little more closely to find out…” (Healer)



I asked a Lizardman staff member who came near me, and he answered in a terse manner.


Oh, were they finally finished?


I wish I could have said, “I don’t mind, please tell me.” but I was too shocked to say anything, so I just said, “I see,” and fell silent.


Then things got awkward, or maybe I was the only one feeling awkward.


The staff is busily examining my body, doing this and that.


I guess they are trying to do the best they can to cast a healing spell on me from time to time.



“No way really.” (Healer)


“Well, in that case.” (Healer)



I guess the procedure has come to an end.


I was left alone with the two staff members, one with a surprised look on their face and the other with a furrowed brow as they discussed the situation.


Was my body that wrecked?



“Well, is my body that badly injured?” (Jiro)


“What? Oh, your body is fine. Your wounds have been healed, and the inside of your body is just feeling a little sluggish from too much magic power flowing through it, but you will recover in a couple of days.” (Healer)


“Oh, oh. Is that so? About what you discussed looking serious… I was worried that something happened because it was quite long for a treatment.” (Jiro)


“No, that’s the thing… it’s not like there’s nothing.” (Healer)


“What!?” (Jiro)



I accidentally replied with a shout, but the lizardman healer didn’t seem offended.


He slowly held out a tablet in front of me.



“It’s faster to see it than for me to say it. Try launching the diagnostic app.” (Healer)


“Huh.” (Jiro)



The model is the same as the one I use, so I start up the familiar app with a familiar hand.


The status is displayed immediately without any errors or appearing as I was being inspected.



“Wow, that’s quite a change across the board.” (Jiro)



Perhaps the result of defeating a big fish at the last minute, it’s a growth I have never seen before.


The number of monsters I killed is also numerous, and their quality is also quite good.


It’s not surprising that I grew this much.




Strength 42038983

Durability 505910174

Agility 27446663

Endurance 3336 (-5) 7456 (-5)

Dexterity 19884541

Knowledge 9696

Intuition 455889

Luck 54 [T/N: LOL]

Magic 18974878



Nicotine Addiction

Lung Contamination



Intimidating Monkey Scream




It’s not ridiculous, but…



“…I grew too much.” (Jiro)



That was my honest opinion.


I wonder how hard I have to work to grow this far.


And I will have to be careful when I hold chopsticks from tomorrow.


I think I might accidentally break them when I sneeze.


I was so surprised at the increase in status that my thoughts went in a strange direction.


However, that does not mean that this status is strange.


There are many with such statuses if I look for them.



“It’s certainly very high, but there’s nothing strange about it.” (Jiro)


“Oh, what I want you to see is near the top part.” (Healer)


“Near the top?” (Jiro)



Speaking of the top of the status, I’m pretty sure all you would have seen is something like my profile…


Scrolling down, it shows my department within the company, my name, date of birth, blood type, etc.


My race… thank goodness I’m still human.


I was rooted to the mineral tree, but I didn’t turn into something spirit-like or anything.


No, well, if I’m going to think about Suela and Memoria, I’ll have to quit being human soon… but I’ll have to be a little more prepared.


Well, I feel like my status is already quitting the human realm, but I don’t care.



“Nothing particularly unusual here…” (Jiro)



I’m looking at them in order from the top, but so far nothing has changed.


If I keep going this way, I’ll go straight to the status section…


Ah, there’s my magical aptitude.


Well, that’s the one that never changes in the first place.


It should not change…



Magical Aptitude: Nine (Quasi Demon King Class)



“I see it.” (Jiro)


“Yes, we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw these results.” (Healer)



I couldn’t believe it either.


There was something there that had changed decisively.


Something that should not have been changed, the qualities I was born with had been changed.



Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Has Girlfriends

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg (Dark Elf) & Memoria Tris (Vampire)

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Nine (Quasi Demon King Class)

Job Title: Warrior


Note for the Day


I took the first step toward becoming something inhuman without even knowing it.



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