Otherworld Company Chapter 95: Drinking Parties After Work Are Sometimes Good If They’re Like This

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Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Has Girlfriends

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg & Memoria Tris

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Nine (Quasi Demon King Class)

Job Title: Warrior



“I was really worried!!” (Suela)


“I’m sorry.” (Jiro)



I was brought to the infirmary again and now I’m being lectured by Suela.


What can I say, I never thought I would be lying on a bed at my age.



“I heard from Lady Evia that you were preyed upon by an Evo Eater, so I came running to you…” (Jiro)



She must have rushed in from work.


She was dressed in her office dress and heels, the standard office worker attire, but she seemed to be moving so fast that I could see afterimages as she entered the infirmary.


If I’m not mistaken, there were some burn marks on the floor.


And as for why this sermon came, it ended with one phrase: it was my fault.


After all, my status had risen.


I asked the staff stationed in the infirmary to see how much I could lift by lifting weights, and I got carried away because I could lift super-heavy weights like fun.


I had just lifted three tons when Suela came in.


She must have been imagining me looking severely injured.


With tears in her eyes, she said,



“What are you doing!?” (Suela)



I thought Suela’s teary expression was inappropriately cute.


My actual injuries were treated in a matter of minutes.


It is nice to have a facility where you can recover quickly like in a game unless there is enough magic power, and medicine and the injury is very serious.


Incidentally, I wonder how Suela would react if I told her that I had a tough battle after the treatment with our superior. I intentionally provided Suela with information with such parts left out. Let’s avoid doing things that add fuel to the fire.



“Hah, I’m really glad that nothing happened. But in Jiro’s case, getting ripped to shreds is becoming a regular occurrence.” (Suela)


“It’s not like I’m all getting injured by choice, but I can’t deny it.” (Jiro)


“Then move a little more cautiously. I know it’s your job, but please be considerate of us who worry about you.” (Suela)


“Sorry.” (Jiro)



I apologize to her for worrying about me.


Even if it’s just an injury from being involved, she threw her work away and came, worrying about me.


I am grateful for that.


I’ll have to visit the Memoria later.


Now, I think I’ve reached the limit of silence.



“Oh! Have you had enough of your love quarrel?” (Voice)



We turn our heads to the man who is grinning at me as I’m being lectured by Suella while standing there since a little while ago.


Until just a little while ago, the scales had been tilting towards worrying about me, so Suela continued to lecture, but her feelings calmed down for a moment.


So, let’s face the man we can’t ignore.



“It’s unreasonable for you to stand there like that and not worry about it, Lord Ogre King.” (Suela)


“Sorry, my bad!” (Kio)



Suela’s expression when she sees Kio laughing cheerfully is not pleasant.


Although she respects him, she does not hide her distrust because of the circumstances.


Can she truthfully accept that feeling without letting it out, or should she blame him for being unaffected?



“…so what can we do for you, sir?” (Suella)



Suela seems to have chosen to suppress her emotions.


As a subordinate, she asks about her superiors’ business.



“Oh! Since he never showed up, I’ve come to personally invite Jiro to the banquet after the battle!” (Kio)



The instructor’s purpose was exactly what I had expected.



“Haa, is that so?” (Suela)



And the same was true for Suela’s thoughts.


The fact that the instructor comes to me is not always the same thing, but if it is something other than combat, it is usually an invitation to have a drink.


And this time it was after a big job.


Unlike modern society, which declares that they will hold a party and then cancels it because they are tired after the work is done, this ogre, who loves drinking more than eating three meals a day, dares to hold a banquet as he declared.


Suela, who is aware of this, is wondering what to do.



“Haa, well, please drink moderately.” (Suela)


“I can’t guarantee that!” (Kio)



But she soon decides that it is useless to say anything.


With a single sigh, she gives up her spot.


In other words, it was the moment when my participation in the party was decided.


I will not offer any futile resistance.


I experienced a somewhat déjà vu neck strain, and the scenery switched again at high speed as Suela, with her indescribable smile, saw me off.


