Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 101: The Fall of Samuk Castle

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 Around Samuk Castle. The time is perfect.

 The soldiers were perfectly prepared to attack at any time.

 We won’t rush again this time.

 It is the same for all the people who are under Clan-sama’s command, Lemail-sama, and everyone will move ready and precise.

 When the gate opened, the elite soldiers are supposed to rush into the castle immediately.

 A while ago Ben came to me and told me to use [rumble] just before the gate would be opened.

 That has already been passed on to Clan-sama and the other soldiers.

 And the sound of rumble echoed.

 It’s dark from here so it’s hard to see, but the soldiers start moving all at once.

 It seems that they have started rushing into the castle.

“Well, I hope it succeeds smoothly.” (Clan)

 Clan-sama mutters.

 Soon, various sounds such as screams and wails rise from Samuk Castle, voices of enemies sending instructions using sound magic, and sounds of explosions reverberate.

 By the way, I think that the mages are the ones who rushed in used explosion magic.

 Charlotte and Ritsu haven’t rushed in this time and are on standby at this point.

 However, Mireille participated in the rush, saying, “If I don’t fight, my body will never be calm.”

 She’s rarely motivated, but it seems that she had an unexpected side similar to a warrior.

 Although she is a woman, Mireille has power equal to men and is quite skillful.

 In our charge, she was wielding a weapon called a glaive, where instead of a spear tip was a sword. It was quite heavy, but she was swinging it lightly.

 Mireille can handle a variety of weapons, but she seems to be at her best when wielding a glaive.

 In addition to a glaive, she had a small catalyst engine, so she can use magic.

 I’m a little worried even if she says she’s strong.

 Well, I don’t think she’s the type of person who would die in such a place.

 Then we keep waiting for a while.

 Then a soldier came in and

“We were able to successfully bring down Samuk Castle! The Mayor of Samuk was also captured!!” (Soldier)

 I received a report that the castle was conquered and at a faster pace.

“The battle was difficult! But it ended quickly.”

“Maybe there was a magic trap in the castle, but that trap was disabled. It seems that the spy mercenary you hired this time did a good job.” (Clan)
“Well, this time, it was thanks to the talent introduced by Ars, I was able to easily conquer Samuk Castle. After all, I can count on you.” (Clan)

 It feels a little weird to be praised, even though I haven’t worked as usual.

“Then take Freddle, the mayor of Samuk, to this place.” (Clan)

“Acknowledged!” (Messenger)


 The messenger has already informed Clan-sama and has immediately returned to the castle.

 However, this time as well, it seems that we captured a large number of enemy generals other than the mayor.

 Does that mean that the appraisal that was done at Fort Wakumacro needs to be done this time as well?

 To be honest, I don’t want to do that …

 I can’t say that when ordered though.

 Is this going to happen from now on?

 While I was pondering, a woman in a maid outfit came into view.

 …… Femme.

 Did you finish your work and come back already…

 He’s just too fast.

 I probably can’t be heard by the people around me.

“Well done”

 I said.

“Can you give me a little extra reward?” (Femme)


“No, I was forced to do extra work. If I didn’t do it, it could cause great damage to the soldiers on your side, so I did it.” (Femme)

“Please explain it more clearly.”

“There was a special explosion magic trap in the basement of that castle. It’s a mechanism that makes the castle exploded. I don’t know who made it, but the one who made it was a very good mage. Probably. It’s a trap made almost 100 years ago, so he’s probably dead. But it took quite a lot of time to disable it.” (Femme)

 Is the castle itself a big bomb?

 Once they are about to be conquered, it’s a mechanism to blow up both the castle and kill the enemy soldiers, and also make the castle useless.

 That’s quite the annoyance.

 It was a great help for Shadow to disarm it.

 However, despite the time and effort it took, I feel that it was finished on time.

“I will talk to Clan-sama later”

“Thank you for asking.” (Femme)

 During the conversation, the Mayor Samuk was brought in.

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