Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 11: Purchase

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Command 92, courage 116, and magic soldier talent of S…

This is an incredible number. The other stats are trivial, but anyway, the value of her leadership and bravery is incredible. Even though she is still growing up, her bravery is almost equal to his father.

Combat ability is determined by the value of bravery and aptitudes.

Even if the bravery is high, a person is not strong if the aptitude is D. Since she has D in everything except for magic, it is presumed that she is weak at fighting while not using magic.

However, it seems that she’s got overwhelming fighting ability when it comes to magic specifically. 

She a girl with long blue hair, and her face looks like a doll. When she grows up she’ll be beautiful but it doesn’t matter what she looks like.

This child must be bought no matter what.

Let’s take her home and have her become a magician.

“How much is this slave Charlotte?” (Ars)

I asked the slave dealer.

“Eh? Charlotte, five silver coins. Do you want her?” (Slave dealer)

Five silver coins.

Considering that an adult needs 10 gold coins (10 silver coins and 1 gold coin) to survive for one year, she’s not that expensive. (T/N – I don’t get the author’s pricing.)

Looking at the number of slaves around, men are higher priced than women on average. This is probably because male slaves are used as a labor force. This girl is young and has a beautiful face, so it is set slightly higher than the other female slaves.

Currently, I have five gold coins.

It was possible enough to buy.

“Ah, Ars-sama. Are you planning on buying that girl?” (Ritsu)

“Yes. She has tremendous magical talent.” (Ars)

“Um, I don’t doubt the eyes of Ars-sama, but she’s a girl… I can’t let her fight… I think Raven-sama won’t forgive me.” (Ritsu)

There is an idea in this world that women do not participate in the battle. The idea that men fight is a concept that has taken root in many parts of the world.

If you say she’ll be a soldier she’ll be considered as out of place, quite different discrimination when recommending Ritsu a Marca as a vassal.

They might wonder that I will be wrong

Well, whatever they might think at first, she could use magic to silence the unbelievers herself.

“Anyway, this kid has the talent to use magic. It’s a foolish reason not to take advantage of it because she’s a woman.” (Ars)

Ritsu seemed to give up because of my strong will, and declaration.

I pay the slaver 1 gold coin and 5 silver coins for change. (T/N – Where did the 1 gold coin come from?) (T/N – So people from the comments say that 10 silver coins are around 1 gold. It sounds logical.)

“Thank you for your continued patronage.”

The slaver said that and took Charlotte out of the cage. And he handed me the chain attached to her collar and the key to her collar.

A collar isn’t appropriate for her who will fight in the future and will probably win a great war.

I try to unlock her collar.

“Hey, boyo~, she’s silent, but she should wear a collar.” (Slave dealer)

“no problem” (Ars)

I didn’t care, I removed the collar from Charlotte.

She does not escape and stands there.

“What about the collar?” (Charlotte)

I heard Charlotte’s voice for the first time.

“I bought it not to make you a slave, but to be a vassal. A collar would not be suitable.” (Ars)


It seems she doesn’t understand what I was saying.

“I’m hungry for the time being. Let’s talk in detail while eating.” (Ars)

We decided to buy food and eat in the market.

“I’m Ars Louvent”

“I’m Ritsu Muses. Nice to meet you.”

After eating, Ritsu and I introduced ourselves to Charlotte.

She didn’t seem to be very hungry and didn’t eat with us.

“Charlotte Wraith, Nice to meet you.” (Charlotte)

She also returned the greeting.

Her voice is flat and free of intonation.

“As I said, I bought from a slave merchant to make you a vassal.” (Ars)

I explained it to Charlotte that I was the son of Lord Lamberk.

“If you can, I want you to be a vassal. How about it?” (Ars)

“I knew you were the son of a lord. I don’t a place to go so I don’t mind being a vassal. But I’m a woman. I don’t know why you’re making me vassal. Did you think that I was a man? But I’m a woman. Shall I show you the evidence?” (Charlotte)

When I was wondering what proof she meant, she started trying to take off her pants.

“Wait, wait, I know you are a woman!” (Ars)

I stop her in a hurry.

“…Yes. Well, right. It’s impossible to mistake a beautiful girl like me for a man.” (Charlotte)

Do you call yourself a beautiful girl?

Ritsu whispers

“Isn’t this kid a bit weird? Is it all right?” (Ritsu)

He was worried and asked.

“If you have talent, you can be a little weird.” (Ars)

I said that, but I was a little nervous.

“Why do you want to make me a woman as a vassal?” (Charlotte)

“Because you have a magical talent.” (Ars)

“Magic? I’ve never used it; how do I have any talent?” (Charlotte)

Charlotte leans forward.

She doesn’t seem to be lying.

That’s strange. I thought she had experience using it because the bravery value is still high. Even if the limit value is high, how can she be inexperienced if her current bravery is so high?

I don’t doubt my ability, but just in case, I want her to use magic once.

For the time being, I have Ritsu brought magical equipment.

“Ritsu, let’s let her use magic once for a test.” (Ars)

“Okay. But she can’t use it in the city, so let’s go outside.” (Ritsu)

“Yes.” (Ars)

I headed out to the plains outside the town, along with Ritsu and Charlotte

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