Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 105: Beltud Castle

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During the discussion at the castle of Beltud, the most important base in Beltud County.



“A report came! Samuk’s Castle has just fallen!” (Soldier)



 During the war council, a soldier delivered a report.



“Ri-ridiculous… Fort Wakumacro to fall at such a speed is expected, but Samuk Castle also to also fall this fast…?” (Kanses)



 Upon hearing the report, Kanses Bundle the Mayor of Beltud muttered in disbelief.


 Samuk Castle should be much harder to conquer compared to Fort Wakumacro even if it is not a highly defendable castle, his cousin Freddle is still without a doubt quite capable.


 However, it was an unexpected situation for it to be conquered so quickly.



“That is unexpected … Did you hear how it was conquered?” (Thomas)



 Thomas Grangeon who was sent by Basamark to defend Beltud asked the soldiers.



“No sir, I heard that it fell, but about the method used…” (Soldier)


“Well, well, I am sure there will be more detailed reports, but  … maybe the enemy has capable spies.” (Thomas)


“Spies?” (Kanses)


“Otherwise it would be strange for the castle to be conquered so quickly.” (Thomas)


“But is not Freddle prepared for spies?” (Kanses)


“I think I he was, but apparently it was not enough, right?” (Thomas)


“Well, then we will double our screening for spies.” (Kanses)



 Then Kanses asked bitterly.



“… By the way, what happened to Freddle? Is he still alive?” (Kanses)


“I heard he was captured by the enemy army. Maybe he was executed, Sir.” (Soldier)


“Really…” (Kanses)


“In case of an emergency, they can be used as a hostage, and I think there is a possibility that he was not yet killed.”  (Thomas)



 Thomas is a little relieved to hear that he may still be alive.


The death of his cousin Freddle would definitely hurt him deeply.



“Thomas. How do you think the enemy will move in the future?” (Kanses)


“If you think about it normally, they will come to Starts Castle as soon as possible. I am sure the enemy knows that we are not expecting the castle to fall so quickly. The fact that we were not expecting the fall of Samuk Castle this quickly is something the enemy knows. I think it is only natural that they would want to take it down before they finish their preparations.” (Thomas)


“In that case, I will have the soldiers prepare as soon as possible.” (Kanses)


“That is right, but if the enemy acts according to my prediction it would be good.” (Thomas)


“What do you mean?” (Kanses)


“Forcibly increasing their marching speed makes it easier to create gaps, which makes it easier for surprise attacks to succeed.” (Thomas)


“Well, your favorite tactic has always been ambushing the enemies.” (Kanses)


“I think it is possible to cut off the supply lines and significantly delay the advance of the enemy army, even if it is difficult to kill Clan.” (Thomas)


“You are quite dependable.”(Kanses)



 He was quite anxious about what would happen here because Samuk Castle had been conquered too quickly, but after listening to Thomas, he began to find a little hope.



“It is not always the case that the enemy comes for speed. In addition, there are a good number of people who know that my specialty is surprise attacks, and it is possible that they are wary of me. In that case, they will either invade normally, or they will try to come up with some kind of plan again.” (Thomas)



 Thomas thinks a little bit more.



“What we need to do now is to be prepared for spies. Send troops to the castle on the front line and tell them to prepare for battle. The rest depends on future information.” (Thomas)


“That is right. Let us hurry and send a letter to the generals guarding the other castles.” (Kanses)



 Kanses hurriedly started writing the letter.


 The contents include the fall of Samuk Castle, preparation for battle, screening for spies, and reporting new information about the enemy forces once they get new information.



 Beltud’s defense battle, which is inferior in number, was about to begin.

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