Otherworld Company Chapter 96: You Never Know What Will Happen in Everyday Life

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Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Has Girlfriends

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg & Memoria Tris

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Nine (Quasi Demon King Class)

Job Title: Warrior



It’s been a few days since the demon banquet ended.


Naturally, I was given the “Hangover” negative status, so I crawled to the refrigerator and relied on potions, and soon I was safely back at work.


Well, I couldn’t move until the company provided me with a replacement for the armor that had melted away, but my reliable girlfriend, Suela, took care of that for me.


I was happy to receive a new and better suit of armor in just a few days.


Well, it was sterner and more intimidating than before, but I didn’t mind.


As for me…



“Hey, wait, sen—Guha!?” (Kaido)


“Hmmm.” (Jiro)



I thought I heard the sound of a blow, then a scrape on the ground, and finally a crash against the wall, and I looked at Kaido, who had stopped moving with his hands hanging down.



“So, a harisen [T/N: paper fan.] turned to a murder weapon?” (Masaru)


“No, Leader’s status is bugged, that it is! What have you done, that you did!? How can you be so powerful with a harisen, that you did? Is it a cheat, that it is? Server hacking, that it is!? Power leveling, that it is!?” (Minami)



I blamed my weapon for Minami’s reaction when I beat Kaido, who was fully equipped with a wooden sword and armor, with a harisen from some very cheap store.


I was aware that I had grown, but I had underestimated it too much.


My status changed too much and the way I moved my body changed a lot along with it.


I was anxious about entering a dungeon in such a state, so I trained to get used to my body.


It was the right thing to do.


If things had been different, I would have moved my body in the same way as before, and my allies might have been harmed because of my mistakes.


The members of the team who were there to help me with this kind of verification work were Kaido, who was my opponent, had crashed into the wall, and Minami and Masaru, who were on shift so I could explain the aftermath of the Evo Eater incident.


I asked them to come to the training room with me to advise from a third-party perspective.


Kitamiya and Amelia had other business to attend to but were scheduled to join us later.


Thanks to that attack, Minami started fooling around, and Masaru ran to treat Kaido running with the gait of a track and field athlete.



“Oh yeah~ Speaking of which… Power leveling?” (Jiro)


“I knew there was a method like that, then me too!!” (Minami)


“But it’s on your head when you risk your lives. The other thing is that time is limited. I can’t afford to take you to the deepest part of the dungeon.” (Jiro)


“I knew there was no such thing as a good deal, that there was not.” (Minami)




The impression of the training is unexpectedly difficult.


Just by waving the harisen lightly, I can hear wind whooshing, and I felt a solid cutting sensation of cutting the air with my hand.


I realized that even a toy can become a great weapon if you wield a harisen reinforced with magic power.


Incidentally, I was not using a harisen from the beginning.


I went from a wooden sword to a toy blade, and then to a harisen.


As a result, the wooden sword was as strong as a serious weapon, in my opinion, the toy blade was the same as an iron pipe, and with the harisen, I was finally able to minimize damage to the level of a training weapon.


When I realized this, I understood how well the instructor was holding back.


With a rough magic enhancement like mine, even with a toy blade, it becomes deadly. So, I wouldn’t even have the time to cry as my torso and lower body separated if instructor Kio had truly enhanced his weapon.


I’d like to forget that I almost died from the first blow, but I’ll take it as better than passing on…



“So, it is necessary to learn how to properly strengthen things with magic power?” (Masaru)


“Ah~, there is no need to use the strongest magic against small fry, that I don’t know, so it might be necessary to conserve magic power.” (Jiro)



The efficiency aspect is also true but above all.



“I want you to take it easy on me, Senior.” (Kaido)



If I leave it as it is, Kaido will get knocked out instantly.



“Well, I’m sorry Kaido.” (Jiro)



I could wait for Kaido and the others to get stronger, but then I wouldn’t be able to train with them.


I can become a superior training enemy.


The stronger they fight, the more their magic crests will grow.


This will make our work easier and more efficient.


I have to make the most of what I can make the most of.



