Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 109: Evolution

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“It’s about time we get a reply. Do you think Lupa will change sides, Ars?” (Clan)


“I feel a sense of him getting persuaded.”



 Two days after the parley.


 I was asked by Clan-sama, so I answered as I saw.


 I felt that the negotiations during this period were relatively smooth.


 With good appraisal skills, I think I was able to persuade the enemy by seeing the height of his ambition and personality.


 I don’t know what to do at the end, but I don’t think it’s possible.



“Clan-sama! The messenger sent by Lupa-dono has come!” (Soldier)



 The messenger reported to Clan-sama.



“Good, let him through.” (Clan)



 At the direction of Clan-sama, the messenger came in front of us.



“Thank you for your audience. I have the message, so I will now pass it on.” (Messenger)



 The messenger said so and began to pass the message from Lupa.


 I’ve been a little nervous about whether it will be a success or failure.



“I was greatly troubled by this event. It is true that I owe a great debt of gratitude to the mayor of Beltud County, Kanses-sama, but it is also true that I originally thought that Clan-sama, the eldest son, had the legitimacy to take over instead of Basamark-sama. I’ve been moved, and as a result of my own deliberation, I’ve concluded that I’m going to follow Clan-sama, considering that I can’t allow myself to become a stone among the ashes of my vassals and family, even though I owe them a debt of gratitude. I am willing to surrender Fort Bardsen Clan-sama.” (Messenger)



 It seems to be successful and I felt relieved.



“Good! You’ve managed to capture the enemy’s castle with as little time and manpower as possible. This battle is going really well. It is quite a great deal of work.” (Clan)


“No, my achievements are small.”


“Hahaha, don’t be humble. Alright, let’s enter Fort Bardsen!” (Clan)



 Clan-sama was in a good mood as he commanded us to move.


 After that, he takes the soldiers to Fort Bardsen.


 We are still cautious as there is still the possibility of a trap.


 The fort’s gate opens.


 At the entrance, Lupa was kneeling with the disarmed soldiers.


 He showed in his actions that he had truly surrendered.



“Well, I’m Lupa Ruston, and I’m willing to join Clan-sama’s army with my vassals.” (Lupa)



 While lying kneeling, Lupa declared.


 Clan-sama is on his horse, without dismounting he said,



“Raise your face.” (Clan)



 Soldiers, including Lupa, raise their faces all at once.



“From now on, your lord will join my army. Together we will attack Beltud and then destroy the rebel Basamark.” (Clan)



 When Clan-sama said so, Lupa lowered his head again and



“I will do my best.” (Lupa)



 He declared.


 Now we’re sure it didn’t seem to be any traps, and the castle has safely surrendered.





 After the discussions were completed, a feast was held to welcome the success of the parley and the new addition of Lupa to the army.


 I was with my vassals while we talked as we dined.



“This time it was quite the merit, Ars-sama.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu said so.



“And you got some recognition. But this fight is really going to go in our favor.” (Ritsu)



 So far, we’ve won a series of battles with little damage. The enemy has been taking damage and getting beaten easily. We were originally outnumbered and advantageous, but the current situation honestly gave me quite the confidence in our victory.



“You can’t let your guard down. The real battle is yet to come. We can’t allow the enemy to advance any further, so they will come to defend to the death. I think the next time around, it will be a real big battle.” (Russell)



 Russell said to brace ourselves.



“Well, no matter how many consecutive wins we have won, if we lose in a battle that we shouldn’t lose, we would surely be defeated. What we’re heading to now is a battle that we should never lose.” (Mireille)



 Mireille says we should be careful, but she’s still drinking like it’s about to run out, so I don’t know what to think about her.


 Does it mean that if you are not good at it, you may die in a big battle?


 I can’t die at this age yet.


 I should avoid dying at all costs.


 Then I tried to appraise the new members including Lupa’s vassals.


 You may not need to do it because I won’t be able to solicit his vassals, but just in case.






 I appraised them as usual, but there were some differences.


 Name, gender, age, status, and aptitude are displayed as usual, but below that, there was a new section.



 Born on November 20, 183 years of Imperial founding, in Mirast, Beltud County, Messiaen Province, Somerforce Empire. Has two brothers and one sister. His father and mother are both alive and well. Has a short-tempered personality and likes dried meat. Enjoys horseback riding. He likes women over forty years old. He trusts his Lord Lupa.




 Personal information was now also displayed.


 The same result was obtained when appraising other people.


 The [Appraisal] skill that has never changed until now has finally evolved.


 Why has it evolved now?


 It’s because of the number of people I appraised, my age, or because I used it to persuade Lupa and the negotiations succeeded.


 It evolved without any signs, so I don’t know why.


 However, now I can get more information.


 That may have made it easier to do other things like negotiating.


 … Well, it can seem creepy because I might find out things that wouldn’t normally be known to others.


 I shouldn’t make a mistake in using it.


 Also, I wonder if I can use it on my vassals.


 The feelings towards their Lord is written at the end.


 Is this okay to check? Feels like an invasion of privacy …


 But it’s not bad to know the true intentions of my vassals …


 As a lord, I need to know.



 My conscience is pricked, but I used my advanced appraisal skills on my vassals nonetheless.


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