This time, however, thanks to my enhanced status, I was able to see the expressions on the faces of several people who caught sight of Instructor Kio moving at high speed.


All of them had one thing in common, “Oh, again.”, they returned to their work with a look that has become a regular occurrence for them.


And then we arrived at the auditorium in the company.



“Oh~” (Jiro)


“Heeey, don’t party without me!!” (Kio)



There is so much commotion going on as soon as the door opened when we arrived.


Is this the hustle and bustle, or is it because it’s a feast of ogres, sometimes the sound of blows is mixed in with the noisy voices.


The ogres inside are definitely drunk.


What should I do in an atmosphere where I am sure of what’s happening?


Should I just laugh or should I join?


Or should I take a chance and run away?



“Enjoy yourselves!! Everyone!!” (Kio)


“Would you mind letting me prepare mentally?” (Jiro)



He was not concerned about such conflicts, or perhaps, in this case, he was following his desire to drink as soon as possible.


The instructor who dropped me off opened the door with a loud bang and announced our arrival loudly that it echoed throughout the room.


The ogres answered with a yell, liquor in hand as if they were accustomed to this.


I thought I knew the scene of a party, cherry blossom viewing picnic, tavern, or drinking party from my knowledge, but the scene of the party spread out in front of me was nothing like any of these.


If I had to say, it would be closer to a cherry blossom viewing picnic.


With a massive liquor bottle in one hand, which was probably from the otherworld, everyone placed his or her favorite food on the ground carelessly and went there to drink.


They were laughing, fighting, drinking, singing, dancing, and behaving as they pleased.


This was not a drinking party for the sake of the boss’s good mood, which is nothing but a pit full of rude people, but here was the embodiment of a fleeting dream where people could make noise without restraint, regardless of status.


The ogres were enjoying themselves as they thanked and praised each other from the bottom of their hearts for a job well done.



“General!! You’re late!!” (Ogre)


“We have already started!!” (Ogre)


“Oooh, is that the person who fought with the general!” (Ogre)


“Come over here!! Let’s drink together!!” (Ogre)


“You did well despite being tiny!!” (Goblin)


“You’re a Goblin you can’t say that!!” (Ogre)


“Okay, fine!” (Goblin)



I wonder if race doesn’t matter here, if we fought together, we were friends.


Even if they become enemies tomorrow, it doesn’t matter here.


To put it better, they are openminded; to put it worse, they didn’t think anything of it.


I was impressed by the atmosphere of the place, which I still found pleasant, and my expression naturally relaxed.


My body, which had been tense and ready, was taught by the first impression that there was no need to think too much, and I naturally relaxed.



“Totally out of the ordinary.” (Jiro)



I know that my impression that it can’t be helped may be out of line, but that is the only phrase I can think of to describe this.


If I were to apply my own common sense, I would say that it was not often that I could relax at a first-time drinking party like this.


On the contrary, I was often too embarrassed to get drunk.


And yet, I wonder why.


I can honestly say that this place looks like fun.



“Hey Jiro! Go and drink!” (Kio)


“That’s too much.” (Jiro)



The instructor offered me a huge sake cup that looked like something a sumo wrestler would drink at New Year’s. I accepted it with a wry smile, but I was the one who accepted it.


I accepted it with a wry smile, but the instructor poured enough sake into the cup to fill it to the brim.


The first time we went to a bar, I knew it was definitely not the first amount I would drink, but I felt like I could drink it naturally, so I drank it all down.



“”””Woooooooooo!!!!”””” (Ogres)



Perhaps my attitude was good, the ogres cheered as I drank.



“Yeah!! You guys!! Let’s drink!!” (Kio)


“””Yeah!!!!””” (Ogres)



The place was already warm, but the instructor’s words made the air even hotter.


My body feels warmer probably because I drank alcohol at noon.



“Hey human!! Come over here and drink!!” (Ogre)


“Come here and have a contest of strength with me!” (Ogre)


“Come and have a drink with me first!” (Kio)


“”You’re cheating, General!”” (Ogres)



The ogres welcomed me with open arms as I stepped out into the banquet hall.