“Masaru, how’s Kaido’s treatment?” (Jiro)


“I’ve already finished, but my magic power is almost at its limit. If I go any further, I’ll have to use potions.” (Masaru)


“If you go further, the cost will increase and your physical strength will also be a problem. Besides, you’re going to join Kitamiya and the others… if you dive into the dungeon, you won’t be able to go further. You’ll have to go back earlier.” (Jiro)


“Yeah.” (Kaido)


“Yes.” (Masaru)


“Roger!” (Minami)



I guess their best is still far in the future.


It’s a little earlier than planned, but our training ends.


The benefits of status are greater than I had thought.


If I don’t get the full picture of my new body, it will be a problem later on.


When it comes to people who can hit me with all their might like the supervisor, Instructor Kio, and Instructor Fusio come to mind.


I may have to ask them sometime.


That is a plan for the future.


For now, let’s just go into the dungeon and get used to my actual physical condition inside the dungeon.





“Wow.” (Amelia)


(Huh.) (Mike)


“… just how strong have you become?” (Karen)


“I didn’t expect that either.” (Jiro)



We met up with Kitamiya, Amelia, and Mike, took a break, and then took on the dungeon.


The dungeon of the Insect King is closed for now, so we are taking on the dungeon of the Machine King.


There are thirty-eight floors, and we are stepping into a new record level, but…



(Amy, is this the Samurai’s sword technique you were talking about?) (Mike)


“Umm, maybe?” (Amelia)


“Amelia, I don’t think so. But it’s a really beautiful cut.” (Kaido)


“I guess the whole point of my being here is to carry the luggage.” (Masaru)


“I’m mapping it out, that I am, huh?” (Minami)


“You guys are still good. I haven’t even cast a single spell.” (Kitamiya)



The enemy was too weak.


A light step and I closed in on the opponent, and the blow I swung cut through the golem’s hard armor like I was cutting tofu.


Even though the mineral tree has evolved, it is still too easy.


Even now, it has just cut down a lizard golem that looks like it is made of iron from top to bottom.



“You said you wanted to test your strength, but this won’t help us grow, Leader.” (Masaru)


“Right…” (Jiro)



On top of that, I can’t get used to it.


It’s no different than cutting a very soft target if I’m honest.


This floor is too weak for me.


If I don’t do something about it, my body might slow down and lead me to a status decrease.


I have to think of some serious countermeasures before that happens.



“Haa, I have no choice. I’ll take the rearguard position and watch the rear. Kaido will be in the vanguard, followed by Minami and Amelia, and behind you are Masaru and Kitamiya.” (Jiro)


“Yes.” (Kaido)


“That would be better, that it would.” (Minami)


“OK!!” (Amelia)


“Yes.” (Masaru)


“Understood.” (Karen)



I’m done with being in the frontline.


We switched formation and I moved to the tail end of the formation at the start of the dungeon crawl.


But I must say that dungeons really do change your perspective as you get stronger.


Visually and aurally, but also mentally, the degree of leeway I have is different by a wide margin.


It does not mean that I can let my guard down, but I intuitively feel that way.


There are dangers, but the extent to which I can cope with them changes dramatically.



“!! There’s an enemy in front!” (Jiro)


“My radar also reacted, that it did. There are three of them! Senior Kaido, you’re up, that you should!” (Minami)


“Yeaaah!!” (Kaido)


“I’ll be waiting here. Kitamiya will disrupt their attack with a preemptive strike, that you will, and then Senior Kaido will attack, and Amy will support Senior Kaido, that you will. Mr. Mike will act as support, that you will.” (Minami)


“OK! Let’s go, Mike!” (Amelia)


(Understood. I should work for rent, hmm?) (Mike)


“Minami, what magic attribute will you use?” (Masaru)


“Ice, that it is!” (Minami)



Minami’s magic and Amelia’s ears catch the enemy and they get ready for battle.


Minami sends out instructions one after another, and the party members respond.


Kaido readies his twin swords, ready to run at any moment, and Kitamiya begins chanting.


As for me, I stand in a neutral position, paying attention to my surroundings to prevent any surprise attacks.


I perceive the positions of my party members and prepare to support them at any time.


The enemies’ movements are fast, despite the sound of heavy footsteps.


I can already see the figure at the end of the passage.


One of the same lizard-shaped golems as before and two giant golems with bows on their backs and halberds in their hands are following close behind.



