Otherworld Company Chapter 97: The Trick Is To Get The Work Done When You Can, So You Don’t Accumulate Any Work

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Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Has Girlfriends

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg & Memoria Tris

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Nine (Quasi Demon King Class)

Job Title: Warrior



After a dull thud, followed by the sound of something heavy crumbling down, the sound echoed throughout the room.



“Thirteen minutes and thirty-two seconds, huh… That’s good.” (Jiro)


“*wheeze*” (Kaido)


“Hah, hah, hah.” (Masaru)


“…” (Karen)


“I don’t have enough magic power. My head is spinning.” (Jiro)


“…Mr. Jiro, you’re too energetic.” (Amelia)


(Well, I guess the only reason he can afford it is that he has a high status.) (Mike)



I watched as the floor boss was completely defeated, and gently stopped the stopwatch on my wristwatch.


Timing the boss’s subjugation by looking at the wristwatch, I can see that it was defeated in a faster time than on the previous floor.



“I mean, you could have helped a little more. Why are you on the defensive after cutting off one of its hands?” (Karen)



Kitamiya, perhaps annoyed by my actions, looked at me angrily.



“It can’t be helped, if I had just kept on attacking, we would have been finished immediately.” (Jiro)



Kitamiya’s argument was not wrong as a team player.


But I have my own argument.


As expected, Kaido and his team had less and less room to spare even in normal combat, and I thought I had to enter this Floor Boss battle, so I switched from rearguard to vanguard…



“Aah.” (Karen)



She let out a voice that showed she understood why I had done it.


I knew from that single slash.


I knew that I would kill this boss in a second.


It was only a single cut, but the moment the image of being able to cut down a three-faced, six-armed, asura-like golem with multiple tough-looking arms solidified, I knew the outcome of this battle.


Fortunately, I cut off one of the six arms when the battle had just begun.


I prevented attacks from hitting Kitamiya, Minami, and the rest of the rear guard, and I also prevented Kaido from being swatted down like a fly swatted.


Thanks to this, I was able to adjust my strength in various scenarios during the dungeon exploration up to this point.



“Mufufufu. Kitamiya doesn’t think that Leader is slacking off, that she is. She is just frustrated because she realizes that she is still weak, and she really is a tsundere, isn’t she?” (Minami)


“Who’s a tsundere?!” (Karen)


“Ki~ ta~ mi~ ya~ Hey, hey! Masaru~ Kitamiya is being scary, that she is~!” (Minami)


“Stop running away!!” (Karen)


“You’re in the way of collecting. If you’re going to embrace me, do it later.” (Masaru)


“Is it okay if we do it later!? The two of you have progressed that far!?” (Kaido)


(Hmm, is this the kind of carnage you see in daytime dramas? It’s a lot calmer than the disasters that I know of.) (Mike)


“Hahaha, Mike, let’s just not talk for now.” (Amy)



And I’m quite used to this party.


Although all of them are tossing words playfully, their body is firmly taking action.


Minami and Kitamiya began stretching their bodies in order to recover their magical powers in preparation for the next battle, while Kaido and Masaru quickly completed the collection work.


Amelia and I are vigilant of the surroundings.


It might be the boss’s room, but it would still not be safe even if we defeated it.


When we had taken a leisurely break in the past, the boss respawned, and we had to fight a series of battles.


If you have come this far, you have experienced more than just one or two failures.


Each time I made a mistake or two, I made improvements, which led me to my current position.


However, being a guard is a job that one often has too much time on one’s hands.


I pay attention to my surroundings, but then my eyes drift to the clock.



“… It’s nice to have a break. Let’s go up for today.” (Jiro)



He started the day in the morning and finished lunch in the dungeon.


The next thing you know, it’s already getting late.


Kaidou and I live in the dormitory, so there’s no problem, but the other members will have issues with where to get their dinner.


It was time to call it a day.


Today’s work went well and we were able to conquer the floor, which is a good result.



“Oh, yeah!” (Kaido)


“I wonder if we’ll make it in time for the special sale?” (Masaru)


“Oh, it looks like I’ll be ready for today’s event, that I am.” (Minami)


“Amelia, why don’t we eat together after this?” (Karen)


“Yes! I want to eat pasta.” (Amelia)



And when they hear that the work is finished, they become cheerful instantly.


