Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 106: Invasion on Beltud

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After that, the prisoners of war were executed at Samuk Castle.


 I’ve seen some horrific sights since the beginning of the war, so I’m getting used to it bit by bit.


 I think it is a good thing, because from now on if I want to live like a nobleman, I can’t do it if I am upset about every single thing. But I also thought that I shouldn’t get too used to it and start taking people’s deaths lightly.


 I first decided to ask Shadow to collect information about Beltud County.


 Instead of information on the area around Starts Castle, I’ll have them gather information on the key areas on the way to it first.


 This is because it would be impossible to invade Starts Castle from Samuk on the spur of the moment.


 There are several highly defensible forts in Beltud County, and if we are not careful, we will get hindered.


 I decided to have them collect all the information about the forts and castles that need to be conquered before invading Starts Castle.



 Then, as planned,  use our overwhelming number to fully conquer Samuk County.


 The remaining forces were few and the suppression was over easily.


 Thus Samuk County is completely in the hands of Clan-sama.


 Finally, in order to make a full-scale invasion of Beltud, Clan-sama must lead a large army and set out from Samuk Castle.


 Of course, I am also in the army.


 To invade Betltud from Samuk, you must first drop conquer fortress called Fort Bardsen.


 A fort near the county border, which needs to be conquered to serve as a foothold for the invasion on Beltud.


 However, this fort is not easy to conquer.


 It has a structure that is highly defensible, and the general in charge is a well-known and excellent person.


 During a break on the march, we gathered at the main camp and had a war council.



“If you conquer it in a straightforward manner, there will surely be a lot of sacrifices, but we’ve come this far, it’s unavoidable…” (Clan)



 Clan-sama said so.


 At the moment, Clan-sama’s army has invaded further and further while suppressing the loss of soldiers.


 When you invade a base, many of the lower-ranking soldiers who were fighting there follow the one you invaded, so the number of troops has only increased slightly.


 If Clan-sama attacked full force, we can save time, but many soldiers of will be lost


 At present, Clan-sama seemed to think that gaining time was the better choice than losing soldiers.



“I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to get away with it, but I’m going to have to use a lot of ether if we’re going to take down Fort Bardsen by force. I’m not so sure about that plan, you know?” (Mireille)



 Mireille says so.


 When it comes to brute force tactics, it’s best to use magic to destroy the walls and charge into it, like when we conquered Wakumacro castle last time.


 Fort Wakumacro wasn’t prepared for magic, so they had no choice but to bow before Charlotte’s extraordinary magical power, but this time Fort Bardsen seems to be more prepared for magic attacks than Fort Wakumacro.


 Inevitably, it is necessary to use a lot of magic to conquer it, but that will consume a lot of ether.



“I think we should reduce the consumption of ether as much as possible because we don’t know how much of it the enemy has.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu agreed with Mireille’s opinion.



“Hmm … ether… but what if we conquer it with other things instead of brute force attacks? Do you want to siege the castle? That would take too much time.” (Clan)



 Clan frowned while saying so.



“Well … the general guarding Fort Bardsen is likely to be ordered to earn as much time as possible, and he won’t be dispatching soldiers from the fort.” (Russell)



 Russell made a prediction.


 When it comes to sieges, there is no doubt that it will take some time unless the enemy comes out of the castle.


 I thought it was a strategy that should not be done in this situation.



“If it’s neither brute force attacks nor siege… what’s the best thing to do?” (Clan)


“In that case, it would be best to use a different method.”



 Parley. [T/N: So the proper word to be used as a translation would be “discussion”, “speech”, or “cooperation”. But those words don’t seem to work so I used parley (n/v) instead. It’s usually done when two opposing sides (in wars) come to a discussion on how to proceed.]


 And that is, to convince the enemy to turnover to our side.


 Hopefully, there won’t be bloodshed and the castle will be conquered faster.



“… Can you do it?” (Clan)


“Well? I think it’s worth a try. It’s not surprising that some of them think that they are outnumbered and will only die in vain if they fight. Well, if it doesn’t work, we’ll just have to take them down by force.” (Mireille)


“That’s right. Is it worth trying … So let’s try that strategy first.” (Clan)



 It was decided to try to parley with the fort of Bardsen, and then it was time to discuss who would do it.


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