“Change of plan! Senior Kaido, stop the Lizard Golem! Kitamiya, keep in check the ones with bows, that you should! Amelia, use the opportunity to join either of the two! Masaru support Senior Kaido, that you do!” (Minami)



The lizard golem charged at us with full momentum, but the two behind it stopped on the spot and changed their weapons from halberds to bows.


Then arrows formed with their magical power and prepared to release them.


Seeing this, Minami instantly changed her strategy and sent out instructions, deploying support magic herself.


She deployed a shield in the air and gave Kaido and Amelia body-strengthening magic.


And finally, Kaido and the Lizard golem came into contact with each other.



“That’s hard!?” (Kaido)



Kaido swung both swords down at the same time, and his attack was repelled by its tough body.


The armor was harder than expected and he frowned, but it did its job.


The enemy’s momentum has been reduced, and there is no longer any danger of having the rear guard charged.


Once Kaido landed on the ground, he began to attack the enemy’s legs, especially the joints, to block our opponent’s movement.



“Masaru! You better conserve more magic power!!” (Jiro)


“I understand!” (Masaru)



While their attention was focused on Kaido, a small shadow challenged the Lizard Golem that boasted a body many times larger than his own.



“Phew, Haa!” (Masaru)



The blow that Masaru delivered hit the enemy’s right front leg near the shin and knocked it over.


He then kicked the head of the fallen enemy in the opposite direction with a spinning kick.


The enemy was unable to cope with the sudden attacks and received them without making any resistance.


Kaido then jumped on the fallen enemy.



“You seem to be fine.” (Kaido)



From the side, his movements looked relaxed.


There will be no problem, although there is still a small chance.


It won’t take long for him to take them down.


With that in mind, I turned my attention to the women’s battle.



“There’s no way I’ll let you shoot!!” (Karen)



The enemies they are facing are shooting magic and arrows toward us.


Kitamiya’s Ice Spear and the enemy’s magic arrows are flying through the air.


One of the enemies is in charge of intercepting and defending magic as a support role, while the other is completely focused on the attack.


It is the same with the girls.


Kitamiya is in charge of attacking with magic, and Minami is in charge of defending with magic.


The only difference is.



“Hah!!” (Amelia)



The girls have an attacker who can move in any direction.


Kicking the walls and running across ceilings, Amelia, who moves in close with their enemies without regard to her upside-down vision, sneaks back with her gravity-defying movement.



“Yah!” (Amy)



Amelia knows that the golem’s armor is hard, so she thrusts her sword into its shoulder to block its movement.


The bow stopped working on the golem, which was in charge of defense.


And once the defense is gone.



“You think you can beat me!?” (Karen)



They will fall prey to our mages.


If the speed of the magic shooting out has instantaneously sped up, and the rotation speed is also higher than the opponent’s attack.


The ice spears flooded in, and in no time at all, two hedgehog golems were complete, and within a minute, we could see another one, this time a little larger golem was gone.



“Bonus?” (Kaido)


“No.” (Karen)


“No response, that there was. Leader may have knocked down too many of them, that he didn’t?” (Minami)


“It’s possible.” (Masaru)



After confirming that they had definitely taken them all down, they checked the surroundings to see if any more refreshments were coming, and the battle was over.


Overall, the battle was fought without much danger.


That was the assessment of the results.


Kaido and Masaru were collecting the loot, while Minami and the girls were on the lookout for the surroundings.


Looking at this, it was clear that there was still plenty of time left for the party.


Even looking at the time, there is still room to spare.


It was a good idea to see how far they could go.



“We’re done collecting loot!” (Kaido)


“Well, then, we’ll go as far as we can, keeping an eye out for traps.” (Jiro)



Our job is to attack the dungeon and identify the problems.


We will make the areas we were able to conquer un-conquerable.


We know we’ll get stronger and our reports will change what we write, but today, too, work is work.


Let’s do what we have to do.



Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Has Girlfriends

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg (Dark Elf) & Memoria Tris (Vampire)

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Nine (Quasi Demon King Class)

Job Title: Warrior


Note for the Day

I think that skill development makes the job easier, but those who are competent tend to get more work done.



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