Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 108: Negotiation

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 The negotiation will take place in the enemy fort.


 The enemy wants to reduce the risk of assassination for both of us, so they have recovered the weapons of those who will be meeting directly with them in advance.


 I don’t use them either, but I am equipped with a sword, so the sword will be taken from me.


 I’m not sure if there are any armed people around, and I’m not comfortable with that, so they also said they will disarm the ones we are meeting with and will not have armed people around them.


 The guards from the clan were also to be disarmed, but well, the strong ones are strong even without swords, so this time we accepted.


 The place to hold the meeting would not be inside the fort.


 It would take place in the yard in front of the entrance to the fort, beyond the gate.


 This was also a consideration that there would be no unarmed people in the vicinity, which would be easy to understand.


 There was a round table in the yard and a middle-aged man was sitting there.


 When we arrived, he got up from his chair and,



“I’ve come often. It’s been a long time, Borans-dono.” (Lupa)


“This is the first time in a long time, Lupa-dono” (Borans)



 Is this the enemy general, Lupa?


 By the way, Borans is an aristocrat of an acquaintance of Lupa who accompanied us.


 It seems that they have fought together a long time ago.


 I know him, but he doesn’t seem to be a friend.


 Other than Borans, the connection the other aristocrats hold was even weaker, so Borans was to accompany me.



“So behind you are Robinson-dono and Ars-dono?” (Lupa)


“Yes, they are.” (Borans)



 For all intents and purposes, I’m still a child, and he’s looking at me and probably wondering.


 If you know that this meeting is an important one, it’s only natural to think so.


 But he didn’t mention it and just told us to take our seats.


 Taking a seat, I try to appraise Lupa’s abilities.


 Lupa Ruston – 32 years old – ♂



 Command 84/89

 Bravery 54/54

 Strategy 83/88

 Politics 78/80

 Ambition 70




 Infantry D Cavalry C Archer D

 Magic Soldier D Fortification A Weapon B

 Navy C Air Force C Strategy B


 He’s a pretty talented person.


 And his ambition is quite high.


 The reason for accepting this meeting may be due to his high ambition.


 With such high abilities and ambitions, it may not be strange to be dissatisfied with his current position.


 Now, how to use the appraisal as a bargaining tool, I might be able to predict the other party’s character based on the value from the appraisal.


 I don’t know how accurate it is, but I think it’s effective because appraisals can also detect the ambition of people who can use their words well.


 So, as far as this ability is concerned, he has low bravery, but otherwise excellent.


 He is probably not the type of person who fights in the front line by nature. And he is quite ambitious.


 He is a thoughtful man, but is he the type of man who seems to be scheming in his heart?


 For those types, though, if you present the benefits properly, they’re likely to come on board.


 And there is no doubt that the enemy side is currently at a considerable disadvantage.


 Clan-sama said that he can give them the position of mayor as a condition of the negotiation.


 He said that after defeating Basamark, several counties would be vacant, and he would place his allies there. Clan-sama said that there would be some complaints from the other aristocrats, but that wasn’t something to be concerned about right now.


 If we are negotiating normally, they would act like they are on the fence…… to see what happens.


 At first, Bolrans starts with some small talk.


 I could tell from the conversation that they aren’t that close.


 At times, Robinson-san begins to talk about why he came to the meeting.


 When Robinson-san asked him if he would like to join our side.



“I pledged allegiance to Basamark-sama and Kanses-sama. I’m sorry, but that’s an impossible condition.” (Lupa)



 Lupa replied.


 I don’t know if he really can’t move to our side, or if he refused once because if he bites in a second, it will be seen as him being unreliable.


 After that, Robinson said he would promise him the position of the county mayor, but as usual, he did shake his head.


 What are you against? 


 There is no doubt that you want to get ahead because your ambitions are high……


 If he wouldn’t betray in the first place, he wouldn’t be meeting with us.


 Does he have doubts about it?


 Simply wondering if the story will truly be fulfilled? A prudent person might naturally imagine that suddenly changing sides it might cause discontent within the vassals, and so he might want to pretend this never happened.


 How can we make them trust us?


 Make a blood pact or something.


 Clan-sama said he is willing to give rewards to make this negotiation a success. I don’t see any problem in giving a little of my own blood.


 If that doesn’t work, he’ll have to be persuaded by reason.


 Robinson-san and Borans don’t seem to know what to do with him.


 I’ll have to do it myself.



“Are you wondering if you really can be the mayor?”


“… No, that’s not the case. I’m just saying I’m not going to betray.” (Lupa)



 There was a slight delay in him replying.


 Perhaps Lupa is wondering what to do.



“If Clan-sama and Lupa-dono exchange a blood pact, both will surely keep the promises. I will advise Clan-sama. If you want assurance.”


“……I” (Lupa)


“‘It’s a pity that someone like Lupa is in the lord of this fort,’ according to Clan-sama.”


(…) (Lupa)



 It seems that his heart was shaken for quite a bit.



“Betrayal tarnishes my name. Tarnishing my name means that I won’t be able to attract people. So, when I become the mayor, it doesn’t seem possible…” (Lupa)



 Lupa said he was at a loss.


 Did you worry that your name would be tarnished due to betrayal?



“I don’t think that changing sides will tarnish Lupa-dono’s name. Currently, this fort is completely cornered by our army. Even if we fight with this difference in strength, there is no chance of winning. It was not the responsibility of Lupa-dono, but the responsibility of Basamark and Kanses who made a mistake in their strategy. Are they willing to send reinforcements? I guess that you were given an order to buy time. Earning time is an order to be a stone on the road. Lupa-sama is not a stone. I can’t see you being one. I hope you make a wise decision.”



 I was surprised at how much my mouth moved.


 Since I was born as an aristocrat, I started talking with various people, and maybe I got a little better at talking.


 Lupa asked for two days to give his reply, and the talks ended there.



 For the time being, I felt that the result was not bad.


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