It takes a long time to start a job, but when it comes time to finish, people are quicker.



“I finished packing everything!” (Kaido)


“Are you sure there are no longer any uncollected items?” (Jiro)


“None, sir.” (Kaido)



Perhaps this is a wasteful use of status looks like, Kaido reported to me with a salute, having sped up his work on the backpack and finishing it immediately although it was somewhat messy.


At times like this, there is a high possibility that something has been overlooked, so just in case, I reconfirmed with Masaru, but it seems that there is no problem there either.


When you get to this level, the unit price of a single piece of loot is more than ten thousand yen.


In many cases, the loot the boss drops is the most valuable item on this floor.


Forgetting to pick it up is like leaving while ignoring a ten-thousand-yen bill on a plate.



“Then let’s leave on the next floor.” (Jiro)


“Roger!” “Yes!” “Yes, that we will!” “Yes!” “Let’s hurry.” (Everyone)



And if there’s nothing wrong with the loot, staying longer is a waste of time.


Hearing each reply, I, who take pride in the fact that working overtime is the biggest loss in my life, immediately take the lead to escape the dungeon and proceed to the next floor.


I walk along the cobblestone stairs, cutting down all the enemies I encounter.


Even if a trap is triggered, I destroy the trap as well.



“Clean-up is complete. Minami, prepare to open the gate. Kaido, Masaru, and Amelia, I’m sorry, but please collect the loot.


“Understood, that I do. Kitamiya, take care of the lights.” (Minami)


“Do it yourself! Oh darn it!” (Karen)


“Hey! Come on, come on, get going both of you.” (Jiro)


“Yes.” (Masaru)


“OK!” (Amy)



After defeating the golems, which I don’t think are very strong, I find the gate and take care of the others while letting Minami operate it.


We had to collect the loot from the defeated enemies, of course.


Operating the gate in the dimly lit dungeon is a bit tricky.


Like an elevator, it does not open and close at the touch of a button but requires certain steps.


If you have a magician with you, it is easier to ask them to illuminate the panel.



“This is how it opens… that it does~” (Minami)



And when you get out of the dungeon, there are times when you meet up with other testers.


At that time, the applications are processed in the order they are submitted, and the gates are opened in order.


Sometimes we have to wait for a while depending on the time of day when people are likely to gather, such as at dinner or lunchtime, but this time we didn’t have to wait, and the gate opened easily.



“Hmm, I worked today too. Why do I feel so defeated, that I do?” (Minami)


“That’s what you normally say when you’re working.” (Masaru)


“I can understand Minami’s point of view.” (Kaido)


“I found this place in front of the station the other day.” (Karen)


“Oh, I know that one. I saw it in a magazine.” (Amy)



The group left one by one, and I was the last one out of the gate, just in case.


I was relieved to see that everyone had returned safely.



“You guys are too carefree… especially Minami, I haven’t gotten this week’s report out yet. It’s due tomorrow.” (Jiro)


“Ugh…” (Minami)



I sigh at the members who are already ready to leave.


I’m not going to go into depth because I’m doing the work that needs to be done, but I’m going to make sure I nail the people who need to be told what to do.


Minami who does her summer vacation homework at the end of the month, the report always comes at the last minute.


I’d like to see her send her report out early so I can read it through once…


Kitamiya is the fastest in writing reports among the other members.


By the way, it may be surprising, but Kaido is next to Kitamiya.


He learned from his previous company, or perhaps he is the one who stands around so that he doesn’t accumulate work.


In order of precedence, Kitamiya, Kaido, Masaru, Amelia, and Minami send reports in that order.



“If I’m late, I don’t take him to the dungeon, I just let him write it down. Of course, you won’t get a share of the spoils then, so be prepared for a real reduction in your salary.” (Jiro)


“Noooooo! My funds! I’m in a pinch this month with bills, you know!?” (Minami)


“Haa.” (Masaru)


“It’s hard to win.” (Karen)


“I got used to it.” (Kaido)



I don’t know how many times we’ve had this exchange, but I’m not worried because, for what it’s worth, Minami does what she needs to do, too.


The quality of the reports she submits is also high.



“I’m going to go to the cash exchange, so you can disband here today.” (Jiro)


“Are you sure, senior? There’s quite a lot of work to do.” (Kaido)


“I have not done much fighting today. Come and help me.” (Jiro)


“Oh, I have bruises, see you late!!” (Kaido)



So, there was no need to pursue the matter in-depth, and I told them to disperse on the spot.


