Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 102: Samuk Castle, Appraisal

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 The Mayor of Samuk’s Freddle Bundle was carried in a roped state.

 Freddle is a man with a long beard.

 It’s not a beard befitting a noble. It’s pretty unkempt.

 His height is average.

 And physique seems to be strong and bursting with muscles.

 According to Clan-sam, this guy doesn’t plan on going to his side no matter what.

 He’s someone troublesome to kill, so it seems he’s to be kept alive for the time being.

 Even if he is jailed, he’ll still cause trouble judging him is quite troublesome.

 This time it seems that he’s already been judged, so it was decided to not have me appraise him.

“Well, Freddle … I may not need to ask, but are you willing to become my vassal?” (Clan)

 Clan-sama seems to still try and ask for the time being.

“If it’s okay for you… I’d like to join Clan-sama in the battlefield…” (Freddle)

 Freddle responded quite unexpectedly.

 Clan-sama was wearing quite the surprised expression.

 Clan-sama quickly fixed his expression, he doesn’t look upset, but he was quite surprised.

 After that, Freddle explained various reasons for him to defect, such as that he wasn’t in a great position with his cousin, and that Basamark’s methods were overbearing.

 But surprisingly, to still remain here …

 No … wait …

 That’s it.

 As Femme reported earlier, a trap was set up at that Samuk castle.

 Perhaps Freddle doesn’t know that Femme’s people have lifted the trap.

 It seems that he intends to go on various steps to guide Clan-sama inside the castle, and then have it self-destruct. He’s prepared to give up his life.

 Unfortunately, the trap has already been disarmed, so his plans will never come to fruition.

“I understand your feelings. From now on …” (Clan)

“Isn’t that quite the situation?”

 I spoke blocking Clan-sama’s reply.

“What?” (Freddle)

“I hired a spy mercenary, but it seems that there was a ridiculously dangerous trap inside Samuk Castle, and it seems that the whole of it has been brilliantly disarmed.”

“What!?” (Freddle)

 When I said that, Freddle was so surprised he shouted.

“So it’s no use trying to lure Clan-sama into the castle and try killing him.”

“Terrible, idiotic…” (Freddle)

 Seeing Freddle in quite the panic, Clan-sama asked me.

“Please explain it in a more detailed manner.” (Clan)

 So I did.

 I explained the details of the trap and Freddle’s intentions.

“Hmm. I think it’s correct from the appearance of Freddle. I didn’t know that such a trap was set up. I can’t let my guard down. I have to give a special reward to the spy mercenary hired by their lord.” (Clan)

“Gu …” (Freddle)

 Freddle’s expression turns pale at once.

 The castle was conquered overnight, but he thought that if he lured Clan in that trap, he would be able to erase the stigma of his failure.

“Is it okay to say that everything you said earlier is crap?” (Clan)


 Freddle just glares at Clan-sama with a hateful look.

 I would be upset if I was the one hit with such malicious intent, but Clan-sama seems to be quite calm.

 As expected, of people who lived in this politically unstable country called Somerforce Empire for many years.

“Keep Freddle in prison. Don’t let him escape no matter what.” (Clan)

“Yes sir.” (Vassal)

“Other vassals, those who swear allegiance to me will be accepted. Those who do not swear will be appraised by Ars like before, and those who are capable will be kept in prison.” (Clan)

 Then, the enemy vassals other than Freddle were brought in one after another.

 Some tried to escape to Beltud, but many of the enemy vassals were still captured.

 Not all of them seem to have been brought in, as some have escaped and some have died during the battle.

 Some vowed their allegiance to Clan-sama, but most aren’t willing.

 Freddle seems to be loved by his vassals.

“You can now start appraising them.” (Clan)


 The number of people present is clearly more than that of Fort Wakumacro, so I will appraise quite a lot of them.

 I finished appraising everyone.

 Again, no one was extraordinarily capable, but I found a capable soldier with 88 bravery and is currently 70.

 There were seven other people who I felt sorry to kill.

 After all, they are just not talented. If we met first, would things have ended differently?

 It seems like it is a lie that I met Ritsu while I was still quite young.

 I honestly told Clan-sama my findings.

 Those who do not obey will be executed at a later date.

 While having our soldiers rest at Samuk Castle for a while, Clan-sama decided to plan for the next step.

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