Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 103: Mireille’s Younger Brother

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“Huh, I had quite a good exercise.” (Mireille)

 After Mireille joined the attack, she came back and started drinking like there’s no tomorrow.

 Although she looks quite worn, she does not seem to have any serious injury.

“Don’t get too crazy”

“It’s unreasonable. I can’t die in such a place. I wish I had come with Ritsu.” (Mireille)

“That’s right … I also want to fight soon.” (Ritsu)

 Unexpectedly, Ritsu also seemed to have quite the warrior inside.

“I couldn’t fight this time either. I want to fight a strong enemy.” (Charlotte)

 Charlotte also began complaining

 It seems that brave people basically like fighting.

“Well, I could only beat small fries this time. Next time I want to defeat bigger fish.” (Mireille)

 Are you willing to go again …

“Oh yeah, I heard good information from the soldier who surrendered earlier. It seems that my younger brother was dispatched by Basamark to enter Beltud.” (Mireille)

“Younger brother?”

“Oh, he’s serving Basamark. He’s not as good as me, but he’s my younger brother, so he’s more capable than the other small fries. Beltud may not as easy to conquer as the castles before. It’s getting more interesting.” (Mireille)

 Mireille speaks happily.

“You’re so happy to be fighting your younger brother. Isn’t it usually the opposite reaction?”

“Opposite reaction? Why?” (Mireille)

“No, don’t you usually not want to fight your brother?”

“Ah, yeah. We used to be good, but now we’re not. There’s nothing wrong with us killing each other.” (Mireille)

 Mireille said that he didn’t seem to be particularly strong.

 It seems that she has no goodwill towards her immediate family.

 It made me realize that Mireille’s way of thinking is quite unusual.

“What kind of person is teacher’s younger brother?” (Russell)

 Russell asked Mireille this.

 While I was away, Russell had come to call Mireille his teacher.

“What kind of guy? Yeah. He used to be the dumbest of idiots, but as he got older, I think he’s a little better. I heard from rumors that he’s now Basamark’s right arm. That’s all there is, though.” (Mireille)

“Then, isn’t he pretty amazing then?” (Russell)

“Well, I’m sure he’s got it better than the average person in that area.” (Mireille)

 I’m not sure if Mireille thinks his brother is competent or incompetent.

 However, it is clear that Basamark would purposely have someone incompetent head to Beltud.

 If he were incompetent, Basamark would have quite the bad eyes.

 Anyway, the next target seems to be Beltud and the castle seems to outperform Samuk Castle in terms of talent of soldiers, numbers, and the defensive capability of the castle.

 Although there’s a gap in the number of troops, it will be difficult to attack.

 We shouldn’t let our guard down just because Samuk was easier than we expected. 

 We’ll have to devise more strategies and be prepared to invade.

 After some time, Clan-sama gathered the vassals and began a war council to decide on a strategy to conquer Beltud.

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