Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 104: War Council

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“We’ve conquered Samuk Castle safely. Thank you, everyone, for your hard work.” (Clan)

 Clan-sama gathered his top vassals and started a war council.

 First of all, he started with a plan on how to completely control Samuk County.

 Although he conquered Samuk Castle, there are still surviving vassals.

 If he doesn’t defeat them all, he can’t completely control Samuk County.

 However, since there are only a few of the remaining forces, it would not take much time to drop them.

 Deciding who will take control of the remaining forces. Both Lemail-sama and me were neither chosen to take the lead.

 Then it was time to discuss the main issue, the strategy for conquering Beltud.

“First, Russell. What do you think?” (Clan)

“The speed of invasion must be sped up more than before.” (Russell)

 Asked by Clan-sama, Russell answered.

 Russell, who participated in the war council several times and made great remarks, has been highly evaluated by the people around us. Nowadays, there are far fewer people looking down on him due to his young age, and more aristocrats are listening to Russell’s opinions.

 Clan originally believed in my appraisal power, so he thought he should listen to Russell’s opinion.

“They wouldn’t expect the enemy to capture this castle so quickly, so they’re probably not ready to fight yet. It would be a great advantage if we could take this opportunity to control the enemy’s key bases.” (Russell)

“Hmm, I have the same idea. I think we should invade here at some risk. To invade Beltud’s Castle, we have to conquer Starts Castle before that but Starts The castle is a highly defensible castle known as an impregnable fortress. Taking down Starts Castle with its defenses in place would cost a lot of money. It will be easier to conquer Beltusd.” (Clan)

 Voices of support for the opinions of Russell and Clan-sama are coming up one after another.

 I agree with them because I think we can end this war soon.

 If there is no objection, I think we should go with this strategy,

“Wait, wait, that strategy is not a good one.” (Mireille)

 Mireille said so.

 It’s a little unexpected.

 At times like this, I thought she was the type to attack right away but is Mireille is saying the opposite?

“General. You’ve probably haven’t heard the information that my younger brother was sent to the enemy we’re targetting.” (Mireille)

“I hear that. Thomas may have been sent to Beltud Castle as a commander.” (Clan)

“Then, I don’t know if you should attack a little more carefully. My brother’s favorite tactic is using ambush attacks. Identify the weaknesses of the enemy army, and if there is a chance, attack them through surprise attacks. We might seriously get hurt.” (Mireille)

“Hmm … I’m sure the person most familiar with Thomas … but you seem to not want to kill your brother, so is that why you’re taking a passive approach.” (Clan)

“Hey, you’re kidding? My brother is now an important enemy. If I kill him, it’ll be good for my career, and I would kill him once he’s in front of me.” (Mireille)

“… Do you have no compassion for your family?” (Clan)

“Should you really be saying that when you are also trying to kill your brother to take over your house?” (Mireille)


 Clan-sama had no words to deny Mireille’s words, so he clamped his mouth shut.

 Good thing Clan-sama is had to offend.

 Still, Mireille is my subordinate.

 I have to be careful.

“Hey, Mireille. Your words were too much.”

“Hmm? Oh, how rude of me.” (Mireille)

 Mireille also seems to realize that there was a problem with her remarks, so she immediately apologized.

“However, it’s not a thought concerning my brother, but a statement that was made to increase the chance of winning this battle, so please understand that.” (Mireille)

“… I know now that you have no sympathy for the enemy’s Lord, but I don’t think we should take our time in attacking Starts Castle.” (Clan)

“I’m not telling you to slow down our march excessively. If we go faster than it is now, we risk creating a gap in our plans? That’s bad.” (Mireille)

“Are you saying that we should continue to advance at the same speed?” (Clan)

“Yes. I think the current speed is the best marching speed that can balance the vigilance of enemy soldiers and our speed.” (Mireille)

“Can Starts Castle be conquered at the current speed?” (Clan)

“I don’t know. The enemies will be ready fairly quickly, and once the defense is solidified, they can be conquered by some other means.” (Mireille)

“Do you plan on using the spy mercenaries like the conquering of Samuk Castle?” (Clan)

“It could be more difficult. The enemy is not stupid, and they can guess that the cause of Samuk’s Castle’s quick downfall was due to spies. Also, they might hire a spy mercenary to counter ours. No matter how good a spy ours is, it will be difficult to get the job done while the enemy is vigilant.” (Mireille)

 We can’t say exactly unless we ask Femme, but if they are wary of spies, the chances of success will drop considerably.

“But Mireille, how can we conquer the castle then?”

 I asked her.

“There are a lot of ways to do it. Some of the other strategies we could take to manipulate the enemy general are, confusing the enemy with false news, luring out soldiers from the castle, tricking them into accepting a ceasefire. I don’t know which one is the most effective at the moment. So, first of all, we should collect the information. Even if they can’t create rumors, they can collect information? Well, spies can infiltrate the castle and get detailed information. And if it’s not possible, just collecting information from outside the castle walls can make a lot of difference.” (Mireille)

 Her opinion was quite convincing.

 We have time to get the information since we need to completely take control of Samuk County first. And the invasion of Beltud does not mean we should conquer Starts Castle, but also the forts on the county border.

 I thought Mireille’s opinion was right.

 Clan-sama seemed to think so, so we moved without being too hasty.

 The strategy decided was to gather information on Starts Castle and then plan strategies based on the new information.

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