Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 100: Negotiations Completed

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~3rd Person Perspective~


Samuk Castle.


 Samuk County, located in the eastern part of Messiaen.


 There was an unprecedented sense of urgency enveloping this castle, which is protecting an important place.



“But it’s not normal for Fort Wakumacro will fall so quickly…” (Freddle)



 That’s what the Mayor of Samuk Freddle Bundle muttered.


 A man with a long beard.


 He hasn’t slept much since the beginning of the war, and his face was grey from exhaustion.


 Freddle knew that Fort Wakumacro was a castle with poor defenses, but nevertheless, he didn’t expect to hear reports of it being conquered so quickly.



“I’ve heard that the enemy had a great mage on their disposal…” (Freddle)


“Well… we have to confront that mage this time…” (Freddle)


 Freddle says in a depreciating tone.


 Clan’s army is currently near Samuk Castle.


 If they haven’t chosen to attack, their own soldiers won’t come out even if the enemy tries their best to conquer their defenses.


 Freddle expected that Clan would probably know that they would be delayed, so he would probably try to forcibly destroy the wall rather than a drawn-out battle.


 The enemy may be prepared any time now, and it’s not strange for them to attack at any time, so he kept himself on alert all the time.



“But was this a good decision? I didn’t send a letter to Kanses asking for reinforcements…” (Freddle)


“My cousin is a little too nice. If I ask for reinforcements, he’ll rush to me, but that’s a stupid decision. To win the battle, I’ll use as few soldiers as possible to delay the enemy from attacking. Is the best move I can do.” (Freddle)



 Freddle thought that he had the option of sending a letter requesting reinforcements to his cousin, Mayor of Beltud, Kanses Bundle, but that would now be a foolish idea in this situation.



“This castle also has a trap when the walls are destroyed by the enemy. Here, I will crush Clan’s strategy.” (Freddle)



 Freddle said with a grin.


 He was angry enough to die through battle.


 And all the soldiers remaining in Samuk Castle, like Freddle, were those who were prepared to die in this upcoming battle.






 Freddle can’t stay up all day long without resting.


 He decided on taking a rest at midnight.



“It’s terrible!!” (Soldier)



 A soldier hurriedly reported to Freddle’s bedroom.



“Has the enemy arrived!?” (Freddle)



 Fredle jumps up thinking that the enemy has attacked.



“Well, it’s not an enemy attack… The ether storage suddenly exploded! A large amount of ether inside is now spilling out!” (Soldier)


“What!?” (Freddle)


“The ethers used for fighting the enemy, Flame Ether, and Explosive Ether, have also been spilled!” (Soldier)



 The report shocked Freddle to the point of completely being relieved from his drowsiness.


 The ether in the ether storage is for the large catalyst engines that should always be available in the castle.


 The purpose is to shoot enemies approaching the castle with a powerful magic attack from the inside.


 First of all, if they can kill a lot of enemy soldiers it will demoralize them a lot, Freddle just heard about it, and it is easy to understand how the loss of it will adversely affect the defense of the castle. They were done for.



“Is it a spy!?” (Freddle)


“Oh, maybe …” (Soldier)


“Did you find the spy!? If you don’t find them early, it will be bad! They won’t just ruin the ether storage! If they open the castle gate, the enemy will be able to enter easily! And if the gate opens, we won’t last till sunrise! Find the spy now!” (Freddle)



 With a pale face, Freddle gives instructions to his vassals. The vassal replies, “Affirmative!” And rushed to find the spy.


 At that time, a huge sound reverberated in the castle.


 It was sound magic, the sound of [Rumble].


 It is unpleasant sound magic that spreads anxiety.


 Freddle instantly had a bad feeling when he heard the sound.


 And then a few minutes later,



“Enemy attack! Enemy attack! The north gate has been breached!!!” (Mage)



 A voice amplified by sound magic echoed loudly.

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