“I’ll do it all!!” (Jiro)



From there, I lost track of time and continued to make noise.


We drank and ate.


And when the hotheaded ogres got involved…



“Fighters, ready! Fight!” (Ogre)



I asked the ogre nearby to give me a signal, and we had a contest of strength without any tension.



“Oraaaaaaaaaa!!!” (Jiro)



The two of us were wrestling, and when the opponent staggered back, I grabs his back and decided with a Suplex.


In my drunken stupor, I mixed sumo with wrestling, but I have no regrets.


The crowd was rather excited in spite of the fact that I knocked him off, and there were cheers from everywhere in the hall.


Well, I was also in a happy mood because I had been drinking, and I was in a good mood because I had won.



“Come on!!!” (Jiro)



I was so excited by the win that I started to challenge the other demons to a fight, and…


A simple ring was set up, and I threw down one challenger after another.


Each time I did so, I drank all my liquor.


Well, I didn’t win all the matches, but we enjoyed ourselves, losing in the middle of a match, leaving the tournament, turning to the spectator’s side, or becoming the challenger’s side.


The simple ring had turned into a stage for the winners.



“Phew!” (Jiro)



Now they are watching the game as if they were taking a short break.


There was no formality, just a noisy drinking party.


The first time I experienced such a place, I didn’t know what to expect, and I was a little tired from all the excitement.



“You seem to be enjoying yourself.” (Kio)


“Instructor.” (Jiro)



The instructor, who had just been drinking with another ogre, sat down cross-legged next to me in the outfield.



“Here.” (Kio)


“Thanks!” (Jiro)



Normally, I would have to pour for my boss, but I guess that’s not typical here.


After pouring me a cup of liquor, the instructor put his mouth on the bottle and began to drink.


I’ve had a few drinks together like this, and I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten used to his look, and I’m no longer afraid of him just because of his appearance.



“…” (Jiro)


“…” (Kio)



But the instructor, who would normally start talking right away, started off unusually quiet.


We don’t make eye contact with each other, and we silently watch Mr. Sukegobu that always buys coffee in front of the vending machine as he tosses away an ogre more than three times his height.


I drink my liquor leisurely from my cup.



“Jiro.” (Kio)


“Yes?” (Jiro)



The quiet time doesn’t last as long as I thought it would, despite the noise around us.


But the instructor spoke to me quietly.



“Do you want us to join?” (Kio)


“No thanks.” (Jiro)



But that didn’t mean that the instructor was becoming more virtuous.


He was just itching to compare strength with me.


I answered immediately, but I am sure it was not a mistake.


“No thanks,” I said, even though he seemed to be looking down when he heard my response.


For a moment, I lost the feeling of being drunk.


I am still not strong enough to compare strength with him, and it is obvious that if we were to clash, I would lose without an inkling of doubt.


At least.



“Let’s do it when I have a chance to win.” (Jiro)


“Ha! Then hurry up and get stronger.” (Kio)


“I will do my best.” (Jiro)


“Well, it can’t be helped, then I’ll wait.” (Kio)



That was the promise I made to an ogre.


There was a promise I made to the supervisor after I fought with her and learned that they were much higher and that I still had to do a lot to get stronger.


It is a promise I will probably never forget.


The barriers I must aim for are high, and it will take more time and effort to overcome them.


I may experience something like this in the future.


Perhaps the day will come when I might regret this promise.


But it is a promise I will never forget.



“Demons keep their promises, and they never forget their words.” (Kio)


“Yes, I will definitely keep my promise while I am alive.” (Jiro)



With the taste of sake offered by this ogre who shows childish glee.



“Then why don’t we try to experience the depths of another dungeon next time?” (Kio)


“I’d like to take it easy for a while, so please give me a break.” (Jiro)



Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Has Girlfriends

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg (Dark Elf) & Memoria Tris (Vampire)

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Nine (Quasi Demon King Class)

Job Title: Warrior


Note for the Day


I have one more goal to aim for.



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