Otherworld Company Chapter 94.2: After The Cause Is Determined, It’s Crucial To Act

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“A human! And a tester who hasn’t even been here a year!?” (Employee)



And it is not just the legs, but the entire body.


Passing by the supervisor, who twitch and showed a look of surprise in her eyes, an invisible magic bullet pierced the place where I had stepped just before.


No, not invisible.


It’s just so fast that it appears invisible.


Thanks to my improved status, I was able to catch the outline of the bullet.


However, by the time the bullet pierced the spot, I had already moved.


I suppressed the sound of the ground scraping with my legs and looked at the supervisor.



“You seem to be horrible at keeping secrets.” (Evia)


“I know it would be reckless to challenge you by hiding my trump card.” (Jiro)



A quick attack and defense.


I put all my energy into it.


I was able to go that far because she gave me the lead to make the first move.


It was also a test of the awakened state of my Mineral Tree, and I won the bet.


I am glad that I succeeded in this spur-of-the-moment test, where I had only a vague sense of whether I could or could not do it.



“You’ve prepared something very unusual. Is it a subspecies of spirit? No, a fairy. But its power seems real? …I didn’t expect it to destroy three barriers.” (Evia)



The supervisor’s gaze turned to my right hand.


She is observing the roots of the Mineral Tree that are stretched along the pattern that appeared on my right hand.


The Mineral Tree, whose shape had changed beyond the norm, was circulating my magical power and increasing its magical purity.


The only way to see magic itself is to make it a phenomenon through magic or other means.


The only other way to see the magic itself is to have special magic eyes or to stabilize a very high concentration of it.


It is rare to be able to generate enough purity of magic power to emit light and be visible in this way.



“I think, I may have underestimated you.” (Evia)


“…” (Jiro)



And it seems that my evaluation was revised in the supervisor’s mind.


The amount of magic power that can be felt from the four magic circles that she deployed without chanting is extraordinary.


If it had been the Jiro from before, I might have been instantly consumed by fear.


But now I am filled with joy rather than fear.


I am aware that a smile has lifted my lips.


I never thought I would be so happy to be recognized by a powerful person, or that I would be so happy to have stepped into that realm.



“Hah!!” (Jiro)


“You’re hasty, but…” (Evia)



Like a child, I can’t contain my elation.


What’s coming this time? I don’t think about it, and I run out again with the feeling of slashing everything.



“That’s acceptable.” (Evia)



The supervisor laughed, not faintly, but clearly.


It was as if my elation was infecting her.


Thinking back, this may have been the first time the supervisor had laughed so clearly.


I can’t help but think that her face was beautiful, even in the middle of a battle.


But it was only for a moment.


A magic circle focused on me like a turret, and magic was released from it.


Some are like lasers, some are like missiles that track me, and even a magic circle itself becomes a wall to stop my actions.



“Tsk!!!!!” (Jiro)



In response, I grit my teeth against it and further increase the circulation speed of the magic power to further strengthen my body


My body doesn’t creak even though I’m pouring more magic than before.


On the contrary, there is still room to spare.


I cut the flying laser vertically, dodging to the right and left to cut another down. I bend my body until the distance from the ground is thin. I move forward like jumping off a cliff, sometimes stepping on the supervisor’s magic bullets with my feet coated with magic power, turning it into a foothold.



“You can even use it as a shield!?” (Jiro)


“—I have not reached this position solely on the basis of a single trick.” (Evia)



I reached for a magic circle and slashed it, but I was surprised to find that I can only inflict a shallow cut, and I was surprised by the versatility of the magic circle itself.


Not a single one of my actions has made the supervisor mode, but it is still a battle.


The only way to cut through the magic circle is to make it sharper.


Sharper and stronger, I just keep raising the magic circulation.


The image I have in my mind is a blow that cuts through that huge body. That should be able to reach the supervisor.


As the circulation progresses, the quality of the magical power increases, and the speed of my running increases with each step.



“So, you can go faster, huh?” (Evia)


“Hah!!” (Jiro)



She still blocked it.