Then the people around me would begin to move in earnest.


Kaido starts thinking about what to do after this, and Masaru heads off to the special sale with Minami.


Kitamiya, who was happy to have a junior colleague as it was well known within the party, seems to be heading to the restaurant where she and Amelia were talking about.


I, on my part, want to get my job done quickly, so I carry the backpack with a large amount of loot on it and head for Memoria’s store.



“Hmm?” (Jiro)



Just as everyone is about to leave, the gate opens.



“Is it another party?” (Karen)



Kitamiya, sensing the opening of the gate, changed her stance to hide her appearance, while she looked at the party coming out from inside.


The party that came out was a group of five men, and it was not Hizumi’s.



“They are beat up.” (Kaido)


“Though that seems to be normal. As the floor progresses, the enemies become stronger and it seems like it’s not going well. It is rather unusual for us to be doing well like without any serious injuries like them.” (Jiro)


“Is that how it is?” (Kaido)



I’m more worn out than anyone else, but I don’t beat up like them.


Everyone was so tired that they couldn’t find a way out for the next dungeon attack.


There’s nothing good about getting involved in a bad situation.



“Let’s go, it’s better not to work overtime.” (Jiro)


“Yes.” (Kaido)


“…” (Karen)



I urged Kaido and the others to leave the place, but I felt a strong gaze from behind.


The feeling I get from the gaze is not good.


Kaido and the others must have sensed it and left the place more quietly than before.



“Is there going to be a problem?” (Jiro)



I thought I should take action before that happens, but I decided it was best to wait and see and headed for Memoria’s store, pretending I didn’t notice their stares.





“The quality seems to be better these days.” (Memoria)


“My stats have improved and we are doing well during our dungeon capture.” (Jiro)


“I guess that means all the recklessness was worth it.” (Memoria)



As usual, there’s the expressionlessness of Memoria, as she nonchalantly assesses the loot and records them on the slips.


Once I got used to it, she becomes easier to understand and she come across as cute.


But the more easily I can read her emotions, the more I understand that she can be terrifying when she is angry.


I was the one who had worried her, and I had no way to argue with her, so I quietly faced the worried and sad expression on her face.



“I have verified the amount this time. Please sign your name when you have confirmed it.” (Memoria)


“Yeah.” (Jiro)



As usual, I took a quick look at the valuation of the purchase, confirmed that there were no problems, and signed my name without hesitation.


I receive the cash and my work for the day is finally done.


For Memoria’s professional care, she may be at work, but it’s so quiet that she could be reading.


I then chat with her for a little while.



“Hey Memoria.” (Jiro)


“What is it?” (Memoria)


“How do I increase the Luck value in my status?” (Jiro)



Suela asked me to gather information internally.


Testers tend to build their information based on their knowledge of fantasy worlds such as manga, novels, games, and anime.


I have this tendency, too, and until the other day, I thought that if I kept on training and fighting silently, I would become stronger.


That in itself was not wrong, but there is more than one way to become strong.


A good example of this is when Suela offered to help me get a spirit contract.


By befriending an employee of the Demon King’s Army, I could obtain a variety of information, an idea that would not have come to me if I had been confined to my own personal knowledge.


The fact that the company intentionally keeps this information from being leaked from the employee’s side suggests some kind of agenda, but if that is the company’s policy, there is no choice but to follow it.


Rather than complaining about the policy now, it would be healthier to reflect on it and make improvements now that I know about it.


I am concerned about my only value that has dropped beside the others that have risen so much.


I would like to improve it if I can.


I have tried various ways to improve my luck, but I have never been able to figure out how to improve my luck.


I have never had a chance to ask anyone about it but now is a good time.



“You mean Luck…” (Memoria)


“Yeah.” (Jiro)



Memoria closes the book and looks at me.


I’m looking forward to what kind of answer I’m going to get, but I’m also a little worried.


This is because if I can’t raise it, I might get rejected.



“To have Luck, you have to have faith.” (Memoria)



And what I heard was certainly something that I never thought I would hear.



Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Has Girlfriends

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg (Dark Elf) & Memoria Tris (Vampire)

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Nine (Quasi Demon King Class)

Job Title: Warrior


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