Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 10: Finding Human Resources in Town

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“Ars, are you going to town today?” (Raven)

The moment I was about to leave the mansion; my father spoke to me.

He seems to have been swinging his sword and sweats run along his face.

“Yes, we are looking for talented people.” (Ars)

“Yes, I wanted you to find somebody good in magic.” (Raven)

“Magic is it?” (Ars)

“Oh, magic will be important in future battles, because magic is useless if the user is not talented. I cannot use it properly. Some vassals can use a bit of magic. We’re still lacking, so if you find someone talented, I want you to bring them to me.” (Raven)

Magic is it?

I’m not very familiar with magic.

My father told me that I used it once. It was activated when you put a red liquid into a strange tool and cast a short spell. A small fireball broke out and it flew toward the target.

However, at that time, my father told me, “I don’t think magic is suitable for you,” and after that, I haven’t asked him to use it again.

I was moved when my magic worked, so I’d like to try it again.

Is it because I had no talent to use magic? If someone used it once and you saw it, you don’t need to ask me.

I guess my use of magic is does not resemble someone talented.

“Okay, I will be looking for someone good at magic.” (Ars)

“I glad.” (Raven)

I was willing to accept my father’s request and set out for the town with Ritsu.

Horses are used on the way to the town.

I can’t ride, so I’m riding with Ritsu holding me from behind.

Ritsu rides like a person that has a cavalry aptitude S.

The horsemanship was so good that he made his father jealous.

When riding on a horse, it takes about two hours to reach the town.

I plan to stay in that town for about two days.

“Ritsu, I’m not familiar with magic, so can you tell me?” (Ars)

Spending time on the road, I decided to let Ritsu teach me magic.

“Magic? Do you know the basics?” (Ritsu)

“Oh, I’ve used it once. I put a red liquid in a strange device and cast a spell to activate it.” (Ars)

“Yes. That strange equipment is called a catalyst engine, and the red liquid is called ether. If you put ether in a catalyst engine and cast a spell, magical will activate. At that time, the ether you put in will be consumed.” (Ritsu)

A catalyst engine and ether? Let’s remember them.

“Originally, magic was used for entertainment because casting spells took too long and are not practical in battle, so it was used for entertainment. However, the development of the catalyst engine shortened the casting time and increased power. It seems that magic use started to spread explosively in the Somerforce Empire about 10 years ago.” (Ritsu)

“It was just recently used?” (Ars)

“Yes, even when I was in the mercenary group, old soldiers lamented that they were in trouble because of the recent development of unbelievable objects.” (Ritsu)

It’s not something that has been used in battle for a long time. It was still capable to surprise people.

“Does the ether used as fuel have a reliable source?” (Ars)

“Ether is made by melting stones called magic ore. Magic-ores are not that rare, but the price seems to be rising due to increasing demand, and it is a large amount to operate magic soldiers. It costs a lot of money.” (Ritsu)

“Money? The Louvent family doesn’t make much money.” (Ars)

The income is small every year because the area is small and there are no special products. The current situation is that we are barely making enough.

“Even if master doesn’t form a squad, it will change a lot if you have one capable mage. You should be able to hire one. Let’s find one this time.” (Ritsu)

“Yes.” (Ars)

Then we rode on the horse for a while until we arrived at the town.

The town I visited this time is Canale.

It is the main town in Canale County.

It is a fortified city surrounded by magnificent walls.

There are quite a few houses outside the castle.

This may have happened because there was no need to defend. After all, it has been peaceful for a long time.

Naturally, the castle was built before the unification of Somerforce, so it seems that it is quite old and worn out.

In the center of the town is the Canale Castle, where the Canale Mayor and the Pail family live.

I walk around the town outside the castle.

Only aristocratic people can enter inside the castle walls.

Well, I’m the son of the lord, so I can enter, but this time I’m looking for human resources, I can go inside the castle.

The town outside the castle is quite busy. There are many people.

Because the total population is about 50,000.

Seeing all of these people can be quite eye-opening. But you don’t have to look at every one. You only have to look at those who look poor.

Human resources in this town are unlikely to be hired just because they are excellent.

They invite you to come to Randolph, but many people don’t want to come to move from here to Lamberk. The reward cannot be as high as we want.

I can only hire as much as my budget. We are already having trouble with money.

If you live in the village from the beginning, you will be unlikely to accept it.

Anyway, wealthy people are unlikely to follow, so I will only look at the poor people.

“Well, I’ll search.” (Ars)

“Yes” (Ritsu)

From the top of the horse, I looked at the poor people on the street.

Not so easy to find.

I found some excellent people, but I didn’t speak out because I wanted to find a magic soldier this time.

Unless it’s as good as Ritsu, we don’t need to hire it if it’s just up to the late 60s.

My eyes were tired and I was hungry, so we took a break.

Once I got off the horse, I decided to buy something at the market and have a meal.

When I reach the market,

“That is……” (Ars)

A man whose price has been hung from his neck is in a prison.

“It’s a slave merchant…” (Ars)

Slavery, which once existed on Earth, exists in this world.

But is it a slave?

Although there is resistance to buying others, slaves may also be talented.

It’s easy because you don’t need to negotiate with slaves.

The problem is the price.

For the time being, I have the money to pay in advance, but can I buy one?

Should I take a look?

“Let’s see the slaves before we eat!” (Ars)

“Do you want to buy slaves?” (Ritsu)

“There may be talented individuals” (Ars)

“Huh, if you are sure…” (Ritsu)

Ritsu seemed uncomfortable but did not object.

I investigate each slave in the cage one by one.

There can be no such talented person, so when I was about to give up thinking that it was useless,

Charlotte Wraith –  11 years old – ♀

  • Status

Command 65/92

Bravery 93/116

Strategy 34/45

Politics 31/40

Ambition 1


Infantry D                           Cavalry D                  Archery D

Magic Soldier S                Fortification D           Weapon D

Navy D                               Air Force D                Strategy D

 I witnessed this amazing status.

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