I exchange a glance with the supervisor, who blocked my attack with room to spare, and put even more strength into my legs to shake it off.


I cut off all attacks in front of me and minimize the evasive maneuvers.


I don’t need a wider range like that time.


Just be sharper and have this one slash reach.


Looking, searching, and observing.


I find the right time for me to step in.


Watching for the lasers that try to pierce my legs, the magic bullets that fly toward my stomach, the barriers that stop my progress, and the blades that try to cut off my arms.


I throw myself into the gap between all the attacks and open the way for a single slash of the Mineral Tree.



“!!!!” (Jiro)



I don’t even have time to shout when I see it.


My intuition tells me that this is the moment to be when I see the supervisor’s figure at the end of the gap, like threading a needle.


A right-angle move from a sudden stop.


From my toes to my knees, then to my hips, shifting the center of gravity to the opposite leg.


The friction is compensated by magic power, and not even a millimeter of slippage is allowed.


I take a step forward and run down a path that closes a tenth of a second later, without any decrease in my speed.


The supervisor shoots out multiple layers of magic to intercept me, but although it becomes a wall, she can only block me once.


I hit the wall with my whole body covered in magic.



“I found it!!” (Jiro)



And then I swung the Mineral Tree down at the supervisor who was just beyond the barrier.


The blade of the Mineral Tree comes close to the supervisor with the feeling of cutting through more barriers than the first blow.



“This is it!!!” (Jiro)



But the blow did not reach her.


The supervisor quietly mumbled words ended as if to convey a decision.


The supervisor’s right arm, with her sharp claws that seemed to be able to cut through anything with just the tips of her fingers, caught my blow.


As if to prove that my blow was indeed powerful, the ground beneath the supervisor’s feet is cracked like a spider’s web and slightly caved in.


Beyond the solid response, the wall to climb was still high.



“I had enjoyed it, polish yourself and let’s do it again.” (Evia)


“!? Gah!” (Jiro)



And then, just as I felt the supervisor’s magic power momentarily rise higher, I was slammed into the outer barrier.


The feeling of defeat suppressed my elation.


I felt my will to fight subside, and the battle in the name of diagnosis ended here.



“Medical team. Treat Jiro and compile the materials into a report. I’m going back to work.” (Evia)


“Yes ma’am!” (Healers)



The supervisor, who was looking at me as I steadied my aching body, held and opened her right hand, which had a gauntlet on it, and then she removed the gauntlet and gave instructions to the medical team.


Then, as if suddenly remembering something, she looked at me, moved her mouth slightly, and left the training area with a transition spell.



“Are you okay?” (Healer)


“Hahahaha, maybe I’m okay.” (Jiro)



If I read the movement of her mouth correctly, the supervisor said,



“I’m looking forward to the next one.” (Jiro)



Oh no, not only the instructors but also the supervisor has her gaze on me.


Should I be happy that I had been recognized by a big shot, or regret that I had given in to the tension and done something that could not be undone?


After giving my answer with such delicate feelings, I went back to the doctor’s office and underwent a half-day physical examination and was found to be in good health.



Another Side



~3rd Person Perspective~



“Oh, Evia you look happy. Did anything good happen?” (President)


“I finally found someone with a backbone after a long time.” (Evia)


“Well, who is it?” (President)



Evia was doing her work as usual, but the Demon King sensed that she was in a better mood than usual and asked her about it.


She stopped her work and answered briefly.


The Demon King is even more intrigued by her unusual answer, as she would normally reply that she has nothing to say about her personal affairs.



“Someone who made me use my armor. That’s all I can say for now.” (Evia)



Evia, however, does not answer in detail and returns to her work.


It’s an attitude that could be taken as disrespectful, but the Demon King seems to be used to it, and instead of pursuing it deeply, he decides to wait for the day when Evia will eventually report back to him and returns to his paperwork.


But deep inside, he was imagining someone who had released a piece of the armor she wears when he was fighting at her best.



Another Side END



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